Aug 052014
Using the Tenga Egg, Part 2

In Part 2 Miss Ali demonstrates several techniques for warming up both the egg and her partner. Once it’s on, she uses various stroking techniques to give the special kind of handjob this sex toy can produce. Gray also talks about the sensation and the ways that different cocks might respond to this kind of […]

Jun 242014
Living with an STI: Talking with a Prospective Partner
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Living with an STI

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Living with an STIOne of the hardest parts of dealing with sexually transmitted infections is telling your partner about it. Ashley Manta tells about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of communicating this vital information with her partners. She also lays out a […]

Jun 062014
Living with an STI: Working Through Personal Shame
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Living with an STI

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Living with an STIIn this clip Ashley Manta talks more about her experience of contracting HSV-2 (genital herpes). She explains how it affected her sex life and dating life, and how it got better once she opened up about it. Refusing to accept the stigma […]

May 312014
Living with an STI: An Introduction
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Living with an STI

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Living with an STIAshley Manta talks in this clip about the reality of living with a sexually transmitted infection. She briefly covers some very real statistics, but the focus of the series is about the feeling and process of dealing with being part of those […]

Feb 072014
"No Hands" Putting on a Condom

The ebullient Kim Airs from joins other PassionateU experts like Megan Andelloux and Graydancer to show how to put on a condom with no hands! She adds her own particular spin to the technique with some “stealth” moves that can make this even more fun to do with a partner.

Dec 142013
What is a Vasectomy?

Stefanos has had a vasectomy, and he shares his views on the experience and the effect on his sex life in this clip. While the procedure itself was easy, the relief from any worry about unwanted pregnancies was profound, and he explains it in detail.

Jul 132013
Condom Selection

 Scotty, with a little help from Naiia, goes over some of the variety available in condoms. He recommends doing research into various textures, sizes, and demonstrates just a few of the many shapes that condoms come in. This makes a great start for your quest for sensational safer sex.

Jun 202013
How to Please Your Man: STI's & Oral Sex

Looking forward to a little oral action with your man? Whether you’re giving or receiving, Ducky has some good advice to help keep it both hot and safer. A dab of lube here or there and some simple supplies like dental dams and condoms and you’re set to go. She also has some essential advice […]

Jun 022013
How & When Do I Tell My Partner I Have an STI?

 Dr. Heather Howard discusses communication about sexually transmitted infections during this six-minute video. She recognizes that the conversation may not be an easy one, but she suggests various ways to prepare for – and know when to have – it. Dr. Howard also notes some statistics, perspectives on protection and risk reduction, and methods of […]

Jun 022013
Hands-Free Dental Dams

 Sex-Ed Scotty demonstrates a particularly clever MacGuyveresque trick for using dental dams in this clip. Using simple things like garter belts or nipple clamps or even an embroidery hoop you can position the latex sheet in a way that leaves your hands free to do other fun things. Scotty shows you step-by-step in his usual […]

Jun 022013
HPV Vaccination

 This clip provides a medical perspective about the HPV Vaccine, which can help reduce the transmission of the Human Papilloma Virus for men and women. This has far reaching benefits including the reduction of cervical cancer, and Dr. Andelloux explains how this simple procedure works.

Jun 022013
Safer Sex: Preparedness at Home

Scotty continues his reflections on sensational safer sex during this four-minute video. He recommends ways to prepare for sexy time at home so to avoid breaking the rhythm or interrupting the heat of the moment. Stay tuned for how to prepare for “the away game” in Scotty’s next clip.

May 282013
Improvised Dental Dams

Scotty and Naiia show just how inventive you can get when you need a dental dam and can’t find one. Using nothing but a pair of scissors and the more common safer sex supplies like gloves and condoms, Scotty not only creates the dams but also shows how they can be used in ways similar […]

Apr 182013
Packing Your Safer Sex Kit

 Scotty continues his reflections on sensational safer sex during this five-minute video. He offers various practical and simple ways to prepare for an “away game,” or take your safer sex supplies on the go. He notes the essentials, suggests storage tips (and underscores where not to keep items), and recommends some creative shopping too. Stay […]

Feb 232013
Senior Sex: STI's & Safer Sex

Joan Price has some stern words for seniors who are sexually active: protection is just as necessary for you as for younger lovers! Too many seniors forget to use condoms and other barriers when engaging new partners, and it’s caused alarming trends in sexually-transmitted infections. Joan has some solid advice for how to broach the […]

Feb 122013
Safer Sex for Cunnilingus - Part 2

Kitty Stryker and Penny Barber continue their series on safer sex for cunnilingus during this five-minute, part-two video. They describe various practical safer sex methods for oral sex as well as harm reduction strategies for those who cannot or do not want to use barriers. Be sure to view Kitty and Penny’s cunnilingus demonstrations too.

Feb 022013
Alternate Uses for Dental Dams

Scotty and naiia introduce a few uses for the safer sex “dental dam” that you might not have thought of. The sensation play possibilities and new techniques like “plucking” may surprise you. Did you know you can make out through a dental dam? This is the video that teaches you that and more!

Jan 032013
Herpes & Herpes Treatment

Dr. Derek Andelloux helps demystify one of the most stigmatized of sti’s: herpes. He covers how it is transmitted, what the symptoms can look like, and what preventative measures and treatments are available. He also reminds you that there is no cure and that the only way to truly get an effective diagnosis is through […]

Jan 012013
Safer Sex for Cunnilingus - Part 1

Kitty Stryker and Penny Barber begin their discussion on safer sex for cunnilingus during this four-minute, part-one video. They initially highlight both personal attitudes about female genitalia and preferable anatomical terminology. Kitty and Penny recommend communication, negotiation, and awareness of the health risks of cunnilingus. Stay tuned for more in part two.

Dec 242012
Contraception Options, Part 1

Dr. Derek Andelloux talks about two main categories of birth control in part one of this series. He covers various “cycle”-based techniques such as abstinence, the rhythm method, and coitus interruptus (pulling out), as well as the hormonal treatments such as the pill which are available for women. With friendly and frank information, he helps clarify […]

Dec 092012
STI Testing

Dr. Derek Andelloux explains the various types of testing your physician can do for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). These are different depending on your age, gender, and sexual activity, and he explains what kinds of tests you can expect and which ones you may have to ask for specifically. While this doesn’t take the place of […]

Oct 292012
Safer Sex Blowjob

Sabrina Morgan continues her series on blowjobs during this six-minute video. She shows how to give a safer sex blowjob in ways that heighten and vary the sensations for the recipient. Sabrina offers several tips (e.g., how to apply and remove a condom in sexy ways) in this clip and continues her series in forthcoming […]

Dec 162011
Putting a Condom on an Intact (uncircumcised) Cock

Wintersong presents several ways to put a condom on an uncircumcised cock during this seven-minute video. He identifies the characteristics of condoms best designed for intact cocks and notes a couple products on the market. Wintersong also offers tips on technique and practice.

Jan 122011
Condom Safety

Did you know that leather wallets and glove compartments could destroy your condoms? Megan Andelloux drops many pearls of wisdom such as checking your expiration date before playtime and the squeeze test in this must see 4-minute safety segment.





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