Here’s what they’re saying about PassionateU:


Whole Sex Life / Evoe

“The website is well organized and easy to use. You have to agree to their waiver every time you enter the site, which only makes sense. You can then select one of the options available on the main page: sensual, sexy, kinky, relationships, health, or academic. If that doesn’t work, you can try a search term or sort by skill level, toy, topic, or faculty member. I was able to easily find the videos that interested me. And the brilliant thing is that if a specific video wasn’t working for me, I could just stop it and find another.”


Bi and Bi

“I will start by saying I completely underestimated the value of this website. If I could offer a sex-ed course to every person on the planet, it would be made up of many videos from this website. (Every person would benefit, even though they may not all appreciate it!) This video has a great mix of topics (discussed further below) and not all of them contain nudity. The experts for these videos contain a mix of sex educators and porn performers as well as sex researchers.”


Pop My Cherry:

“PassionateU is the definitive sexuality educational site on the internet.  And, because the medium is video it is so much easier to learn from, much more engaging, visceral and fun.  I also love their philosophy: “if there’s something about sexuality that you want to learn, you have a right to… no matter where you live or who you are. As long as you’re over 18 and have an open mind, you’ll be accepted here at… PassionateU!!” “


Top to Bottom NYC: 

“PassionateU appeals to all genders, sexualities and relationship styles, and covers every possible topic one could think of, from kissing and masturbation, to communication and dirty talk, to spanking and squirting, and even some introductory kink….Passionate U has a very knowledgeable and diverse staff, that have even managed to teach this sex educator more than a thing or two…Not only are they super informative, but they’re also really hot!”

Cherry Juice Box

“Online education is the norm nowadays so this website is perfect for watching quick educational clips/videos without leaving home or feeling super shy…It’s also pretty cool that this site host people of different ages, sexualities, genders and body types! The site is very easy to navigate, video’s run smooth and the site is not at all intimidating . I found the videos to be well done and very informative!”