Mar 232014
Spanking: Building Intensity

Scotty shows how to ramp things up in a spanking scene in this clip with the enthusiastic bottoming skills of Alex. They demonstrate how both sides improve the connection between spanker and spankee using variations in tempo, pressure, and impact. With all the work of teaching, both his hand and her ass are quite red, and [...]

Feb 272014
Spanking Over-the-Knee: Bent Over a Chair, Part 2

Scotty and Annie continue to demonstrate the classic kink, OTK spanking, in this clip. Annie gives some feedback on why her position is just right for her arousal, while Scotty illustrates the ways that variations in tempo and intensity can add a lot to the experience. They also touch on the “sweet spot” – literally [...]

Feb 162014
Spanking Over-the-Knee: Bent Over a Chair, Part 1

 Scotty and Annie show the ways that spanking technique can be adjusted to the classic “bent over a chair” position. Aside from showing how the angle and control can be greater, they also cover how to deal with some of the more unexpected occurrences that can happen during a spanking scene.

Dec 302013
Spanking Over-the-Knee: On a Bed

Scotty and Alex get “hands-on” in this next segment in their Spanking series. The “Over the Knee” or “OTK” spanking is great for giving full support and making the skin available for a wide range of sensations. Scotty and Alex demonstrate several techniques as well as talking about how to combine the spanking with other [...]

Sep 272013
Spanking: Rhythm & Counting

 Scotty and Annie show how the simple inclusion of counting can up the intensity of a basic spanking scene. It increases focus for both the spanker and the spankee and provides a framework where you can play with things like intensity, tempo, and role-playing scenarios. Annie enthusiastically demonstrates her counting skills as Scotty turns her [...]

Sep 152013
Spanking: On All Fours

 Scotty and Alex explore another spanking position, with her on all fours with her ass up in the air. Alex talks about why the position makes her feel more “manhandled” while Scotty demonstrates the ergonomic flexibility available.

Feb 102013
Spanking: Over the Knee

Scotty and Alex get “hands-on” in this next segment in their Sensual Spanking series. The “Over the Knee” or “OTK” spanking is great for giving full support and making the skin available for a wide range of sensations. Scotty and Alex demonstrate several techniques as well as talking about how to combine the spanking with [...]

Nov 182012
Common Misconceptions About Spanking

Scotty, Alex, and Annie giggle together as they talk about common myths around spanking. From the stereotypes of porn to the idea of letting go of ideas such as “punishment”, they clearly explain what is and isn’t true, along with some recommendations on how to get to the truth of your own spanking experience and [...]

Nov 022012
Spanking: Why It's Fun, Part 2

Scotty, Annie, and Alix continue their discussion about what they like about spanking. For Alex it’s the naughtiness, while Annie enjoys the memories that follow a spanking. Scotty shares his own joys with the art of corporal punishment, introducing the idea of the “big sexy pile!” This is part of their ongoing series about various [...]

Oct 072012
Spanking: Why It's Fun, Part 1

Scotty teams up with Annie and Alex to talk about why they all enjoy spanking in the first video in a new series. Starting with the idea of the fantasy of power exchange, the three of them discuss the physical and psychological fun that can be had when one person is bent over another’s knee. [...]

Jan 272012
Spanking Fun

Sara Vibes and Indigo demonstrate spanking during this ten-minute video. Sara shows numerous techniques (e.g., upstroke, downstroke, etc.) with her bare hands, with gloved hands, and with various implements; and Indigo reports on the various sensations from each. They offer a host of spanking tips – from the perspectives of the top and bottom – [...]

Dec 172011
Showing a Well-Rounded Spanking Scene

Savannah takes Yonilicious over the knee and gives her “the spanking she deserves” during this five-minute, part-two video. They then debrief the experience: noting both of their feelings, emphasizing what worked best, and encouraging you to integrate the many elements into your spanking play.

Dec 082011
Elements of a Well-Rounded Spanking Scene

Yonilicious and Savannah highlight the key elements of a spanking scene during this seven-minute, part-one video. They recommend ways to communicate and actually negotiate their scene throughout the video as they discuss ways to establish and maintain sexy and creative play. In their next video Yonilicious and Savannah demonstrate their scene.

Aug 092011
Spanking from the Bottom's Perspective

Yonilicious and Savannah Sly converse about spanking during this five-minute video. They discuss why people like to be spanked, where (and where not) to spank, and when (and when not) to spank. They also discuss pain, marks, bruises, as well as a variety of helpful tips throughout this clip. Stay tuned for their next video, [...]

Oct 062010
Spanking Safety

Six minutes of spanking safety with Princess Kali and Miss Coral await you! Kali accentuates the value of communication, the best parts of the ass to spank, the avoidance of the “no-go zone”, and bruising in this clip. Safe spanking will lead you to an even sexier time!

Aug 302010
Spanking Positions

Building on her two previous spanking clips, Princess Kali demonstrates a variety of spanking positions on Miss Coral during this 8-minute video. Kali highlights comfort, access, power, timing, and sensation as she shows positions on the floor (e.g., bent over, all fours) and in bed (e.g., over the knee). Sexy spanking!

Aug 282010
Spanking Technique

Princess Kali thoroughly demonstrates hand spanking techniques on Miss Coral in this 9-minute video. Kali highlights how to maximize the top’s energy and the bottom’s pleasure through various tips on form, movement, placement, etc. Enjoy, and spread the love!

Jun 052010
How to Spank – Part 2

Arthur Hate returns for more sexy tips on spanking. He describes the different sensations that can be created by using different parts of the hand and then goes on to explore different areas of the body other than the bottom that can enjoy the feeling of being spanked.  Adding extras is next, including gloves and [...]

Jun 052010
How to Spank – Part 1

Arthur Hate describes and demonstrates how to spank in this informative video. Learn how and why to properly warm up, then check out his three basic techniques as he uses his female model to show off the upright, horizontal, and over-the-knee positions. Find out his favorite tip for the lazy top, too!

Sep 292009
Stingy or Thuddy: Canes

Another step in the kinky direction is the classic punishment tool: the cane. Princess Kali shows off some a few different types of canes, explaining why each would be more ‘thuddy’ or more ‘stingy’. Showing how the bounce, wiggle, swish and thickness of a cane affects the feeling it illicits, our giggly demo bottom enjoys [...]

Sep 282009
Stingy or Thuddy: Paddles

Impact play usually produces sensations that are described as either ‘thuddy’ or ‘stingy’ and as Princess Kali explains, there are a few key clues to know whether a toy is going to create one feeling or the other (and some even do both!). By demonstrating a few ‘basic’ toys made of different materials and in different styles, she explains what to look for when determining the best kinky implement for your desires!

Aug 302009
The Fun of Spanking Part 3

Princess Kali goes on with a few other positions that are good for spanking including; laying on the floor, pressed up against the wall, bending over with hands on the ankles, or on hands and knees. She also summarizes the key components of a spanking: the position used, the verbal play, and what you’re using to spank along with how much power is going into each sexy smack.

Jul 012009
The Fun of Spanking Part 2

With Princess Kali’s usual sassy style, she continues on the topic of spanking. Demonstrating some effective techniques for spanking with your hands including; how to hold and position your hand and arm, different ways to ‘mix-up’ the spanking. She also discusses how to change the sensations as well as how to protect the spankers hand from feeling any un-desired pain (leaving the pleasurable pain for the spankee only!). Items to use as a ‘paddle’ are also mentioned, so don’t miss all the great spank suggestions packed into this clip!

Jun 302009
The Fun of Spanking Part 1

Nothing gets Princess Kali more excited than talking about “pervy activities”, and that’s obvious in this intro-type clip about spanking! She starts with the OTK position, as well as the best places on the ass to smack, how to ‘warm up’ the bottom receiving the spanking, and some great tips for keeping the ‘spankee’ off balance (in a good way!).





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