Here's a secret: Most adults don't have the faintest clue what they're doing in bed.

They go through life being quiet about their sex lives. They're fine with it, but not excited about it. They never mention that one thing they'd like to try or that one fantasy they've had for years.

We'd like to change all that - for everyone.

And yes, that includes you.

No one enters into adulthood automatically knowing how to have mind-blowing sex. It's one of those things adults are just supposed to magically pick up, like how to do your taxes or get your car repaired without being scammed.

It usually turns out about as well, too.

For most other things in your adult life, you tried to figure it out on your own for awhile, and then you got some help. You found an accountant who could explain to you how to keep track of important receipts. You found a mechanic who taught you the basics of when you really need a mechanic.

You did it for everything else in your adult life.

It's time to do it for sex.

We cover a huge variety of topics in easy to follow how-to videos. We do get explicit, so you're going to see penises and vaginas up close, but it's pretty hard to teach something you can't see.

We're not embarrassed about it and we don't think anyone should be: the best way to learn about sex is to see it demonstrated.

With lots of explanations, instructions, and helpful tips, of course.

Come on in. You might - no, we take that back - you'll definitely learn something.

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We hate to have to do this every time, but it's necessary for the type of revolutionary sex education we're providing. It's up to you to appropriate the material that you're about to watch in a way that's safe, responsible, and healthy for you and your partner(s).

That said, be smart, be sexy, be careful and have fun!

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