Jun 292012
Foot Fetish: Tickling

Chloe Camilla completes her six-video series on foot fetish during this fun, six-minute clip. She demonstrates tickling – various techniques with numerous implements – on a very willing Juliette March. Chloe recommends a handful of sexy and protective positions, and she also discusses communication, anticipation, restraint, and more. Enjoy the infectious laughter too!

Dec 052011
Tickling Techniques

Savannah Sly continues her video series on tickling with a focus on technique during this five-minute video. She shows what to do with your hands on a very willing Tina: scritching, rolling, lightly brushing, tracing, and more. Stay tuned for additional tickling videos on tempo and target location too.

Nov 152011
Tickling as Foreplay

Savannah Sly, with the help of Tina, continues her discussion and demonstration on tickling – as foreplay – during this five-minute video. Savannah suggests various positions, techniques, and “hot spots” to help make tickling even sexier. She also offers tips on connection, cuddling, bondage, rougher play, and more. Enjoy a sensational time with your partner(s)!

Aug 252011
Why Tickling Is Sexy

Savannah Sly discusses – and demonstrates on Tina – why tickling is fun and sexy during this four-minute video. She notes the various sensations of tickling and highlights the universality of this type of play. In her next video, Savannah covers tickling as foreplay.

Jun 282009
Tickling Negotiation Part 2

P.E.T.E. starts with the 5 main questions to always use during negotiation for sexy play and then goes on to a ‘Negotiation Demonstration’ with our demo hottie Savannah so you can see exactly how it’s done.

Jun 272009
Tickling Negotiation Part 1

Negotiation is an important part of any sexy play time, to make sure that everyone has their boundaries respected and needs met. Watch as P.E.T.E. talks with the demo model Savannah about what she feels comfortable with in the upcoming tickle play. Emphasizing communication (don’t assume without asking!) and safety tips, this is a great […]

Jun 032009
Tickling with Combs

A simple plastic comb can do wonders as a relentless tickle tool… and P.E.T.E. is more than happy to show all the different ways to use them to ‘torture’ your ticklee! This clip is a thorough demonstration of how to use a variety of combs to elicit a all kinds of giggles, wiggles and laughs!

Jun 012009
Tickling with Brushes

Oh the glorious options for tickling with brushes and combs! All kinds of textures and sensations can be explored with items that you might already have around the house. Feather dusters, brushes for the hair or for the dishes, and all kinds of combs create different ticklish feelings depending on how you use them, this clip will show you how!

May 312009
Tickling With Fingers - Part 2

In the second part of this two part video, P.E.T.E. continues to focus on only using the fingers and body to tickle and restrain. He demonstrates a variety of techniques for basic finger tickling, including how to move your fingers for the best response, and where on the body is good for the ticklers hands to […]

May 302009
Tickling With Fingers - Part 1

Focusing on only using the fingers and body to tickle and restrain, P.E.T.E. demonstrates on our very wiggly demo hottie a variety of techniques for basic finger tickling, including how to move your fingers for the best response, and where on the body is good for the ticklers hands to wander!

May 202009
Introduction to Tickling – Part 4

In the last clip of the series, P.E.T.E. ends up at the toes to show just how ticklish they can be! Re-capping the ‘generally’ ticklish spots, he uses a feather to point out to Princess Kali (and you!) how to approach each body part and ticklish crevice to get the most out of your tickle […]

May 192009
Introduction to Tickling – Part 3

Moving on to ever more ‘private’ places on the body to tickle, P.E.T.E. and Princess Kali keep the giggling going with gentle touches. Tips on how to explore vulnerability and how using your hands gives you the best read on how the tickle play is going. Look for curling toes as a sign of a […]

May 182009
Introduction to Tickling - Part 2

The 2nd in our 4 part tickling series with P.E.T.E. the Tickle Guy introduces us to tickling as a form of sexy titillation ! Staying safe from flying tickled limbs is discussed, as well as how to use physicality to keep the ticklee from ‘getting away’ with all their squirming. Ways to use pressure and different parts of […]

May 182009
Introduction to Tickling - Part 1

The 1st in a 4 part series, P.E.T.E. the Tickle Guy introduces us to tickling, talking about: creating safe and intimate space, how to read the body language of the person being tickled, and how to do a ‘sensitivity test’ as part of the exploration. He demonstrates different ways to use your fingers to go […]