Mar 062014
Girl Gasm: Squirting

Squirting, or “female ejaculation” as Ducky doesn’t like to call it, is a big deal in porn, in popular media, and sometimes between partners. However, there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what it it, where it comes from, and how it happens. Using charts, toys, and her own cheerfully accessible way of explaining […]

Nov 162013
Female Ejaculation

Sex educator Jaiya takes the time to talk in-depth about female ejaculation in this clip. She explores what it is, where it comes from, how to make it happen (or if you even want to) as well as some of the toys and techniques she’s found useful in her own sex life. This text is […]

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Dec 272012
Squirting Technique & Demonstration

Scotty finally puts all the techniques in this series into practice by demonstrating some powerful squirting orgasms with his partner. Up close and personal, she shows just how his “rocking-knuckle” technique is the key for her ejaculation.

Jul 102012
G-Spot Stimulation & Squirting: Anatomy

Scotty continues his series on g-spot stimulation and ejaculation during this six-minute video. He uses a very creative pelvic model to explain thoroughly the internal structure of the female anatomy. Stay tuned for much more in Scotty’s upcoming clips.

Jul 062012
Preparation for G-Spot Stimulation & Squirting

Scotty begins his series on g-spot stimulation and ejaculation during this five-minute video. He highlights the essential supplies for a successful scene and offers tips on shopping, multi-purpose use of supplies, infection control, and more. Stay tuned for much more in Scotty’s upcoming clips.

Oct 162011
Making Her Squirt

Courtney Trouble helps make Maxine Holloway squirt during this erotically charged eight-minute video. Courtney highlights the most important ways to help achieve female ejaculation (e.g., arousal and communication), and Maxine explains her various sensations from initial touch through squirting. Courtney offers many tips on motion, speed, force, finger use and more throughout the clip.

Sep 152011
A Bit About Squirting

Courtney Trouble introduces squirting during this five-minute video. She starts by describing female ejaculation. She then suggests several ways to prepare to squirt. Courtney also notes some of the reasons why squirting does not happen at times – and how to respond in such moments. Her next clips demonstrate squirting.