Oct 022014
Sexual Cuddling, Part 1

Now that they’ve gone over the non-sexual version of cuddling, Gray and Poetic are going to show how to let cuddling be the start of a more sexual interaction. It’s based around communication, consent, and most importantly intent. This clip is about the female in the “little spoon” position.

Aug 312014
Kissing Beyond the Lips, Part 1

There are a lot of clips about kissing on PassionateU, but this one is particularly about kissing parts of the body other than the lips. Gray and Poetic demonstrate and talk about the ways that consent and communication can make a good make out session even better.

Aug 222014
Kissing Beyond the Lips Part 2

In this clip Poetic talks about various ways of kissing the male body, dealing with more body hair (especially beards). She also talks about little love-bites and using the tongue on the neck and face. Gray also discusses how you can deal with hickeys in a mature and adult manner.

May 082014
Building Sexy Energy: With Clothes On, Part 1
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy Energy

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy EnergyIn this clip Rain and Mickey talk about everyday arousal: how can you keep things hot during the times that your clothes need to stay on? Rain talks about various kinds of flirtations, “making out” with the erogenous zones not covered by clothes, […]

Apr 042014
Breast Sex: Foreplay

Rain Degrey brings out her breasts in this clip to show, with Mickey Mod, some techniques for arousal and foreplay. After a thorough demonstration by Mickey she explains how different areas of the breast and nipple respond to his various techniques, and also describes how different people can respond. Every woman is different, and there […]

Oct 172013
Aggressive Kissing

In this clip Shay and Stefanos show how to take your kissing technique from the soft and sensual into the aggressive and dominant. From the pre-kiss negotiation to the last animalistic lick, they show every bit in hot and exquisite detail.

Apr 052013
Sexually Dominant Kissing: The Kiss

Scotty and Annie finally bring it all home as they show where the previous clips from the series have been leading. First Scotty reviews how to use one hand to touch several effective points of sensual contact, and then they go in for the actual kiss in this hot and sexy clip.

Mar 222013
Sexually Dominant Kissing: Light Biting part 2

In part 2 of his series on sexually dominant kissing, Scotty explains how to take the sensual nibbling from part 1 to a new level. He shows how some simple negotiation with Annie helps them determine the “sweet spot” for more intense biting, then shows how it can turn a sexy scene into an even […]

Feb 262013
Sexually Dominant Kissing: Building Tension

 When you’re building up to a kiss, the tension created in the approach can sometimes be even more erotic than the kiss itself. Scotty shows how he uses a simply grip on Annie’s body to control how close their lips are and how that builds desire and anticipation before the actual kiss.

Dec 032012
Sensually Dominant Kissing: Light Biting, part 1

Scotty and Annie continue their series on sensual masculine domination with a couple of clips with teeth! In part one Scotty shows the way that you can use your lips to give tiny nibbles along the skin for great sensation without leaving any marks. Then, to Annie’s delight, he increases the intensity and shows how just a […]

Nov 222012
Sexually Dominant Kissing: The Mapping

Scotty and Annie are getting hot and heavy with their series on dominant kissing. In this video Scotty both explains and demonstrates the technique of kissing along the borders and “interesting contours” of your partner’s body. He explains that this can show intent and dominance at the same time and Annie happily agrees.

Jul 152012
Kissing Lessons

Abiola Abrams offers some basic kissing lessons during this five-minute video. She starts with a personal experience – and describes how not to kiss! Abiola then underscores some of the essentials of a good kiss. Enjoy the explorative and intimate experience of kissing as often as possible.

Dec 252011
Dominant Kissing

Stefanos and Chey demonstrate various techniques for kissing from a dominant space during this four-minute video. They discuss topics such as control, ownership, decision-making, teasing, positions, and much more as they show different grips, grabs, nibbles, and licks. And their submissive Jade succinctly shares her experience at the end.

Dec 022011
Two Play: The Art of Making Out - Stop!

Graydancer discusses the inherent value of two play during this three-minute video. With the aid of Raven Lightholme, he differentiates two play from foreplay and emphasizes the importance of enjoying the pleasures of and honing your skills at making out.

Nov 242011
Full-Body Kiss: Positions

Reid Mihalko continues his series on the full-body kiss with this seven-minute video on positions. Reid and Vanessa demonstrate several highly sensual but also non-threatening ways to intensify your make-outs and integrate your entire bodies during your kissing.

Nov 172011
Full-Body Kiss: Pressure

Reid Mihalko discusses and demonstrates the full-body kiss – by emphasizing pressure – during this five-minute video. With the help of Vanessa, Reid shows how to augment your make-outs with several different techniques and positions. Stay tuned for more on the full-body kiss as well. Next up, positions.

Oct 112011
Two Play: Bringing It All Together

GrayDancer and Raven Lightholme demonstrate a hot make-out session during this four-minute video. Gray uses a creative metaphor to bring together the various aspects of the art of making out. Enjoy – and stay tuned for his following clip!

Sep 292011
Two Play: Making Out - Reading Your Partner

Graydancer, with the help of Raven Lightholme, continues his series on making out with this four-minute video. Gray focuses on nonverbal cues (e.g., breath, sound, temperature, etc.) as he suggests ways to read your partner effectively – and to become better at making out!

Sep 222011
SuperSexy Kissing

Stefanos and Chey, with the help of Devil’s Luck, demonstrate and explain one hot kissing technique during this five-minute video. They first describe what not to do (e.g., puckering!), and then they take turns showing the technique while the other comments. Enjoy some super sexy kissing!

Jul 052011
Two Play: Making Out - Sound

GrayDancer makes a lot of noise in this eight-minute installment of his series on Two Play: Sound. You’ll find a wide variety of techniques for both verbal and non-verbal vocalization, from learning your partner’s favorite (and least favorite) dirty words, to getting your voice low and breathy, to slowing down to create antici…pation.

Apr 252011
2Play: The Art of the Grope

Believe it or not, there is an art to the grope. To really turn up the heat, one wants to create contrast and variety of sensation and be open to one’s partner’s reactions. In fact, there are 12 groping positions featured in the Kama Sutra! Continuing his series on 2Play, GrayDancer is here to show […]

Apr 082011
2Play: The Art of Making Out - Holding Hands

Continuing his series on 2Play, the Art of Making Out, GrayDancer turns to the art of Handholding. Everyone knows the power of a good handshake in business and social arenas. Well, handholding can be used just as powerfully with your 2Playmate. In Under 5 minutes, GrayDancer shares some tips and tricks on everything from communication […]

Mar 242011
Two Play: Making Out - Presence, Part 1

GrayDancer kicks off his series on two play, the hot and heavy art of making out! In this three-minute video, GrayDancer, along with the very lovely Raven Lightholme, shows you how an awareness and synchronization with your partners breathing can help you to be fully present and in the moment during two play. Stay tuned […]

Mar 102011
Two Play: Making Out - Eye Contact

Get out your naughty notebooks. GrayDancer talks neurochemical bonding and gets you thinking the dirtiest thoughts you possibly can in this seven-minute salute to the magic of eye contact.





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