Feb 042014
Rough Foreplay: Restricting Movement

 Scotty and Annie demonstrate how the fantasy of control can be heightened with the use of a couple of simple physical techniques. They show the “two-on-one” hold as well as the “thumb” hold and talk about how it’s all in a context of fun and consensual role-play.

Oct 052013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Using Rope

 Scotty and Ammre show just how simple it is to create the fantasy of being tied up with ropes in the bedroom. As he puts it, if you can tie your shoes, you can do rope bondage, and with a simple overhand knot Ammre’s wrist has a silky restraint to grab hold of in the […]

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Jul 282013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Using Flagging Tape

Scotty continues to show how simple materials can be turned into hot fantasy with this clip. He binds the lovely Ammre with bright pink construction flagging tape, which gives her something firm to pull against but is still safely broken out of if the need arises. He also covers the use of “safety shears,” a […]

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Jun 132013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Using Toilet Paper

 Who needs rope or chains? Or even bondage tape? Scotty and Ammre show in this clip how you can begin your fantasy of restraint using nothing more than a role of toilet paper. Tied limbs, blindfolds, all with the safe knowledge that it can be gotten out of if needed – that’s the whole purpose […]

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May 102013
Quick Cuffs with Scarves - Part 2

Julian Wolf completes her demonstration of quick restraint during this two-minute, part-two video. She shows her tying method again with a different scarf and then has her demo bottom give it a try. Julian also uses this quick restraint method to tie her bottom’s ankles.

Aug 252012
Tie 'Em Up & Fuck 'Em Harness Part 3

GrayDancer shows another way to incorporate bondage into your sex life during this six-minute video. He creates a reverse hogtie on Ten – exposing her for some great sex. Gray offers insights on positions, safety, mobility/immobility, and much more.

Jul 022012
Rough Sex: Flat Out Positions

Danarama continues his series on rough sex during this seven-minute video. He demonstrates many specific positions (e.g., face down, face up, and several variations). Danarama shows how to restrain your partner(s) creatively and shares several tips on how to make your sex rougher and more enjoyable. Stay tuned for even more in his upcoming clips. […]

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Apr 192012
Quick Cuffs with Scarves - Part 1

Julian Wolf demonstrates using scarves for quick restraint during this four-minute, part-one video. She shows a simple method – coupled with a handy acronym – with several different types (lengths, materials, etc.) of scarves. Stay tuned for more in part two.

Oct 232010
Tie ‘Em Up and Fuck ‘Em Part 2

GrayDancer and Ten illustrate and explain variations to this versatile, easy-to-create harness in this 5-minute clip. The same 3 steps apply – secure the wrists, wrap the body, and control the hips – to two other common kinky sex positions. Enjoy – and get plenty of practice!

Oct 162010
Tie ‘Em Up and Fuck ‘Em

GrayDancer uses 15 feet of thick nylon rope and his model Ten to explain and demonstrate the first version of the tie ‘em up and fuck ‘em harness in this ten-minute video. He discusses safety and shows the three basic steps to create the harness. Quick bondage at its sexiest!