Jun 012014
Building Sexy Energy: With Clothes On, Part 2
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Building Sexy Energy

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Building Sexy EnergyIn this clip Rain and Mickey continue to show various techniques for creating and sustaining a sexual mood even when you’re fully clothed. Rain pays special attention to the fact that intent is the prime focus – it’s not just about the actions, […]

May 082014
Building Sexy Energy: With Clothes On, Part 1
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy Energy

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy EnergyIn this clip Rain and Mickey talk about everyday arousal: how can you keep things hot during the times that your clothes need to stay on? Rain talks about various kinds of flirtations, “making out” with the erogenous zones not covered by clothes, […]

Jan 112014
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Technology as Foreplay

 Jacq Jones from Sugar the Shop talks about how communications tech like cell phones and email can be used to heat up your sexy scenes long before you come into contact with each other. She explains some of the important factors to be aware of, though – especially that once a picture or message is […]

Aug 042013
The Principles of Seduction, Part 3

 Arden Leigh continues talking about the art of becoming your most attractive self in this clip. She attacks the myth that your ability to seduce may be dictated by genetics or that it’s only an art for a select few. She explains that it’s about tough love, managing insecurities, and allowing the world to enjoy […]

Jun 232013
Flirty Kissing

 Shay and Stefanos give the kissing lessons everybody wishes they’d had in this clip. Rather than trying to look like some movie star, Shay talks about what actually feels good in terms of lips and tongue, with enthusiastic demonstrations from Stefanos throughout.

Mar 022013
The Principles of Seduction, Part 1

 In this three-part series you get to meet Arden Sirens, seduction coach, author, and host of the Seduction Sirens forum. In this clip she talks about the role of seduction not only in dating but also in long-term relationships and in your own self-identity.

Feb 172013
Body Language Part 2

 In part 2 of her body language series, seduction coach Arden Sirens talks more about posture, motion,and gestures. She gives several concrete examples of how you should and shouldn’t move in order to up your attractive potential, including concepts like “mirroring” and focusing your gaze on the most attractive things about your intended seduction.

Feb 012013
Body Language, Part 1

Arden Leigh, the author of The New Rules of Attraction, talks in the universal language of the body in this clip. With a few simple changes in terms of colors, accessories, posture, and even how you enter a room, you can send the signals you want to potential suitors. Arden works from bottom to top and explains […]

Sep 152012
How to Flirt - Part 3

Dan and Dawn Williams complete their series on flirting during this six-minute, part-three video. Having already established the other person’s interest (see the previous clips), Dan and Dawn now explain how to introduce light touch into the interaction. They also discuss next steps with the person. Be confident, and have fun flirting!

Aug 242012
How to Flirt - Part 2

Dan and Dawn Williams continue their reflections on flirting during this six-minute, part-two video. They share more tips on how to flirt: questions to engage others, ways to listen well, nonverbal suggestions and much more. Stay tuned for Dan and Dawn’s additional recommendations in part three.

Aug 052012
How to Flirt - Part 1

Dan and Dawn Williams continue their reflections on flirting during this five-minute, part-one video. They begin to explain how to flirt by emphasizing practical ways to increase your approachability – including, among other things, your clothing, body language, attitude, and energy. Stay tuned for more specifics in part two.

Jun 242012
Steps to be Successful in Flirting

Dan and Dawn Williams continue their series on flirting during this five-minute video. They discuss the meaning of success in flirting and share insights on expectations, results, challenges, confidence, and more. In their next video they offer concrete suggestions on how to flirt successfully.

Jun 152012
Flirting: Body Language

Abiola Abrams discusses the basics of body language and flirting during this four-minute video. She highlights the most important factor in flirting and then offers many tips on authenticity, posture, success, failure, and more.

May 182012
How Do You Know Someone is Flirting With You?

Dan & Dawn Williams continue their series on flirting during this four-minute video. They highlight many typical flirting cues, and even note some common gender differences. Stay tuned for Dan & Dawn’s next videos during which they recommend steps for successful flirting.

Mar 182012
The Ethics of Flirting

Dan & Dawn Williams continue their series on flirting with this six-minute video. They discuss some of the key considerations on ethical flirting: intent, energy, honesty, respect, and more. Dan & Dawn also suggest various ways to flirt ethically. In their next clip they cover the signs of flirting.

Mar 062012
What is Flirting?

Dan & Dawn Williams introduce flirting during this five-minute clip. They define flirting and discuss the common motivations for it. They also share a bit of their experience from the perspective of being in an alternative relationship. Dan & Dawn set the stage for future clips; their next one covers the ethics of flirting.

Feb 022012
Flirting Arsenal: Women's Mysteries

Selina Minx completes her series on flirting with this five-minute video. She highlights pheromones and ovulation, and the various ways that they can be used to a woman’s advantage. And men, of course, can benefit from these feminine secrets too.

Jan 122012
Flirting Arsenal: Energy

Selina Minx continues her series on flirting with a focus on energy during this six-minute video. She highlights basic personality types and suggests ways to flirt with each one. Selina then discusses the influences of similarities and differences in attraction. And she completes the video with an emphasis on the power of “maybe” …

Dec 212011
Flirting Arsenal: Words

Selina Minx adds words – and many other aspects of verbal communication – to your flirting arsenal during this seven-minute video. She shares numerous tips on tone of voice, inflection, vocabulary, appreciation, attentiveness, and much more. Stay tuned for Selina in upcoming clips as well.

Nov 032011
Flirting 101: Touching

Alice in Bondageland rounds out her flirting series by discussing and demonstrating initial physical contact during this six-minute video. She highlights gender differences with touching, notes a host of important physical cues, and accentuates several keys to successful flirting.

Oct 092011
Flirting Arsenal: Body Language

Selina Minx continues her series on flirting during this five–minute video. She focuses on body language – especially attentiveness, posture, the legs, and more – as she suggests multiple flirting tips throughout this clip. Stay tuned for more sexy flirting techniques in Selina’s next video.

Sep 082011
Flirting Arsenal: Eyes, Lips, & Hands

Selina Minx introduces the flirting arsenal with this four-minute video. She begins with the direct and indirect use of your eyes. Selina then discusses the lips and hands, and shows several examples of how to build anticipation, accentuate movement, and seduce the other!

Jul 082011
Flirting 101: the "Chase Me" Game

Yes, I see you see me. Do you see me see you? Alice In Bondageland continues her series on fun and effective flirting with this 5-minute video on the “Chase Me” Game, the dance of trading glances across a room. This video will help you to recognize the cues that mark a fellow flirter without […]

Jun 142011
Flirting 101: Monkey See, Monkey Do

In Flirting 101:Body Language, you learned about establishing the basic body language that says “yes, I want to flirt with you!” Now, how do you initiate flirting? What are the symptoms of knowing if someone is flirting back? Alice In Bondageland looks to the animal kingdom for the answers to these questions in this 3 […]