Oct 122014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Standing Adaptive Techniques

In the clips with Scotty and Annie, a big part of the domination is in the size difference between the two. What happens to the techniques if there is not the same physical relationship? In this series of clips Scotty talks about how to adapt the dominant body mechanics with the voluptuous Alex. He begins […]

Oct 092014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Kneeling Adaptive Techniques

In the second video on adapting techniques when your physiques are similar Scotty and Alex move to the knees. Scotty shows how the back is the key to controlling the submissive’s position and how he uses his own body to dominate the situation when she’s on her knees. With a combination of safety and hotness […]

Sep 252014
Male Domination & Female Submission: On the Bed

Got a bed handy? Enjoy the fantasy of power exchange with your partner? Scotty has some specific tips for safe and fun methods to “throw her on the bed with reckless abandon”. This grown-up version of jumping on the bed can add just the right physicality to a scene.

Sep 182014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Against the Wall

You don’t need to have a whole lot of props and a dungeon to be dominant, and Scotty proves it in this clip. He talks about how you can use any wall and some confident body language to convey the fantasy of control and dominance. He breaks it down step-by-step, covering position and how to […]

Sep 092014
Male Domination & Female Submission: On the Couch

Scotty and Annie continue their series by showing some hot moves on the couch. Scotty breaks down all the body mechanics bit by bit to use posture to change Annie’s headspace from “relaxed” to “excited”. He also demonstrates some useful fingerholds for restraint, leg positioning for pressure, and comes out of it with one hand […]

Aug 282014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Touch

When playing with the role play of power exchange, the way you interact with each other nonverbally is just as important as what you say. In this clip Scotty draws on the principles of body language, sports, and fantasy to reinforce the power dynamic between the man and the woman.

Aug 212014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Responsibility

Scotty and Annie talk about the importance of remembering the “fantasy” part of dominant/submissive role play. While it’s fun to indulge in the idea of not having any say in what happens to you, the reality is that you are responsible for yourself on a very basic level. They explain how to engage that responsibility […]

Aug 122014
Male Domination, Female Submission: The Submissive Perspective

Annie and Scotty begin to explore the many ways that the submissive woman can eroticize a power exchange relationship with a dominant man. They talk about the way this kind of role play can release inhibitions and allow the woman to freely explore her more “slutty” side. Being the object of desire for a powerful […]

Aug 022014
Male Domination, Female Submission: The Dominant Perspective

Scotty tackles the other side of the dom/sub equation in this clip by giving his views of this kind of play. He stresses that this is role play, not an excuse to be an asshole to women in everyday life. However, with the consent and negotiation of a willing submissive female, Scotty happily endorses bringing out […]

Jul 262014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Voice

Scotty demonstrates the power of words spoken in the right tone with this clip. He talks about how a dominant voice is different than the typical “command” voice, since it’s not just compliance you’re looking for – it’s also arousal and fantasy. Annie also tells about how it feels to be spoken to in that […]

Jul 192014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Posture

Many of the cues when enjoying the fantasy role play of male/female power exchange come nonverbally. As a dominant, your posture says a lot about your confidence and comfort in your position of power. In this clip Scotty starts by showing what <em>not</em> to do, and then gives some solid and practical body mechanics for […]

Jul 042014
Male Domination & Female Submission: Safewords

Scotty and Annie talk about role-playing the fantasy of “consensual nonconsent” in this clip, focusing on the most important tool for that kind of play: the safeword. That is a word used to let the other person know either that things are not ok, that they are ok, or both. Whether it’s some strange word […]

May 032014
Rough Foreplay: Using Clothing

Scotty and Annie show some simple ways to use clothing as a tool of dominance. Scotty shows where and how you can use a firm grip and the body positions covered in earlier clips to make your play more “raw”. Of course, all of it is consensual and that makes it even hotter! Stay tuned […]

Apr 272014
Practical Examples of Mixing Kinky Play with Sex, Part 2

Kitty Stryker continues to give examples of how common fetishes like dominance, submission, and public play can become a part of your life in this second part of the video series. She also explains how the key is getting ideas for yourself and recommends a few different ways to not only come up with ideas but […]

Mar 252014
Ideas for Aftercare

 Kitty Stryker covers aftercare during this four-minute video. She discusses various aspects of aftercare: the logistics, different desires, necessities, communication/negotiation, and more. Kitty offers many practical tips to help improve your post-sexual experiences with your partner(s).

Jan 192014
Rough Foreplay: the Throat & Neck

 Scotty and Annie delve into the finer points of including the throat and neck in your consensual fantasy role-play. Starting with determining the “sensitive” spots, Scotty takes you step-by-step through different techniques with enthusiastic commentary by Annie.

Jan 032014
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Safewords

 Jacq Jones talks about one of the essential elements in establishing consent with your kinky play: safewords. After clearly explaining why someone might want a safeword, she talks about how to choose one and how to use it effectively to make your sex life even hotter. This text is available for purchase but you need to […]

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Aug 252013
Bondage Fantasy: Using Bondage Tape

 Scotty and Ammre talk about hot and shiny black bondage tape, a fun bedroom accessory available at many sex toy shops. He shows how it can be used not only for the wrists but also as a blindfold. He also binds Ammre’s legs in a bend with just a few wraps and shows how it […]

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Jul 282013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Using Flagging Tape

Scotty continues to show how simple materials can be turned into hot fantasy with this clip. He binds the lovely Ammre with bright pink construction flagging tape, which gives her something firm to pull against but is still safely broken out of if the need arises. He also covers the use of “safety shears,” a […]

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Jul 162013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Why Try It?

Scotty and Ammre open up their series on bondage fantasy with some frank discussion of exactly why this kind of play appeals to them. They bring up things like trust, intimacy, emotional headspace, as well as the good old fashioned fun of playing roles with your lover. They both emphasize that safety is as important […]

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May 262013
Female Domination: Putting Together an Easy & Cheap Toybag

Sinnamon Love explains how you don’t have to break the budget to have a great selection of toys for female domination. Hardware stores and other common neighborhood household supply outlets have all sorts of items for spanking, tying, and other fun activities. Sinnamon talks about considerations to keep in mind so that you can get […]

May 142013
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Consent

 Jacq addresses the one key ingredient that differentiates 50 Shades-type sex from abuse, and that is consent. She talks about how consent is created through negotiation and how it can change as people experience things together. She recommends working towards “radical consent”, that whole-hearted enthusiastic “yes!” to trying out this kind of play in the […]

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Apr 052013
Sexually Dominant Kissing: The Kiss

Scotty and Annie finally bring it all home as they show where the previous clips from the series have been leading. First Scotty reviews how to use one hand to touch several effective points of sensual contact, and then they go in for the actual kiss in this hot and sexy clip.

Mar 222013
Sexually Dominant Kissing: Light Biting part 2

In part 2 of his series on sexually dominant kissing, Scotty explains how to take the sensual nibbling from part 1 to a new level. He shows how some simple negotiation with Annie helps them determine the “sweet spot” for more intense biting, then shows how it can turn a sexy scene into an even […]





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