Jan 212014
Practical Examples of Mixing Kinky Play with Sex, Part 1

Kitty Stryker takes kink out of the realm of fantasy and describes ways you can bring it into your relationships in this first of a two-part video series. She describes several common fantasies such as foot and shoe fetish, spanking, or bondage and puts a realistic twist on them, showing how easy it is to […]

Oct 122012

Sabrina Morgan and her lovely feet take you through the whys, hows, and joys of footjobs. She demonstrates using the various surfaces of the foot to stimulate the cock and balls and gives tips on pacing, pressure, and other factors involved in foot sex. Sabrina also includes some practical tips on how to integrate this […]

Jun 292012
Foot Fetish: Tickling

Chloe Camilla completes her six-video series on foot fetish during this fun, six-minute clip. She demonstrates tickling – various techniques with numerous implements – on a very willing Juliette March. Chloe recommends a handful of sexy and protective positions, and she also discusses communication, anticipation, restraint, and more. Enjoy the infectious laughter too!

May 122012
Foot Fetish: Sex with Feet

Chloe Camilla and Juliette March discuss and demonstrate sex with your feet during this seven-minute video. They show multiple forms of sex – toe sucking, fucking, foot jobs, and more – in different positions; and they incorporate shoes too. Chloe describes creative techniques and comments on such things as ejaculation and clean up.

Jan 282012
Foot Fetish: Bare Feet, Shoes & Nylons

Chloe Camilla and Juliette March continue their series on foot fetish with this six-minute video. Chloe demonstrates several ways both to tease another with your feet and also to have another worship your feet. In a future video, Chloe shows how to use your feet to pleasure your partner(s).

Jan 172012
Foot Fetish: Bathing & Pedicures

Chloe Camilla, again with the help of Juliette March, continues her series on foot fetish during this five-minute video. Chloe begins with a brief review of the many motivations for foot play, and then she covers foot washing, massage, and pedicures. She offers tips on supplies, positions, locations, techniques, and more. Stay tuned for additional […]

Dec 272011
Foot Fetish: Negotiation

Chloe Camilla and Juliette March negotiate foot fetish play during this eight-minute video. Chloe first provides a few safe ways to broach the topic of foot play (or most any fetish) with a new partner. Chloe and Juliette also demonstrate intermediate and more advanced conversations about feet – and the many sexy things to do […]

Dec 192011
Introduction to Foot Fetish

Chloe Camilla introduces her video series on foot fetish with this six-minute clip. She discusses feet from the perspective of both the top (dominant) and the bottom (submissive) in a power dynamic but also notes that feet can be a fetish in and of themselves. Chloe highlights a wide variety of common examples of foot […]

May 202009
Introduction to Tickling – Part 4

In the last clip of the series, P.E.T.E. ends up at the toes to show just how ticklish they can be! Re-capping the ‘generally’ ticklish spots, he uses a feather to point out to Princess Kali (and you!) how to approach each body part and ticklish crevice to get the most out of your tickle […]