Sep 162014
Body Image Part 2: What Poetic Doesn't Like

Now it’s Poetic’s turn to talk about her self-image and the parts of her body that make her feel self-conscious. She matter-of-factly talks about herself from head-to-toe in this psychologically demanding exercise.

Sep 122014
Erotic Dance: Where to Go From Here
This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series Erotic Dancing

This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series Erotic DancingAndre Shakti finishes up her long series on erotic dance with a quick overview of the subject so far and then some ideas for continuing your exploration. Dance can be part of foreplay, it can be an intimate experience in and of itself – […]

Sep 052014
Body Image Part 1: What Gray Doesn't Like

This three-part series is an exercise in self-awareness that Graydancer and Poetic created in an unrehearsed shoot. This first part shows Gray talking bluntly about the parts of his body that he is sensitive about. Top to bottom he talks about what things make him feel unattractive and why. In part two Poetic does the […]

Jun 082014
Erotic Dancing: Attire
This entry is part 6 of 13 in the series Erotic Dancing

This entry is part 6 of 13 in the series Erotic DancingIn this long clip Andre talks more about how to set up your perfect dance environment by wearing clothing that is sexy and comfortable. She goes over many of the possible pitfalls so that you can avoid them, and also goes in-depth into what […]

May 082014
Building Sexy Energy: With Clothes On, Part 1
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy Energy

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy EnergyIn this clip Rain and Mickey talk about everyday arousal: how can you keep things hot during the times that your clothes need to stay on? Rain talks about various kinds of flirtations, “making out” with the erogenous zones not covered by clothes, […]

Apr 122014
Body Confidence: Time Alone

Dylan and Andre continue their discussion about ways to help develop your confidence about your body. They reiterate the old saying “You have to know yourself before you can give yourself to someone else,” but in this case it’s related to how your body processes touch and pleasure. They recommend both sexual and sensual explorations, […]

Apr 032014
Body Confidence: Think Sexy

In part 2, Dylan and Andre discuss how body image issues can affect how you feel about yourself sexually. They describe several techniques such as mantras and “becoming the story you want to be” to get the groove back and feel sexy and hot when you want to.

Mar 272014
Erotic Dancing: Confidence
This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Erotic Dancing

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Erotic DancingOne of the hardest parts of really getting into erotic dance is dealing with the common stereotypes and expectations of what “erotic dance” is. Andre helps bring you to the realization that the only expectations you have to meet are your own. Your erotic […]

Mar 162014
Body Confidence: Health

Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan kick off a series of clips about dealing with body image issues. Everyone deals with it in some form, and they discuss both what kind of problems can arise and also about how you can deal with them. This particular clip addresses health.

Mar 132014
Girl Gasms: Compliments on Your Pussy

Ducky takes a moment in this clip to talk about the relatively uncommon experience of having someone pay a compliment to your pussy. She describes how various women in the workshops have reacted to this, and uses it as an example of the importance of loving communication between partners.

Feb 062014
Boudoir Shoot: Sitting & Laying Down Poses, Part 1

Andre starts talking about different poses you can do on a bed, on the floor, or on a chair or lounge for your boudoir shoot. She addresses body image, which positions are more tiring, and more in part one of this two-part series.

Jan 262014
Erotic Dancing: Suggestions for the Guys
This entry is part 2 of 13 in the series Erotic Dancing

This entry is part 2 of 13 in the series Erotic DancingIf you’re lucky enough to have a woman dancing for you, there are some positive ways to show your appreciation. You can also help reinforce her confidence through the simple acts of respect and communication. Andre lays it out for you with several specific […]

Oct 102013
Using Mindfulness for Body Image

Now that she’s explained what mindfulness is, Dr. Jenn gives you five solid ways to use it as a tool to improve your own body image. Along the way she explains some of the ways that our society can sabotage your efforts, and how to overcome them.

Jul 042013
Embracing Your Curves

 Lady Cheeky helps plus-sized women get better in touch with their “pleasure zones” in this video. She talks about how you can learn to feel more positively about your body, to the point of being able to walk around naked and have your lover enjoy all of you as a whole individual. Lady Cheeky explains […]

Jun 282013
Mindfulness & Sexuality 101

Dr. Jenn talks about the three main parts of mindfulness in this clip: awareness, acceptance, and action. As she lays out just what each entails, she cautions you that becoming more mindful about anything, including sex, may not be fun at first – but she also explains why in the long run it is more […]

Jun 122013
The Principles of Seduction, Part 2

 In the second installment of this three-part interview Arden Leigh, seduction coach and author of “The New Rules of Attraction”, talks about why women can and should develop their own version of “the Game” in order to get what they want out of a relationship. She addresses the ethics of seduction and why at it’s […]

May 192013
Female Empowerment & Seduction

 Arden Leigh explains how the term “female empowerment” dovetails with her seduction method in this interview. She also gives several tips on how to use the “new rules of attraction” to empower yourself and enjoy your own seductive abilities.

Apr 202013
Expressing Yourself as a Plus-Size Person

 Kelly Shibari goes deeper into the language and feelings of plus-size sexuality. She focuses on the ways that larger people can communicate their comfort levels and desires with their partners, and how to give constructive feedback when a correction might be needed. Her friendly and open style of teaching makes this touchy subject accessible for […]

Apr 092013
Lifting the Veil of Invisibility

 Pamela Madsen wants to help women get noticed. “No one sees me,” is what she hears far too often, and in this clip she explains the simple yet powerful technique to break free of that cycle and discover the sensual embodiment of your full sexuality.

Nov 272012
Female Domination: Sexual Confidence

Award-winning Sinnamon Love continues to coach the ladies through the techniques of female domination by talking about being sexually confident. She describes how it can be strange when a man asks you to tell him what to do and offers tips on how to become more comfortable in the position of power.

Nov 162012
Loving Your Partner's Body As It Is

Julie Hekate builds on her previous clip about changing your expectations about desire with this clip involving Will from Julie demonstrates the way you can give up the preconceptions you have about “sexy” and learn to appreciate things about your partner’s body in a new and sometimes surprising way. Combined with the skills from […]

Nov 062012
Loving Your Body As It Is

Julie Hekate joins the Passionate U team with a very personal demonstration of how to love your body regardless of its shape. Part imagination, part affirmation, and entirely individual, she uses a mirror for self-examination and wonders: what would it be like to love this body?

Nov 042012
Rediscovering Lovemaking: Fanning the Flames Together

Dr. Ruthie continues to provide tips for helping couples rekindle their sexy times together with this clip. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing both the time and place of your lovemaking and gives some tips for improving both. Dr. Ruthie gives clear and actionable steps you can take right away to get the fires burning […]

Oct 212012
Creating a Sensual Bedroom Environment

Shay invites you into her bedroom for a discussion about the many elements that contribute to a sensual environment for sex. She goes over the basic layout and decor in terms of both style and function, then goes through ways that you can create your own love nest by taking each sense one-by-one and finding […]