Nov 082013
Sensual Wax Play: Removal & Cleanup

 Lucky Albatross finishes off her series by sharing her secret method for getting wax off easily and cleanly. She talks about how the cleanup can also be a part of the sensuousness of a scene, using tools or just letting the cleanup also be part of the connection.

Sep 282013
Sensual Wax Play: Advanced Techniques

 Lucky Albatross shows a nifty trick to take wax play up a notch. With the help of a créme brulée torch, she turns a “dripping” candle into a waterfall of sensual delight. Lucky pays attention, as usual, to safety concerns, but focuses on the fun of doing even more with sensual wax play.

Sep 012013
Sensual Wax Play: Application and Play

 The wax play begins in earnest in this clip. Lucky Albatross uses a ladle to splatter the hot wax with the sensual technique she’s described in previous videos. She also describes some of the materials and safety issues to be aware of to keep your play both hot and fun.

Aug 092013
Sensual Wax Play: the UV Experience

 Lucky Albatross shares one of the coolest aspects of wax play: using a blacklight and uv-reactive wax to decorate your partner. She covers the few safety and practical features, but mainly this clip is about showing the beauty of the neon colors on her partner’s body.

May 172013
Sensual Wax Play: Getting Started

 Lucky Albatross waxes-on in this clip from her sensual series. After applying a coat of oil and explaining why, she shows how a simple brush and the right kind of wax in the bath gets you started on a relaxing, intimate, and connected journey through wax play.

Apr 272013
Sensual Wax Play: What Wax to Use

 Lucky Albatross continues her series on sensual wax play during this eight-minute video. She recommends what types of wax to use — and to avoid. Lucky offers a host of tips on such things as consistency, texture, temperature, handling, dripping, pouring, and much more. Stay tuned for her upcoming wax play demonstrations.

Feb 192013
Sensual Wax Play: Pros & Cons

 Lucky Albatross begins her series on sensual wax play with this four-minute video. She first describes sensual wax play and then honestly assesses it by offering various pros and cons. Stay tuned for several more of Lucky’s wax play videos.