Apr 152014
GirlGasm Mythbusting: Different Kinds of Orgasms

Vaginal, clitoral, g-spot, extended – there are many different kinds of orgasms talked about in popular culture. It brings up the question: how do I get these kinds of orgasms? Or even: Am I having the right orgasm? Ducky reassures you in this clip: yes, your orgasm is fine, because there is, in fact, only [...]

Apr 112014
Key Principles of Tantra: Adventure

Patricia and Mark invite you in this clip to take on a more “experimental” view of your sex life. If you are looking to explore new things with your partner, they explain, there is a sense of play and fun. This keeps any possibility of disappointment from the experience, because it’s all in the idea [...]

Apr 102014
Breast Sex: Making It Happen

Now that they’ve covered foreplay, Mickey and Rain get their breast sex into full gear in this clip. Rain talks about her two favorite positions for having Mickey’s cock between her breasts. She also describes things like when to add lube to the fun and other details of hot sexy fun with her breasts.

Apr 062014
Just Say Yes: Being Open to New Experiences, Part 2

In part 2 Kim goes over some of the reasons that people might have closed their minds to certain experiences. It can be pain from the past, negative associations with the act, or even shame, but whatever it is, it’s worth figuring it out. Kim outlines several examples and methods of doing that and opening [...]

Mar 302014
GirlGasms: Muscles & Breathing

In this very personal and passionate clip Ducky talks about one of the biggest and most important parts of a woman’s orgasmic potential: the muscles of the pelvic floor. Not only does she talk about them, she also gives a very personal example of why they are worth exercising through kegels and other techniques. Ducky [...]

Mar 292014
Giving & Receiving Sexual Energy

Often sex can be a kind of haphazard exchange of various activities between two people with just a hope that everyone will get what they want. Mark and Patricia suggest in this clip that by “isolating” the activities – that is, one person purely being the giver, the other solely the receiver – you can [...]

Mar 222014
Just Say Yes: Being Open to New Experiences, Part 1

In this series Kim Airs of Grand Opening and KimAirs.com talks about the sad fact of people closing themselves off to sexual happiness. There are many reasons – bad experiences, social conditioning – but she explains how being open to the possibility of pleasure through things you haven’t tried can make your whole relationship better.

Mar 212014
The Clit Ain't Always It (Inspired by Ducky Doolittle)

While the clitoris is a wondrous part of the body, there are times it gets too much attention. Inspired by the similarly-titled clip by Ducky Doolittle, Gray and Naiia demonstrate how different parts of the vulva can give different sensations. Gray also illustrates various techniques for finding and stimulating the right spot, while Naiia models [...]

Mar 202014
GirlGasms: Lubricants

This clip helps cover two subjects that Ducky commonly talks to women about. First is the idea that how wet a woman is indicates how aroused she is (short answer: sometimes, not always). Second is about various kinds of lubricants that are good to have on hand to help make sex more fun and easy. [...]

Mar 152014
Sex After a Vasectomy

Wondering if there’s any difference before and after a vasectomy in terms of how sex feels? Stefanos frankly goes over his own experience, with some additional feedback from his wife Shay. They talk about the physical changes (if any) including the way ejaculate may change. Stefanos also talks about what he’s heard from other men [...]

Mar 142014
Partners in Passion

A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy, and Long-Term Love Partners in Passion by Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels is the definitive book on how to build and sustain incredible sex and deep emotional connection for a lifetime. Partners in Passion themselves, authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson provide readers with a fun step-by-step [...]

Mar 022014
Girl Gasm: Pain During Intercourse

In this short clip Ducky answers a question she hears a lot: why is there sometimes a stabbing pain during intercourse? With the help of a diagram she explains how a strong thrust inside might be hitting the cervix during ovulation, and that can cause some discomfort. Of course she adds that the best way [...]

Feb 242014
Sex & Disability: Finding the Positives

In this clip Wintersong talks about finding the positive aspects of playing with a disability. While the focus is on the more kinky aspects of sexuality, it’s easy to extrapolate to the simple act of sex. For example, a person with fibromyalgia was able to enjoy the heightened sensitivity, and another with an artificial limb [...]

Feb 152014
A New Angle on Sex: Using Pillows & Props

Jaiya has some suggestions for simple ways to improve your pleasure during penetrative sex…and all of them are pillows! With some simple stacking techniques you can adjust the “biomechanics” of sex so that both partners get more stimulation in all the right places.

Feb 142014
Initiating Sex & Foreplay: Part 2

In part 2 of their series on getting things started in bed, Dylan and Mickey talk about how to wake up your partner with a desire for sex, as well as ways that Dylan likes to use her thighs and hands to communicate her desire to her partner.

Feb 132014
Initiating Sex & Foreplay: Part 1

Mickey Mod and Dylan Ryan use these two long clips to explore all the ways that it can be difficult for a couple to initiate sex and foreplay. They model some ways to try and initiate with your partner, but Dylan also explains that it’s important to be able to say “no” to your partner [...]

Feb 092014
Girl Gasms: That Pee Sensation

A common feeling during sex for women is that they are about to pee – yet it doesn’t happen. What is that about? Ducky clears up the mystery with the help of a neat anatomy chart and some practical explanations. She also tells you how to have better morning sex along the way and a [...]

Feb 082014
The 69 Position: Queening & Kinging

When you totally cover your partner’s face with your genitals it is called “queening” or “kinging” (depending on what gender you choose). Gray and Naiia talk about why they enjoy this experience, what kinds of things you can do while you’re doing it, and the few safety and comfort concerns that come along with the [...]

Jan 312014
Glycerine is Not a Sugar: The Sticky Situation of Lubricants

For many years Kim Airs, along with many other sex educators, has cautioned against the use of glycerine-based sexual lubricants. The thought was that glycerine was a sugar, and sugars cause all kinds of upset in the vagina. In this clip Kim lays out some science that might call that idea into question. What do [...]

Jan 232014
Assertive Initiating

Dylan Ryan & Mickey Mod continue to talk about the ways you can initiate sex with your partner by taking it to a more assertive level. This can just be unmistakable cues of body language or go all the way to forcefully holding hands over the head. Dylan also points out that you can use [...]

Jan 072014
Rough Sex: the Kitty

Danarama shows how the simple “doggy style” position can be “roughed up” into what he calls “the Kitty”. It’s a face-down ass-up position that offers many ways to enjoy the roughness of fucking in a safe and consensual way.

Dec 312013
The 69 Position: Body Mechanics Part 3 - Man on Top

In this clip Graydancer goes over the perspective of the man (or woman) on top when doing 69. He shows how to use the arms and hands to comfortably get access to your partner’s yummy bits, and also goes over a few things not to do as well.





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