Nov 052014
Do You Want to Open Up? Poly, Non-monogamy, & Alternative Relationships

“Open relationship.” “Non-monogamous.” “Polyamory.” These are all buzzwords that have been in the media more and more in the past few years. High-profile celebrities like Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith or Tilda Swinton have openly admitted to having non-traditional relationships; television shows like “Sister Wives” have sensationalized the idea. That’s the media, though. What does it […]

Aug 292013
Are Alternative Relationships Like Poly Healthy?

Dr. Patti Britton explores another kind of relationship style that falls outside the norm: polyamory. She explains how it differs from swinging and also some of the necessary skills to support the intimacy involved in that kind of multiple relationship.

Jan 212012
Poly S - Sensuous Snakes

Mim Chapman completes her series on polyamory with this eight-minute video. She first focuses on the fifth model of polyamory: the sensuous poly snake. Mim provides a concrete example of the Poly S and notes its particular advantages. She then asks some reflection questions to help you discern what model of polyamory would work best […]

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Dec 042011
Poly L - Loving Triads

Mim Chapman continues her series on polyamory by focusing on Poly-L Loving Triads during this nine-minute video. She identifies the Poly L, notes its advantages and disadvantages; and she suggests ways to help make these relationships more successful. Mim compares the Poly L to the Poly P and Poly O families and comments on a […]

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Nov 132011
Poly-O Family Circles

Mim Chapman continues her discussion on polyamory with a focus on the Poly-O family circle during this seven-minute video. She uses an enlightening example to differentiate Poly-O from Poly-P (poly plural pairs), notes the many positives of the family circle, but also acknowledges the challenges. Mim’s reflection on polyamory continues in her upcoming clips. This […]

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Sep 012011
Poly Plural Pairs

Mim Chapman discusses in detail one type of polyamorous relationship during this ten-minute video. She first defines plural poly pairs and then outlines various important points to negotiate. Mim underscores the advantages of having outside pair relationships that are not part of a poly family as well as etiquette and tips on how to (and […]

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Aug 182011
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? Part 2

Marcia B continues her discussion on non-monogamy during this four-minute, part-two video. In addition to encouraging you to identify the benefits and challenges of non-monogamy for you; she notes a host of motivations for open relationships so that you can better understand your desires and reasons for non-monogamy.

Jul 142011
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? Part 1

Most of us think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to monogamy, even though, from person to person and culture to culture, “monogamous” can mean something very different. That’s why Marcia B. begins her series on non-monogamy with a six-minute video on four types of monogamy: Sexual Monogamy, Emotional Monogamy, Social Monogamy, […]

May 032011
"ME" Poly vs. "WE" Poly

When one goes to a car dealership, it is helpful to know whether you are looking for a sports car, an SUV, or a family van. It is even more important to know what you’re looking for in a poly relationship. Mim Chapman devotes this 6 ½-minute video to two prevalent models of poly: “Me” […]

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Oct 042010
Jealousy in Polyamorous Relationships – Part 2

Anita Wagner’s second clip on making peace with jealousy is a six-minute reflection on types of jealousy. She defines, gives numerous examples of, and highlights the implications of four common kinds of jealousy: possessive, exclusion, competition, and fear. She shares many insights and suggests ways to reflect on each of these types of jealousy.

Sep 292010
Legal Considerations for Polyamory

Attorney Aimee Bouchard defines polyamory and offers her thoughts on legal considerations for those in polyamorous relationships during this 3-minute video. She discusses laws against adultery, the rights (or lack thereof) of multiple partners, and examples of potential discrimination (e.g., child custody and employment). A must see for anyone in or thinking about a polyamorous relationship.

Jun 232010
Pitfalls of Non-Monogamy

Makael Newby shares great wisdom during this 6-minute reflection on pitfalls of non-monogamy. She discusses 5 such pitfalls — new relationship energy, lying and withholding information, crossing boundaries, pushing your own agenda, and blaming – by identifying, providing several real-life examples of, and suggesting how to deal with each one.

Jun 162010
Jealousy in Polyamorous Relationships - Part 1

In this first-part video on making peace with jealousy in polyamorous relationships, Anita Wagner discusses the links between jealousy and fear, the common components of jealousy (emotions such as anger, loneliness, inadequacy, etc.), and the main origins of jealousy (societally programmed core beliefs and unresolved insecurities). A very thought-provoking and encouraging 10 minutes – valuable for anyone in a relationship.

Jun 122010
Non-Monogamy for the Novice

Makael Newby distinguishes between emotional and physical non-monogamy and applies the distinction to the lifestyles of swinging and polyamory during this 8-minute video. She defines a multitude of terms (swinging, swingles, unicorns; polyamory, triads, poly family, etc.) and gives plenty of examples. Makael suggests a variety of resources for further consideration as well.

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May 262010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 3

To open or not to open a monogamous relationship? That is the question Anita Wagner addresses in this 10-minute video that completes her 3-part series on poly-mono relationships. She directs you to an abundance of resources as you and your partner(s) find the best ways to love each other.

Apr 162010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 2

Anita Wagner continues her wise and practical reflections on polyamory in this 10-minute clip. She begins with the origins and values of monogamy and then discusses the common challenges for poly-mono couples (e.g., reframing commitment and fidelity, what to communicate to family and kids) and the common emotions for both poly (e.g., guilt, fear) and mono (e.g., shame, resentment) persons. While geared toward poly-mono relationships, Anita’s insights are relevant to anyone in a relationship.

Mar 172010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 1

Anita Wagner presents a thoroughly honest and refreshing look at polyamory during this 12-minute video. She defines polyamory, traces its history and growth, and highlights the values of both monogamy and polyamory. Anita identifies a multitude of reasons for polyamory and encourages openness and honesty in all relationships so to enhance happiness within and strengthen love between partners.

Nov 142009
Joys and Pitfalls of Polyamory

In this continuation of her series on polyamory, Sarah Sloane discusses the joys of being in an open, polyamorous relationship as well as some pitfalls to look out for. She offers some insightful tips, techniques and advice that may help you comfortably explore your interest in multiple partners or relationships.

Nov 072009
Polyamory Tools

There are several different core tools that can be used for people who practice polyamory in their every day lives. Sarah Sloane describes these in detail, including the most important skill one can have: communication.

Oct 192009
Polyamory Terms

Sarah Sloane is back to explain many of the words and phrases that are used in the polyamory world. She explains the particular vocabulary that individuals or couples might use to describe the variety of possible relationship dynamics.

Oct 092009
Introduction to Polyamory

With the many mis-conceptions about the concept of polyamory it can easily be mis-understood to be swinging or even cheating. Sarah Sloane helps clarify what a polyamory relationship is, and what it isn’t.