Jun 142013
Sensual Massage for Couples: the Neck and Head

 Bettie Rage continues up the body and shows the best way to transition from massaging the shoulders to the neck, and what to avoid in that area. She then demonstrates the gentler strokes and many parts of the head that can become part of a sensual massage.

Jun 062013
Sensual Massage for Couples: the Genitals

 Bettie Rage shows how to incorporate the sensual massage techniques from this series into a very pleasurable sensation for the male genitalia. She starts from the perineum at the base of the balls and moves up, talking about how to read your partner and providing anatomically specific techniques leading up to a great climax.

May 252013
Sensual Massage for Couples: the Arms and Hands

 Shoulders, biceps, forearms, palms and fingers are all targeted in this clip by the skilled hands of Bettie Rage. She engages in the various strokes that apply to each section of the arms and teaches some new techniques for the fingers and palm.

Mar 192013
Sensual Massage for Couples: Stomach, Chest, & Arms

Bettie Rage continues to work her way sensually up the body. She shows various strokes for the sensitive skin of the belly along with special techniques for breast tissue. The shoulders and upper arms are usually more tense, and Bettie’s hands demonstrate some firmer massage to help them relax.

Jan 272013
Sensual Massage for Couples: the Front of the Legs & Thighs

Bettie Rage starts to work her way up the front of the body, sensually massaging her partner’s calves, shins, and thighs. She builds on the techniques taught in the previous clips and adds in some sensual touching of the genitals as well to increase the intimacy of the experience.

Dec 112012
Sensual Massage for Couples: Techniques, part 2

Bettie Rage goes into part 2 of her massage techniques video with a description of “tapping”, another Swedish method for relaxing muscles. She also covers ways to massage for those with weaker hand strength and describes how using the rest of the body can add to this sensual experience.