Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you guys?

We’re sexual educators from all walks of life. Some of us are authors of sex books; some are advocates for alternate-lifestyle rights and acceptance; some are professional Doms; some are photographers and writers; some are longtime sex workers; some are professors in pyschology or human sexuality; some are relationship coaches and sexuality consultants.

Whatever our official titles, we all believe that the best way to achieve great sex is to teach it: straightforwardly, without embarrassment, and with a lot of explanation and humor. You can check out our full faculty list with individual bios here. was founded in 2010 by Kali Williams (aka Princess Kali)

Is this pornography?

Not in the slightest. While many of these videos get up close and personal on various sexual acts, our intention is to educate you, not put on a show (though if you find yourself titillated by the content, that’s wonderful and you should feel free to explore that).

We believe it’s impossible to teach sex “in theory” – you really need to see exactly what happens when certain areas are stimulated and why it works to touch in this way and not that way. We’ve also found it makes for safer sex because there’s no confusion on what to do or not to do: you can see it very plainly with your own eyes.

There are also a lot of ‘talking head’ style videos that address communication, fantasies, relationships and more. So you can ease into the more explicit demonstrations if that makes you more comfortable.

Should I watch these videos with my partner(s)?

We recommend it! You can both learn a lot by experimenting on one another. If you signed up because you’d like to learn more on your own, however (for example, some of our members come to us because they’re with a more experienced partner) it works very well to watch our content and then put what you’ve learned into action the next time you’re with your partner(s).

We do suggest that as you get more comfortable, you introduce your partner(s) to our website, since it’s much easier to learn in real time, and you may find that the two of you are both interested in learning more about the same techniques.

What’s a Playlist?

We have several topics that involve more content than we can easily squeeze into one video, so we do a series that covers different aspects of the same topic.

Some of our current curricula cover topics like the art of making out, toys for boys, sexual ergo-dynamics, rough sex, and uncircumcised penises. Each of these curricula has multiple videos that cover one individual component of the topic (as an example, our Art of Making Out series includes videos like Building Anticipation, Reading Your Partner, The Kiss, Sound, and Bringing It All Together).

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with some of these videos. Do I need to do all of this?

Absolutely not. We’ve covered a wide range of sexual topics so that there’s something here for everyone. Watch the videos that interest you and don’t bother with the ones you’re not interested in or feel uncomfortable with. You can see the video categories on the Members Home Page or you can click Videos in the top menu to see all the recent posts from all categories.

That said, if you find yourself intrigued but uncertain you’re really ready for something like THAT, you might watch the video before making the decision it’s not for you. One of the reasons we create these videos is so you can see what it’s really like to experience every sexual act available – you may find it’s not as scary or out of your comfort zone as you originally thought.

And if it still doesn’t look like it’s for you? No problem – no one’s going to make you try it. You’re completely safe with us.

Can I download the videos to view offline?

Afraid not. We want our videos to be available to our members whenever they like, and we’d rather not have them distributed outside the context of an educational environment. We’re sure you’d never do such a thing, but there are people out there who would! All our videos are streamed via a media server, so you can view them on any device that streams video, but you cannot download them and view offline.

I need to change my password.

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Where can I get support for my purchase?

Use our support form to give us the details of your support request.