Apr 242014
Pitfalls of Monogamy

 In other clips, Jacq Jones has talked about all of the benefits and wonders of monogamous relationships. In this clip, she talks about some of the common things that can go wrong, along with some suggestions for how to face and overcome the challenges as they occur.

Aug 202013
Consent Within Monogamy

 In this clip Jacq Jones reminds you that monogamy does not automatically mean anything goes – in fact, consent is more important than ever! She goes on to encourage people to look for the areas of enthusiastic consent, and gives advice on how to honor that consent and create a safe space for a relationship to grow.

May 302013
Monogamy: When Cheating Happens

 While it’s not unique to monogamy, cheating can be an incredibly destructive force that is all too common. Jacq Jones lays out some of the ways that the damage can be minimized. She talks about techniques of communication as well as the things to ask each other about the why and what of cheating, as well as some […]

Apr 132013
Rediscover Lovemaking: After Having Children

Dr. Ruthie concludes her series on rediscovering that intimate connection with your spouse with this message: think of the children! That is, think about the example you set if you pretend that being a parent means that your sexuality is somehow shut off or absent. It’s a radical idea for today’s culture, but for most of […]

Mar 072013
Rediscover Lovemaking: Breaking the Seal

Dr. Ruthie talks about how important it is not to fall into the rut of one-sided or even absent sex. Quickies are fine, but she stresses the importance of figuring out what both partners like in order to have a healthy sex life, whatever that looks like.

Jan 202013
The Discovery Date

If your relationship seems to be stuck in a rut, Jacq Jones is here to recommend a “Discovery Date” to bring some playfulness and a spirit of experimentation to the bedroom. Whether you’re curious about something you just read in an erotica story or want to use the “Discovery Date Form” to try some new […]

Nov 172012
Sex in a Monogamous Relationship

Monogamy is not the end of sex, says Jacq Jones, it’s a chance to make it even better. Coming from Sugar the Shop, this sex educator and purveyor of sex toys explains the many benefits of being exclusive in your sexual relationships, from the pragmatics of safer sex to the deeper levels of trust and intimacy that can […]

Nov 042012
Rediscovering Lovemaking: Fanning the Flames Together

Dr. Ruthie continues to provide tips for helping couples rekindle their sexy times together with this clip. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing both the time and place of your lovemaking and gives some tips for improving both. Dr. Ruthie gives clear and actionable steps you can take right away to get the fires burning […]

Sep 302012
Negotiating Monogamy

In the second clip on monogamy Jacq Jones walks you through defining the terms of your monogamy. She identifies several areas that couples need to communicate and formulate acceptable compromises around, such as ex-lovers, porn, masturbation, alone time, and even when it’s ok to answer the phone! Jacq emphasizes that well-negotiated monogamy can be a […]

Sep 242012
Choosing Monogamy

Jacq Jones from SugarTheShack.com introduces the finer points of monogamy in this clip. While it is often the default relationship style chosen by couples, she illustrates how making it an active choice can enrich your connection with your partner. She also goes over several different interpretations of what monogamy means, from talking to friends and […]

Jun 232010
Pitfalls of Non-Monogamy

Makael Newby shares great wisdom during this 6-minute reflection on pitfalls of non-monogamy. She discusses 5 such pitfalls — new relationship energy, lying and withholding information, crossing boundaries, pushing your own agenda, and blaming – by identifying, providing several real-life examples of, and suggesting how to deal with each one.

May 262010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 3

To open or not to open a monogamous relationship? That is the question Anita Wagner addresses in this 10-minute video that completes her 3-part series on poly-mono relationships. She directs you to an abundance of resources as you and your partner(s) find the best ways to love each other.

Apr 162010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 2

Anita Wagner continues her wise and practical reflections on polyamory in this 10-minute clip. She begins with the origins and values of monogamy and then discusses the common challenges for poly-mono couples (e.g., reframing commitment and fidelity, what to communicate to family and kids) and the common emotions for both poly (e.g., guilt, fear) and mono (e.g., shame, resentment) persons. While geared toward poly-mono relationships, Anita’s insights are relevant to anyone in a relationship.

Mar 172010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 1

Anita Wagner presents a thoroughly honest and refreshing look at polyamory during this 12-minute video. She defines polyamory, traces its history and growth, and highlights the values of both monogamy and polyamory. Anita identifies a multitude of reasons for polyamory and encourages openness and honesty in all relationships so to enhance happiness within and strengthen love between partners.