Apr 082014
Sexy Sensations: Chains

 Scotty and Annie demonstrate the sensual potential of adding a simple length of chain to your toy collection. Scotty explains how to use both the texture and the sounds of the chain to maximum effect, gracefully combining both safety and sexuality as he uses the chain to stimulate Annie in a variety of ways.

Apr 042014
Breast Sex: Foreplay

Rain Degrey brings out her breasts in this clip to show, with Mickey Mod, some techniques for arousal and foreplay. After a thorough demonstration by Mickey she explains how different areas of the breast and nipple respond to his various techniques, and also describes how different people can respond. Every woman is different, and there [...]

Jan 282014
Sensual Exploration

Stefanos and Shay demonstrate in this clip how you can find the hidden erogenous zones of your partner. They explain how it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with an old partner, or simply be unsure with a new one, of where their hot spots are. With sensual exploration you can discover new paths [...]

Dec 252013
Sensual Touch

Jaiya, author of “Red Hot Touch”, uses this clip to give a thorough introduction to the idea of touch for sensuality. She uses the massage concept of “layers of palpation” and demonstrates how each can change the mood of the touch. She gives recommendations for figuring out what your partner likes, and gets you set [...]

Dec 082013
Sexy Sensations: Blindfolds

Want an instant way to increase your lover’s sensitivity and awareness? Scotty has the answer in this clip. He and Annie explain just what a simple blindfold can add to your sexy sensations. Annie gives a firsthand and frank account of what it feels like, and Scotty offers several suggestions for various kinds of blindfolds [...]

Nov 152013
Sexy Sensations: Using Gloves

 Scotty and Annie show how safer sex can also be hot sensations when it comes to latex and nitrile gloves. He shows how the soft, strange texture can heighten the pleasure she takes from his touch. They also show how other, less clinical materials (like leather or velvet) can make gloves a fun toy to [...]

Nov 142013
My Five Senses Meditation

Find yourself a comfortable spot, shut off your beeping things, and take a few minutes to join Dr. Jenn in a guided meditation. It’s designed to help you become more aware of your five senses and of your environment. Practices like this translate into more enjoyment of sex as well, but you have to start [...]

Oct 192013
Exploring Touch: Nipples

Lady Cheeky & Kelly Shibari are happy to continue their exploration of the sensual body by discussing nipple stimulation. The arousal factor of the nipple can change a lot as a body changes due to age, and you can go from orgasming from breast stimulation alone to not wanting any touch there at all, or [...]

Oct 022013
Embracing Your Sensuality When You're Over 40

Lady Cheeky describes how your awareness of your body and its inherent sensuality can change when you reach your forties. She explains a method that worked for her to rediscover her changing body and lead to pleasures she’d never imagined possible. This is an introduction to follow-up clips that will show the methods Lady Cheeky [...]

Sep 242013
Cock & Ball Bondage

 Evoë Thorne and Harold Henry begin a series of clips on tying up the male genitals. Evoë shows a very elegant and simple way to get the cock up and out of the way (which Harold appreciates on many levels). They both talk about the sensations and safety concerns as they prepare for the next [...]

Sep 082013
Exploring Touch: Genitals

Lady Cheeky and Kelly Shibari continue their demonstration of sensual self-touch by moving to the genitals. Kelly applies lotion generously to her legs, moving up to the vulva where she explores the pleasures she gets from touching herself there. They talk about how age, weight, and just plain differences in clitorises, labia, and other parts [...]

Sep 062013
Light Nipple Play

Scotty and Ammre go over some of the nicer ways to arouse and stimulate your partner’s nipples. He brings up some of the mistakes eager lovers sometimes make in their enthusiasm for nipples and suggests ways to use other parts of the hand and arm to make the sensation simultaneously pleasant and hot. More than [...]

Sep 052013
Hair Pulling: With the Hair Up

 Scotty and Ammre go into the finer points of using the hair as a sensual part of your sexual life in this first of two clips. With her hair up in a bun, Ammre has provided a secure focus of control for Scotty’s grip, and the two of them talk about both the physical technique [...]

Aug 302013
Conscious Touch: Bringing It All Together

 Now that he’s explained the various principles and practices behind conscious touch, Will uses this clip to give a clear example of how to take it into your own bedroom through Betty Martin’s “Three-Minute Game.” Each partner gets three minutes of the kind of touch and attention they want, and also gets practice communicating that [...]

Aug 272013
Cuddling and Sensual Touch

Having a busy day? That’s ok, this won’t take long. It’s just a quick sexy blog entry about one of the best ways to improve orgasms, increase intimacy, have hotter and longer sex with your partner and also help you live longer, happier, and more productive lives. Oh, so now you suddenly have time? Well, [...]

Aug 152013
Cock and Ball Teasing: Using Toys, Part 2

 Evöe and Harold continue to show off their fun selection of toys for CBT. As they show a wide range, from simple pipe insulation and a homemade “CBT Mallet” to a barely-bearable electrical “little devil”, they talk about the sensations and safety considerations when using these kinds of sexy devices.

Aug 022013
Exploring Touch: Skin

Lady Cheeky, with the help of Kelly Shibari, talks about exploring your own body surfaces to discover what kinds of sensations you like. She recommends several oils, lubes, as well as sex toys of various kinds to really get into a variety of pleasurable feelings. This practice can help you communicate with your partner later [...]

Jul 182013
Biting: Techniques & Combinations - Part 1

 Yonilicious continues her series on biting with a focus on techniques and combinations during this five-minute, part-one video. She discusses intention and desire and then recommends numerous techniques to reach your goal(s). She shows nibbling, licking, sucking, biting, and chomping – as well as various combinations of each – on the back of the neck [...]

Jul 172013
Sharp Sensation Play

Shanna Katz takes her series on sensation play to a sharper level in this segment. Experiencing a variety of implements, Aidan Starr enjoys the feeling of everything from plastic clothespins to credit cards with a few surprises in between. Shanna also goes into the psychology behind using edges for this kind of play and includes [...]

May 052013
Conscious Touch: Being Present, Part 2

In Part 2, Will Fredericks gives some specific descriptions of techniques and exercises for increasing your awareness of your environment and describes how that translates into lovemaking with your partner.

May 022013
Conscious Touch: Being Present, Part 1

 Will Fredericks continues this series with a two-part video on techniques for increasing your awareness of your immediate surroundings and the present moment. When you can narrow your focus, you can begin to both appreciate and share the magic of skin-to-skin contact with your lover in new and surprising ways.

Apr 302013
Cock and Ball Teasing: Using Feet

 Evöe Thorne puts Harold Henry under their Trample Table for this video to show how feet can be used for some amazing cock and ball stimulation. She covers accessories like lube as well as showing various techniques for stroking, applying pressure, and (judging from Harold’s face) generally having a lot of fun teasing with soles, [...]

Apr 232013
Conscious Touch: What Is It? Part 2

 Will Fredericks continues to explain how the concept of conscious touch is related to other techniques such as tantra and carezza while at the same time being something unique. He gives examples of how intention is related to the method, and lays down the framework for the upcoming clips in this series.

Apr 112013
Sensual Wax Play: Basic Equipment

 Lucky Albatross takes you through all of the basic equipment necessary for a wonderful hot wax play experience. Drawing on a thorough knowledge of the best equipment as well as the most frugal places to buy them, she explains clearly what purpose the heaters, brushes, and other implements will serve in your kink. She also [...]





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