Sep 122014
Erotic Dance: Where to Go From Here

Andre Shakti finishes up her long series on erotic dance with a quick overview of the subject so far and then some ideas for continuing your exploration. Dance can be part of foreplay, it can be an intimate experience in and of itself – but most of all, it doesn’t have to be something that [...]

Sep 072014
Phone Sex: After the Call

Once the hot phone sex is done, there’s one more thing you owe your partner. Maybe not right after, but at some point you should have a conversation about how it went. Ashley believes firmly that absolute honesty is needed here – tell them what words turned you on, what ones didn’t, and listen to [...]

Aug 302014
Phone Sex: What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say

Ashley says it’s the most common thing she hears from people: “What if I don’t know what to say?” Luckily, she’s got a few different tactics for overcoming that kind of shyness. The first one involves masturbating, in fact! By the end of the video you’ll have no more fear of running out of things [...]

Aug 262014
Erotic Dancing: Stretching

Andre Shakti starts out this clip by telling you that whether you dance or not you should be stretching every day. For an erotic dance in particular, though, there are some areas such as the legs, back, and neck that deserve some special attention. She demonstrates several stretches she uses, some modified from her yoga [...]

Aug 192014
Phone Sex: Tone of Voice

In this clip Ashley coaches you through one of the most important parts of phone sex: how you sound. She demonstrates how what you look like can affect how you sound (so you should smile!). Ashley also gives a few other tricks to use when you’re having your hot phone call.

Aug 122014
Male Domination, Female Submission: The Submissive Perspective

Annie and Scotty begin to explore the many ways that the submissive woman can eroticize a power exchange relationship with a dominant man. They talk about the way this kind of role play can release inhibitions and allow the woman to freely explore her more “slutty” side. Being the object of desire for a powerful [...]

Aug 102014
Phone Sex: Setting the Scene

Part of preparing for that hot phone sex session is making sure you’re in the right environment. Ashley Manta talks about how to set the scene not only in terms of distractions and privacy but also internally. She explains how to put yourself into the right mindset for phone sex, heightening your awareness of your [...]

Aug 022014
Male Domination, Female Submission: The Dominant Perspective

Scotty tackles the other side of the dom/sub equation in this clip by giving his views of this kind of play. He stresses that this is role play, not an excuse to be an asshole to women in everyday life. However, with the consent and negotiation of a willing submissive female, Scotty happily endorses bringing out [...]

Aug 012014
Erotic Dancing: Some Simple Moves, Part 2

In these two videos Andre shows you actual physical moves to twist and grind when performing for your partner. She covers a lot of useful “hidden” tricks, like weight balancing and how to use your partner’s body for stability. Andre also shows how to modify the moves based on your own body’s abilities.

Jul 272014
Phone Sex: Establishing Boundaries

Do you like the word “moist”? How about your partner? Better figure it out before you have that hot phone sex session! Ashley talks in this clip about how important it can be to make sure you’re both aware of what kind of words, ideas, and fantasies turn you both on. She goes over several [...]

Jul 222014
Erotic Dancing: Some Simple Moves, Part 1

In these two videos Andre shows you actual physical moves to twist and grind when performing for your partner. She covers a lot of useful “hidden” tricks, like weight balancing and how to use your partner’s body for stability. Andre also shows how to modify the moves based on your own body’s abilities.

Jul 112014
Erotic Dancing: Teasing & Showing Off

What kind of moves can you put into your erotic dance? Andre Shakti has some solid suggestions in this clip, showing exactly how to highlight the parts of your body you want to. She also spends a lot of time talking about the all-important idea of pacing: alternating fast moves with slower teasing glimpses of [...]

Jul 102014
Phone Sex: Telling Your Partner You Want It

Once you know that you want to have some hot phone sex, it can still be embarrassing to tell your partner. Ashley talks about some of the preconceptions and shame that can come along with the idea of phone sex, but she also talks about how to overcome them. She gives you some concrete examples [...]

Jul 042014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Safewords

Scotty and Annie talk about role-playing the fantasy of “consensual nonconsent” in this clip, focusing on the most important tool for that kind of play: the safeword. That is a word used to let the other person know either that things are not ok, that they are ok, or both. Whether it’s some strange word [...]

Jul 022014
Erotic Dancing: Getting Started

If you’re feeling self-conscious about starting your special performance for your lover, you’re not alone! Andre Shakti talks in this video about how getting things going can be the hardest part of doing an erotic dance. She gives some suggestions for making an entrance and tricks to give you a little space to get comfortable [...]

Jun 292014
Phone Sex: Don't Be Afraid to Try It!

After working as a phone sex operator, Ashley Manta is a big fan of the whole idea. Phone sex combines the hotness of intimacy with the wild abandon of imagination, all without ever having to get out of bed! She explains many of the advantages whether you’re living together or long-distance, and whets your appetite [...]

Jun 152014
Erotic Dancing: Communication

Approaching your partner about the potential for an intimate sexy dance can be intimidating. In this clip Andre Shakti models some ways you can bring up the subject, including the famous “I saw it in a movie” technique. She also covers various topics to bring up such as clothing, music, and how to integrate your [...]

Jun 082014
Erotic Dancing: Attire

In this long clip Andre talks more about how to set up your perfect dance environment by wearing clothing that is sexy and comfortable. She goes over many of the possible pitfalls so that you can avoid them, and also goes in-depth into what kinds of shoes are best for your erotic dance.

May 232014
Erotic Dancing: Ambience

In this clip Andre explains how to choose the right surrounding for getting your groove on with your partner. She covers lighting, music, and the general area of the room. Contrary to what you think, a dark bedroom may not be the best place to strut your stuff!

May 092014
Erotic Dancing: A Fantasy Exercise

There are a lot of stereotypes and expectations about what an erotic lapdance looks like. Andre Shakti wants you to be sure that you do the dance you want to do, in the way you want to do it for your lover (even if it’s an imaginary one!). She leads you through a visualization exercise [...]

Feb 112014
Boudoir Shoot: Laying Down Poses, Part 2

In the final segment of her boudoir shoot series, Andre Shakti shows how to create one final iconic pinup pose while laying down. She then goes over a quick review of all of the elements covered in the series, reminding you finally that it’s all about having fun. Take the pressure off, grab a camera, [...]

Jan 262014
Erotic Dancing: Suggestions for the Guys

If you’re lucky enough to have a woman dancing for you, there are some positive ways to show your appreciation. You can also help reinforce her confidence through the simple acts of respect and communication. Andre lays it out for you with several specific examples to help that private dancer in your life know how [...]

Jan 242014
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Communicating During a Scene

 Jacq Jones from “Sugar the Shop” in Baltimore talks about the nuts and bolts of making a kinky “scene” work. Not surprisingly, honest communication is key, but the way you express yourself can be important as well. Whether it’s using colors like “red” and “green” or simply adjusting the way you’re doing a role play [...]

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Jan 152014
Erotic Dancing is for Everyone

Andre Shakti begins her series on getting your hot groove on with a simple message: you can do this! Erotic dancing can be a lot of things, but above all it is personal and fun, so Andre gives you some ways to consider what your own moves would be like? How can you incorporate this [...]





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