Nov 192014
Slippery When Sexy: Using Lube

Slippery When Sexy Lube is like wine. There are many different varieties with various characteristics you might like or not, and different brands are appropriate depending on what they’re being used for. A couple might have one kind of lube for anal sex, a different one for vaginal intercourse, and still a different one for […]

Aug 142014
Using the Tenga 3: Reading & Pleasuring Your Partner

In the final long and explicit clip in the series Miss Ali first talks about the various ways she “reads” her partner’s body so she can give him pleasure. This is a lot more than just watching his cock, and she also talks about the satisfaction that can be gotten from just giving. In the […]

Aug 052014
Using the Tenga Egg, Part 2

In Part 2 Miss Ali demonstrates several techniques for warming up both the egg and her partner. Once it’s on, she uses various stroking techniques to give the special kind of handjob this sex toy can produce. Gray also talks about the sensation and the ways that different cocks might respond to this kind of […]

Jul 252014
Using the Tenga Egg, Part 1: Opening & Lube

This series by Bay Area sex educator Miss Ali shows how to use the popular “Tenga Egg” sex toy. Designed for male masturbation, it can also be fun to share with your partner in a hand-job fashion. In this clip Ali talks about opening up the packaging and how to use what’s inside – as […]

Apr 132014
The First-Timer's Butt Plug

Graydancer and Naiia begin a series on anal play for couples by starting small – using a soft silicone version of . Gray begins with some soft sensation play, drawing on some of the techniques described by Ducky Doolittle and Jaiya here in other clips on PassionateU. Naiia takes the plug into her when she’s […]

Apr 052014
GirlGasms: Kegel Toys

Ducky has explained in many clips that orgasms involve involuntary contractions of muscles, and that the stronger those muscles are, the better the orgasms get. In this clip she goes over several kinds of toys designed specifically to build those muscles – from the ben-wa balls made famous by “50 Shades of Grey” to silicone […]

Feb 182014
GirlGasms: G-Spotting Toys

Now that you know how to find your g-spot, there’s a whole range of sex toys designed for the sole purpose of stimulating it. Ducky goes through a range from cock-like dildos to high-tech insertable vibes with special controllers. It’s in your best interest to try several since she points out that a sex toy […]

Feb 012014
Amp It Up: the EVI
This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Amp it Up

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Amp it UpIn this short clip Ducky explains why a little plastic toy from Aneros is one of her favorites. The silicone cover makes it easy to lube up and slip inside a woman and give great stimulation to various areas as well as working […]

Jan 182014
What You Need to Know About Sex Toys & Batteries: Part 4

Kim Airs of finishes out her series on the ins and outs of batteries for sex toys. She covers the more unusual (and tinier) batteries such as the L44 “watch battery” and the N-Size battery. Along the way she also shows off some neat sex toys that use these specialized battery sizes and explains […]

Jan 052014
How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Kim Airs of explains several ways to clean up your sex toys. It’s not necessary to sterilize them; a simple baby wipe, hand sanitizer or even good old soap and water will work. It’s dealing with things like batteries that can make it more complicated, and she has some great ideas for that as […]

Dec 282013
What You Need to Know About Sex Toys & Batteries: Part 3

Kim Airs continues her education on everything battery-powered, first by discarding a rechargeable vibe and then getting into the connections. There are many types, including springs, multi-battery configurations, and even water-proof seals. This is where to find out exactly what it is that makes your vibes buzz.

Dec 192013
Masturbating with the Hello Touch

Kelly Shibari has a new favorite toy! The “Hello Touch” from Jimmy Jane has two vibrating pads that go on the fingers, and Kelly shows the many advantages to having that much flexibility. She talks about using it on her partner as well as herself, and demonstrates a few different positions and techniques for using […]

Nov 222013
Finding the Right Sex Toy for Women Over 40

Lady Cheeky does a thorough overview of sex toys in this clip with a particular focus: these are toys that have particularly helped women over 40 find more sexual satisfaction. She goes over g-spot stimulators, vibrators, dildos, vaginal and anal and lubricants, with plenty of tips for how to integrate these into your sex life […]

Nov 052013
G-Spot Stimulation with Toys

Scotty shows how the same techniques he’s shown with fingers in earlier clips can be used with sex toys. Using a toy made from aircraft aluminum, he helps his lovely model cum twice more (squirting both times) while demonstrating the way the angle and pulling out at just the right time makes toys a great […]

Oct 262013
What You Need to Know About Sex Toys & Batteries: Part 2

Kim Airs continues to explain the secret world of Sex Toys and Batteries in this clip. There are a lot of different configurations of battery position (kind of like sex) and for some toys it matters how you stick it in – the battery, that is!

Oct 232013
The World of Sex Toys, Part 3

In this next installment, Kim Airs of explains about the different kinds of plastics and how they are used to create special-purpose sex toys. She also shows how any vibrator can be changed into a dildo and discusses several other uses for the amazing variety of items on her sexy table.

Oct 182013
The World of Sex Toys, Part 4

In this episode of Kim Airs’ series on sex toys she covers the subject of silicone toys. After a brief history of how the first silicone dildos were created, she takes you on a tour of a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and accessories, including extensions and even vibrating inserts. Kim Airs has many practical […]

Oct 062013
What You Need to Know About Sex Toys & Batteries: Part 1

Kim Airs begins a series about the things that make your sex toys buzz: batteries! She goes into some little-known technical details that can help you keep your toys hot and ready right when you need them.

Aug 032013
The World of Sex Toys, Part 2

 Kim Airs of continues to talk about the wide variety of sex toys available, this time focusing on “rubber”-type dildos. She explains the different types and substances available, helping you choose the best toy for you.

Jul 142013
Sex Toys from the Man's Perspective

 Stefanos talks openly and frankly in this clip about how men can look at sex toys as less of a threat and more of an opportunity. Rather than be competitive, the sex toy can enable an entirely different experience of intimacy and pleasure with your partner. Stefanos nudges you with the starts of ideas that […]

Jul 062013
The World of Sex Toys, Part 1

 Kim Airs, owner of Grand Opening, starts a series on the wide variety of sex toys available for your pleasure. She begins by going over shapes, materials, and even sounds as she provides you with a “shopping guide” to help you pick out the perfect instrument of sexy.

May 122013
Care and Handling of Dildos

 Rain DeGrey explains a great way to manage your multiple dildos (or other sex toys) after a fun and/or kinky date. She uses a food storage bag and paper-scrap system so that she always knows which of her toys are sterile and which ones need to be cleaned. This clip is full of practical advice […]