If the video is choppy, doesn’t show up or has other playback issues…

We’ve done extensive testing to make sure that our videos work properly on a variety of the most popular operating systems, browsers and devices. However, there are many factors on the members side that can affect video playback. Before contacting us for help, please try the following, as these fix video issues for the vast majority of our members:

Slow internet connection. What is your internet download speed? Go to a site like to see the download speed of your internet connection. Anything lower than 800kbps is likely going to be too slow to view Passionate U videos properly. Our site currently only supports streaming video qualities of 750kbps or greater, which should be compatible with lower end DSL and faster connections. Keep in mind that a lot of broadband connections run at much slower speeds than your internet service provider (ISP) claims, especially during times of heavy use. Also, be sure to close any applications that may eat up your bandwidth. Confirm you have the Flash Player Plug-in installed. We use a Flash-based video player. We do have limited support for the HTML5 player as a fallback, but due to the inconsistent support of video format across browsers, the HTML5 player will not work for browsers that ONLY support the OGG format (name, Firefox).

Update your plugins. Make sure your Flash Player browser plugins is up to date. Older versions may not be compatible with our updated streams. Go here to update your Flash Player Plugin. Make sure Javascript is enabled or that scripts are not otherwise being blocked by your browser or browser plug-ins.

Update your web browser. Make sure you update your browser of choice. Older versions may not be compatible with our site.

Turn off blockers / enable Javascript. Please make sure to allow Javascript and embedded Flash objects in your browser’s settings. As well, if you have any browser plugins/add-ons that block these web technologies, you must either turn them off, or make an exception for our site. Some firewall/security programs have been known to prevent proper viewing of our videos, so if you have issues, please adjust your firewall or other security settings.

Never use Internet Explorer. IE does not follow modern web standards so parts of our site may not work correctly when viewing our site with this browser. Passionate U highly encourages you to switch to a better browser like Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. If you wish to use Internet Explorer, you must upgrade to IE 9. Our videos will not play in anything less.

Close other applications. Please close all other applications or all other browser tabs and try the videos again. Running other applications can eat up your computers resources (bandwidth, memory, etc) that can adversely affect playback quality. This especially true with older computers that do not have a lot of memory or processing power to begin with.

Mobile devices. Though we have taken great strides to make our videos compatible with a great number of mobile devices, not all videos will work on all devices. This is especially true of iOS (Apple) devices (iPod, iPad, IPhone), as each iOS device requires a certain format that may not be available for any given video. Any device that allows the Flash Player Plugin should work fine, however. Mobile networks speeds that drop below the acceptable speed mentioned above may cause playback issues.

Please keep in mind, that the playback quality for some videos, especially those recorded at live events or videos that were submitted by a third-party, may differ from our in-house educational videos. Because the source video was potentially lower quality, none of the suggestions above will correct this. Please try multiple videos before concluding that there is something wrong.

If you are finding that your video playback is still causing issues, please contact us for assistance.

How do I update my payment info? (Change credit card information, change address with CCBill, etc.)

All payments and subscriptions are handled by our third party payment processor, CCBill.To alter your payment info and/or update your contact info with CCBill. Go to You will need to select your method of payment you used from the drop down (Credit Card is the only payment option we use…)Then you will need to enter two of the three bits of information:

  • Email you used to sign up
  • Credit Card # of the card you previously used to sign up
  • Subscription # that is listed on the payment emails you get from CCBill

Click on “Click here to update your payment information” to enter your new credit card information. On this screen you can also change the credit card billing address or the email address you have listed with CCBill. Click the “UPDATE” button.

If you need any help with this process it is best to contact CCBill’s customer support (you will see their email and phone # on the page to the right.) Though you are also welcome, as always, to contact us for additional assistance.

When I try and log into the site it says that my account is expired/inactive, even though my automatic payment went through successfully. What’s the deal?

This can happen when our credit card processor fails to update our site’s membership management system upon rebill. This is a very quick and easy fix, as your account can be manually updated in a matter of seconds.

Just contact our WebMistress and she’ll get you back up and running in no time.

I lost my password, but when I clicked reset password I never received an email with my new temporary password. Where is it?

First, make sure to check the email account that you currently have listed in your profile, as this is the email that will be used to contact you.

Secondly, please be sure to check your SPAM filter, as our auto-generated password emails sometimes get flagged as SPAM by filters.

To prevent this in the future, if your SPAM filter has a whitelist, please be sure to [email protected] to make sure our emails are getting through.

I lost my password, and I have clicked reset password multiple times, but none of the temporary passwords emailed to me work. What happened?

When you hit reset password multiple times it can confuse the system – which is why we ask you to make sure it hasn’t gotten lost in spam, since you may think no email was sent when in fact they’re piling up in another part of your email. When the server gets confused, it sometimes resets your password itself, which can make it hard for you to change it later.

If you believe that this has happened to you, please contact contact us so we can assist you in resetting your password.

I need to change my password.

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