Dec 012014
What is BDSM? Dispelling the Myths

“What? Why would anyone want to do that? That’s sick!” Those are the words that strike fear and shame into the hearts of many people who might dare to share with their lovers certain fantasies that fall outside the “normal” range of sex. The problem is, there’s not really a truly “normal” range – if […]

Sep 272014
Sexual Trauma: Supporting a Survivor
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Sexual Trauma

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Sexual TraumaIf your partner has had sexual trauma, what is the best way to support them? That’s what Ashley Manta tackles in this clip, starting with her own experience of not-so-supportive family members. She outlines more constructive strategies for giving partners what they need – […]

Sep 202014
Sexual Trauma: A Personal Experience
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Sexual Trauma

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Sexual TraumaIn this clip Ashley Manta shares her own past experiences of being molested and raped. It is a disturbing and important testimonial because she also shares how she moved past it. Ashley talks about both the internal struggles and the external reclaiming of her […]

Oct 202011
Hygiene of Uncircumcised Penises

Wintersong discusses intact cock hygiene during this five-minute video. He dispels myths, challenges unnecessary concerns (e.g., smegma), and recommends both how to care for a penis and how to converse about penis hygiene with your partner(s). This text is available for purchase but you need to login or register first.

This text is available for purchase but you need to login or register first.
Apr 162011
Dental Dams

KD and Lyndon are back to talk about Dental Dams in this 3 ½-minute video, outlining some potential health risks associated with unprotected oral sex, as well as do’s and don’ts of dental dam use. If you are looking for safe, fast and cheap, Lyndon shows you how to improvise a dental dam with something […]

Mar 292011
Safer Sex for Female Bodies

Because much of the safer sex information out there has a heterosexual or male homosexual focus, KD & Lyndon are kicking off a series of safer sex videos for female-bodied folks who like other female-bodied folks! In this 7-minute video, KD and Lyndon talk about gloves, good for quickies in the bathroom and all sorts […]

Nov 032010
G-Spot Finger Play

Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre are back to start the g-spot stimulation! After sliding on a safe-sex latex glove, lubrication is addressed and then into the warm up. Dylan talks about where the g-spot is and how to find it for stimulation with your fingers. Of course exploring is half the fun, so take your time and enjoy finding your treasure, because after all…“g” marks the spot!

Oct 252010
Gloves and Safety for Fisting

Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre discuss gloves and safety in this 5-minute video. They compare and contrast various types of gloves (e.g., latex, nitrile, etc.), mention the wide variety of colors available; and they highlight numerous reasons for using gloves (e.g., safer sex, smoother hands, etc.). Dylan and Aiden offer several additional tips as well, especially for those with longer fingernails.

Oct 062010
Spanking Safety

Six minutes of spanking safety with Princess Kali and Miss Coral await you! Kali accentuates the value of communication, the best parts of the ass to spank, the avoidance of the “no-go zone”, and bruising in this clip. Safe spanking will lead you to an even sexier time!

May 282009
Condom Usage

Starting off by showing how to put a condom on with your mouth, Megan Andelloux shares more tips including how to store and carry your condoms and how to test for an expired condom.

Apr 122009
Lubes and Lubrication

Megan Andelloux presents part one of “Lubes and Lubrication” describing various type of lube for both vaginal and anal use, including her personal commentary on the different brands available.