Oct 142014
Cuddling Sexually: Slow Oral

Gray and Poetic talk more in this clip about how cuddling can lead directly into sexual contact such as fellatio. They emphasize that communication and consent are essential, and also that there is no rush when you’re cudding. Whether it’s just an afternoon of stroking your partner or the beginning of some wild 69, cuddling [...]

Oct 112014
Phone Sex: Your Survival Kit

Phone sex can be hard work! Ashley goes over some of the items you might want to have on hand when you’re getting it on with someone from a distance. She starts with practical things – a hands-free headset, a charged phone, water to keep your moans hydrated – but also goes into more esoteric [...]

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Oct 102014
Cuddling Sexually: Communicating Intent for Her, Part 2

Now that she’s maneuvered her hand into a handjob-type situation, Poetic shows some of the techniques for dealing with clothing and increasing both intimacy and sensation. Again, the enjoyment for both Gray and Poetic is in the touching for it’s own sake, and the feeling of connection.

Oct 052014
Sexual Cuddling: Communicating Intent for Her, Part 1

The next part of this series focuses on the woman initiating sex from a snuggly feeling. Poetic demonstrates several erotic techniques for caressing, touching, whispering dirty talk. She is working her way towards the cock, but that is covered – and uncovered – in part 2.

Oct 032014
Amp It Up: Spontaneity & Anticipation

Anticipation and spontaneity can juice up your sex life in surprising ways. Looking forward to your lover’s touch, the sight of their body, the kinds of things you do together – that enriches what Ducky calls the “sexual imagination.” Spontaneity, on the other hand, is when you give in to your desire in unexpected ways [...]

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Oct 022014
Sexual Cuddling, Part 1

Now that they’ve gone over the non-sexual version of cuddling, Gray and Poetic are going to show how to let cuddling be the start of a more sexual interaction. It’s based around communication, consent, and most importantly intent. This clip is about the female in the “little spoon” position.

Sep 282014
Sexy Hair Play, Part 2

In part 2 Graydancer and Poetic demonstrate how to play with hair when in a “blowjob position”. Aside from the enjoyable sensations of stroking, pulling the hair back can be both useful and enjoyable, whether it’s done lightly or forcefully. They go over several techniques on using hair to make sexy times even hotter.

Sep 262014
Non-Sexual Cuddling, Part 4: On Top

In the final clip about non-sexual cuddling Gray and Poetic talk about how to enjoy one of the most intimate positions, with one partner or the other on top. They show how you can adjust your body weight and also some of the advantages of having the female body on the bottom of the snuggle [...]

Sep 192014
Body Image Part 3: What We Like About Each Other

This clip takes the body image topic in a more positive direction, as Graydancer and Poetic tell each other what parts of each other’s bodies they find sexy and beautiful. They are surprised by some of the results, and talk about how it feels to be this open and vulnerable with each other.

Sep 112014
Non-Sexual Cuddling, part 3: the Little Spoon

In this short clip Gray and Poetic demonstrate what it’s like when the larger partner is the “little spoon.” They also talk about communicating intent (sexual vs. non-sexual) and how to adjust your bodies for maximum intimacy and comfort.

Sep 072014
Phone Sex: After the Call

Once the hot phone sex is done, there’s one more thing you owe your partner. Maybe not right after, but at some point you should have a conversation about how it went. Ashley believes firmly that absolute honesty is needed here – tell them what words turned you on, what ones didn’t, and listen to [...]

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Aug 302014
Phone Sex: What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say

Ashley says it’s the most common thing she hears from people: “What if I don’t know what to say?” Luckily, she’s got a few different tactics for overcoming that kind of shyness. The first one involves masturbating, in fact! By the end of the video you’ll have no more fear of running out of things [...]

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Aug 192014
Phone Sex: Tone of Voice

In this clip Ashley coaches you through one of the most important parts of phone sex: how you sound. She demonstrates how what you look like can affect how you sound (so you should smile!). Ashley also gives a few other tricks to use when you’re having your hot phone call. This text is available [...]

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Aug 142014
Using the Tenga 3: Reading & Pleasuring Your Partner

In the final long and explicit clip in the series Miss Ali first talks about the various ways she “reads” her partner’s body so she can give him pleasure. This is a lot more than just watching his cock, and she also talks about the satisfaction that can be gotten from just giving. In the [...]

Aug 102014
Phone Sex: Setting the Scene

Part of preparing for that hot phone sex session is making sure you’re in the right environment. Ashley Manta talks about how to set the scene not only in terms of distractions and privacy but also internally. She explains how to put yourself into the right mindset for phone sex, heightening your awareness of your [...]

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Aug 082014
Amp It Up: Compliments

Ducky often asks her audiences if anyone has ever received a compliment on their cock, their pussy, some intimate part. The reactions are often shocked, but there are a few people…and they always say it made them feel great. Ducky suggests in this clip both the reasons and the ways to affirm for your partner [...]

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Jul 292014
Amp It Up: Asking for What You Want

Communication is both one of the most essential and most difficult parts of a sexual relationship. Asking for what you want – or explaining to a partner how what you want may have changed – can be a tricky process. Ducky has some solid suggestions for how to make it easier and even fun, bringing [...]

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Jul 272014
Phone Sex: Establishing Boundaries

Do you like the word “moist”? How about your partner? Better figure it out before you have that hot phone sex session! Ashley talks in this clip about how important it can be to make sure you’re both aware of what kind of words, ideas, and fantasies turn you both on. She goes over several [...]

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Jul 122014
Non-Sexual Cuddling, Part 1
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Non-Sexual Cuddling

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Non-Sexual CuddlingGraydancer and Poetic Desires demonstrate some of the finer points of cuddling when it’s for intimacy, not sex. Sometimes the closeness of cuddling gets overshadowed by awkward body mechanics, tiny discomforts, and even the idea that you might be “doing it wrong.” This series [...]

Jul 102014
Phone Sex: Telling Your Partner You Want It

Once you know that you want to have some hot phone sex, it can still be embarrassing to tell your partner. Ashley talks about some of the preconceptions and shame that can come along with the idea of phone sex, but she also talks about how to overcome them. She gives you some concrete examples [...]

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Jun 292014
Phone Sex: Don't Be Afraid to Try It!

After working as a phone sex operator, Ashley Manta is a big fan of the whole idea. Phone sex combines the hotness of intimacy with the wild abandon of imagination, all without ever having to get out of bed! She explains many of the advantages whether you’re living together or long-distance, and whets your appetite [...]

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Jun 242014
Living with an STI: Talking with a Prospective Partner

One of the hardest parts of dealing with sexually transmitted infections is telling your partner about it. Ashley Manta tells about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of communicating this vital information with her partners. She also lays out a solid plan for a “script” that can help make it easier, along with [...]

Jun 152014
Erotic Dancing: Communication

Approaching your partner about the potential for an intimate sexy dance can be intimidating. In this clip Andre Shakti models some ways you can bring up the subject, including the famous “I saw it in a movie” technique. She also covers various topics to bring up such as clothing, music, and how to integrate your [...]

Jun 012014
Building Sexy Energy: With Clothes On, Part 2

In this clip Rain and Mickey continue to show various techniques for creating and sustaining a sexual mood even when you’re fully clothed. Rain pays special attention to the fact that intent is the prime focus – it’s not just about the actions, it’s about the authentic desire you and your partner feel.





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