May 302014
Key Principles of Tantra: Taboo Breaking
This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Key Principles of Tantra

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Key Principles of TantraIn this clip Mark and Patricia talk about the value of going against the rules and customs that you may have internalized. Within tantra, the deliberate breaking of a taboo is meant to inspire an “aha” moment that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. […]

May 252014
Key Principles of Tantra: Awareness
This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Key Principles of Tantra

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Key Principles of TantraIn this clip Mark and Patricia dispel the myth that you have to be “totally aware” in order to have good energetic sex. In fact, they say that’s crazy! They suggest instead that you work on “levels of awareness” so that you […]

May 182014
Key Principles of Tantra: Breath
This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Key Principles of Tantra

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Key Principles of TantraIn this clip Mark and Patricia invite you to try changing up the way you breathe during sex. By first observing and then consciously breathing you can expand your pleasure. They also explain a few other fun ways you can play around with […]

May 112014
Key Principles of Tantra: Orgasm
This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Key Principles of Tantra

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Key Principles of TantraIn this segment Mark and Patricia talk about “the Big O”, but not in the usual way. They explain how the typical orgasm (for males, usually) progresses during sex, and then suggest an alternative. They explain how the tantric method can expand […]

May 022014
Key Principles of Tantric Sexuality: Reverence
This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Key Principles of Tantra

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Key Principles of TantraIn this clip Mark and Patricia explain an essential concept of tantra: having reverence for your partner. This kind of support and respect can help you bring pleasure to your partner and, more than that, Mark explains that the effects can go […]

Apr 202014
Key Principles of Tantra: Know Yourself
This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Key Principles of Tantra

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Key Principles of TantraMark and Patricia talk in this clip about how exploring your own sexuality can be a path to self-awareness. Drawing parallels with other spiritual disciplines, they give several examples for self-discovery. Part of the fun is changing things up and trying new […]

Mar 292014
Giving & Receiving Sexual Energy

Often sex can be a kind of haphazard exchange of various activities between two people with just a hope that everyone will get what they want. Mark and Patricia suggest in this clip that by “isolating” the activities – that is, one person purely being the giver, the other solely the receiver – you can […]

Mar 182014
What is Karezza?

In this clip Mark and Patricia invite you to embrace a more “expansive” definition of heterosexual coupling. They explain the method of “karezza” (“soft embrace”) which can give couples a new insight into intimacy and pleasure. The technique was developed by a female gynecologist in the U.S. but has similarities to Taoist and tantric practices […]

Mar 112014
What Is Tantra?

There are a lot of questions and controversy about the practice of tantric sex, and Patricia and Mark join PassionateU to give their interpretation. They provide a succinct definition as well as breaking down the word to explain the roots. They also give a quick prelude of the rest of the series: how tantra can […]

Jan 302014
Male Ejaculation: Separating Ejaculation From Orgasm

It’s entirely possible for men to have non-ejaculatory orgasms! Jaiya has interviewed many men who have mastered this technique, and in this clip she outlines exactly how. It takes practice, relaxation, muscle control, and lots and lots of practice – but the rewards, Jaiya assures, are worth it!

Dec 152013
Fun Ideas for Mindfulness in Sexual Play

Now that she’s explained many different facets and techniques of mindful living, Dr. Jenn gets back to the sex! She recommends using techniques such as the “five senses meditation” along with your partner to enervate your awareness of each other and of your environment. Other techniques, including one involving an orange, can seem simple in […]

Sep 122013
How to Be Mindful

Dr. Jenn has talked about how mindfulness can help your sexuality, but how do you start becoming more present? In this video she gives you some practical and easy methods such as “the Stoplight” and “the Mindfulness Bell” which can quickly and easily begin the process of developing your ability to be present.

Jul 302013
Conscious Touch: Directions of Touch, Part 2

In part 2, Will focuses on the idea of learning to receive touch in different ways. Because we are conditioned to want to please our partners, learning better ways to communicate our pleasure gives a nice feedback loop in the touching experience.

Jul 192013
Conscious Touch: Directions of Touch, Part 1

 How does a different intention change the experience of pleasurable touch? Will Fredericks talks about exploring the various directions of focus as you’re caressing your partner. Referencing the work of Betty Martin and others, he outlines a couple of ways to change the perception of the touch and therefore enjoy it even more.

Jan 312013
Understanding Female Orgasm Language

Pamela Madsen starts a series about female pleasure with this clip where she outlines three main components: arousal, ecstatic state, and the “big bang” of the orgasm itself. This introduction provides the map for her “shameless” exploration of the female orgasm.

Dec 312012
Rough Sex: Cervix Banging Considerations

Danarama continues his series on rough sex during this seven-minute video. He discusses and demonstrates ways to maintain safety, comfort, and excitement during deeper vaginal penetration. Danarama covers cock and vagina size and shape, as well as ways to use hands, arms, sex toys, anticipation, and more during rough sex.

Dec 052012
Pleasure for Stress Reduction & Health: the Concept

Can pleasure save your life? Julie Hekate believes so and, in this clip, she explains why. There are many health risks associated with the stress of modern western culture and the denial of pleasure only adds to it. Julie explains that you can reverse the flood of stress hormones and their harmful effects by enjoying […]

Nov 292012
Relationship Skills: Desire-Intimacy-Sex

Will from Naming Desire begins a series on improving your relationships with this clip. He describes how three key elements – desire, intimacy, and sex – can be examined and dealt with separately to improve the overall quality of your connection with your partners.

Oct 152011
Getting Unstuck: 2nd Chakra Poses

Amy Jo Goddard continues her series on getting unstuck sensually and sexually with this 6-minute video on 2nd chakra poses. She demonstrates four poses (squat prayer, goddess, child, and cat-cow), pelvic rocking; and she recommends breathing techniques, length of time per pose, and frequency of practice as well. Watch and practice so to increase pleasure […]

Sep 252011
Getting Unstuck: Opening the 2nd Chakra

Amy Jo Goddard continues her series on Getting Unstuck in our sensual and sexual lives with this six-minute video. She starts with some homework: create a pleasure and joy list and then examine how much time you spend experiencing the items on the list. Amy Jo then discusses your body’s 2nd chakra, or energy center, […]

Aug 162011
Our Yoga: Connecting with your Partner

Dakadom, with the help of Savannah Sly, discusses and demonstrates Our Yoga during this ten-minute video. Dakadom highlights various ways to increase connection – physical connection – with your partner, remove tension from your lives, and be fully present in the moment.

Aug 042011
Energetic Sex: Vocabulary

In this segment of his series on Energetic Sex, Reid Mihalko goes into greater detail on the sanskrit-rooted vocabulary most commonly used to describe energetic sex. With a healthy dose of humor and skepticism, Reid will take you through terms such as “Kundalini,” or life energy (sometimes represented by a coiled snake asleep at the […]

Jul 022011
Energetic Sex Part 2

In this 5-minute continuation of his series on energetic sex, Reid Mihalko shows you how to experience “sensation on steroids!” By slowing down and tuning with yourself or your partner’s energy, explore sensation on a very nuanced level, and continue to building sensation until it boils over!

Jun 092011
Energetic Sex Part 1

If you strike a tuning fork of a particular frequency, it will cause another tuning fork to vibrate even across a football field. In energetic sex, you can be that tuning fork. Reid Mihalko gives wide ranging introduction to the concepts behind energetic sex in this 7-minute video, from finding ways the unique ways that […]