Jul 252014
Using the Tenga Egg, Part 1: Opening & Lube

This series by Bay Area sex educator Miss Ali shows how to use the popular “Tenga Egg” sex toy. Designed for male masturbation, it can also be fun to share with your partner in a hand-job fashion. In this clip Ali talks about opening up the packaging and how to use what’s inside – as […]

May 132014
Giving Your Partner a Handjob

Rain DeGrey uses Mickey Mod’s cock as a demonstration piece to show how to bring your partner pleasure by stroking with hand and lube. She not only talks about why she likes it but also shares some of her favorite tips and tricks. Mickey chimes in with suggestions and comments about pacing, technique, and communicating […]

Mar 212014
The Clit Ain't Always It (Inspired by Ducky Doolittle)

While the clitoris is a wondrous part of the body, there are times it gets too much attention. Inspired by the similarly-titled clip by Ducky Doolittle, Gray and Naiia demonstrate how different parts of the vulva can give different sensations. Gray also illustrates various techniques for finding and stimulating the right spot, while Naiia models […]

Feb 232014
Mutual Masturbation

In this very long and explicit tutorial Dylan Ryan and Mickey Mod talk about the wonders of mutual masturbation. They first talk about why they enjoy sharing this kind of sensuality and sexuality with each other, then spend some time demonstrating how you can share it intimately and enjoyably. They model communication and even pull […]

Dec 262013
GirlGasm: When Your Clit is Not It

While Ducky is a huge fan of the clit in general, she knows that for some women the clit is either non-responsive or else far too responsive to really feel good when being stimulated. Ducky explains how the former can be due to a past injury and scar tissue, with specific recommendations for healing. She […]

Dec 192013
Masturbating with the Hello Touch

Kelly Shibari has a new favorite toy! The “Hello Touch” from Jimmy Jane has two vibrating pads that go on the fingers, and Kelly shows the many advantages to having that much flexibility. She talks about using it on her partner as well as herself, and demonstrates a few different positions and techniques for using […]

Oct 202013
Giving Your Guy a Handjob

Dylan Ryan lends a hand to Mickey Mod to illustrate the fine art of the handjob. She goes over various techniques for stimulating the cock from start to finish, as well as talking about the other areas that can be part of this intimate act. Mickey gives feedback as well, giving you both sides of […]

Jun 012013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: What Will I Get? - Part 1

Will Fredericks gets into exactly what you can get from self-pleasuring in this two-part clip. There’s a lot to be gained from a practice of self-aware masturbation, from the immediate pleasure to the bigger picture of becoming a better partner, and he tells you just how this series can make that happen for you.

Apr 022013
Male Masturbation: Introducing Butt Play

 Ned Mayhem continues his series on male masturbation during this nine-minute video. He introduces butt play by first addressing some misconceptions and commenting on the value and pleasure of body exploration. Ned then takes you through the process of anal penetration with your finger – and he discusses lubrication, duration, depth, cleanliness, prostate stimulation, orgasm, […]

Mar 232013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: How to Do It

Now that he’s covered the “what” of an aware masturbation practice, Will Fredericks covers some of the “how.” There are a lot of ways to explore your self-pleasure, and he gives examples simply as an inspiration to get you going.

Mar 212013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: What Is It?

 Will Fredericks begins to explain in depth some of the ways you can bring a better focus and awareness to your masturbation. Considering factors such as space, time, integration, and finally encapsulation, you can begin your own journey as an “orgasmonaut” exploring the boundaries of your own pleasure.

Feb 152013
Pussy Meditation

 As promised, Pamela Madsen gets out of the theory and into the practice of working directly with your pussy in this clip. She relates the story of how she found her own “pussy meditation” and how it relates to the principles of arousal, ecstatic states, and orgasm talked about in prior clips. Finally she demonstrates […]

Jan 292013
Putting Your Fingers "Down There" - Part 3

Scotty concludes this three-part series on the sexy stimulation of the vulva with fingers by “going in” – actually penetrating Ammre’s vagina. He demonstrates several techniques for stimulating the g-spot and the vaginal opening while Ammre gives positive feedback. Scotty also talks about various aspects of ergonomics and body mechanics with examples.

Jan 182013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: Introduction

Will Fredericks, a certified sexological body worker, introduces the practice of raising your own awareness of pleasure. He’s talking about masturbation and, in this introduction, he explains why there are cultural stereotypes that can instill shame into this common and healthy activity. This is the first of a series on how to integrate self-pleasuring more […]

Jan 042013
Putting Your Fingers "Down There", Part 2

Scotty and Ammre continue to show how hands can be used for wonderful stimulation of the anatomy of the vulva. Scotty in particular uses circular motion around the clitoris, and Ammre models feedback and communication, letting him know just how she likes it.

Dec 182012
Fingerbanging: Incorporating Toys

Danarama expands the repertoire of fingerbanging techniques in this video by incorporating sex toys. He demonstrates several ways an inexpensive “French Tickler” or bullet vibe can increase the intense sensation and even brings out the hitachi at the end to show how fingerbanging can complement the experience.

Dec 122012
Fingerbanging: Adding the Thumb

Danarama continues his series on fingerbanging during this five-minute video. He demonstrates the numerous ways to utilize your thumb and explains the many advantages to thumb use. Danarama also offers tips on positioning, movement, depth, duration, and more. Several more digital manipulation clips to come too.

Nov 252012
Senior Sex: Why Should I Masturbate?

Joan Price continues her series on senior sex during this seven-minute video. She discusses the importance of masturbation – the positive effects on sexual, relational, and general health – as well as recommends how frequently you should self-pleasure. Joan also shares a moving story and offers some helpful tips.

Nov 032012
Male Masturbation: Including Butt Plugs

Ned Mayhem brings butt-play to the next level for male masturbation with the inclusion of an Njoy Pur butt plug. He goes over both safety and pleasure in this 7-plus minute clip, including his personal recommendations for lube. Ned also describes every step for using the butt plug from slowly warming up the ass to […]

Oct 252012
Introduction to the Hitachi

Scotty and Alex introduce one of the classic sex toys in this clip: the Hitachi Magic Wand. As a vibrator, it can be very useful for people like Alex who have trouble having an orgasm any other way. She and Scotty also discuss the ways the Magic Wand can be used with various types of […]

Oct 162012
Fingerbanging: Pace & Pressure

Over six minutes, Danarama expands on his techniques for using the fingers in the pussy. Ranging from deep inner stroking of the g-spot to “pussy patting” on the outer labia and clitoris, he elicits a very positive reaction from his partner. You get both his running commentary, tips for incorporating this into your sex life, […]

Sep 012012
Handjobs in the Shower

Shay continues her series on shower sex during this seven-minute video. She demonstrates a handjob on Stefanos – and explains various specific techniques and recommends great tips to help make for some very sexy fun in the shower.

Aug 072012
Female Masturbation: Adding Anal

Rain DeGrey completes her series on female masturbation during this seven-minute video. She adds anal stimulation – in different forms – to the masturbatory experience. Rain offers tips on safer sex, cleanliness, vibration, multiple stimulations, and much more. Enjoy (as much as she does)! This clip is part of the FEMALE MASTURBATION with RAIN DEGREY PassionPack […]