Mar 142014
Partners in Passion

A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy, and Long-Term Love Partners in Passion by Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels is the definitive book on how to build and sustain incredible sex and deep emotional connection for a lifetime. Partners in Passion themselves, authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson provide readers with a fun step-by-step [...]

Feb 242014
Sex & Disability: Finding the Positives

In this clip Wintersong talks about finding the positive aspects of playing with a disability. While the focus is on the more kinky aspects of sexuality, it’s easy to extrapolate to the simple act of sex. For example, a person with fibromyalgia was able to enjoy the heightened sensitivity, and another with an artificial limb [...]

Feb 142014
Initiating Sex & Foreplay: Part 2

In part 2 of their series on getting things started in bed, Dylan and Mickey talk about how to wake up your partner with a desire for sex, as well as ways that Dylan likes to use her thighs and hands to communicate her desire to her partner.

Feb 132014
Initiating Sex & Foreplay: Part 1

Mickey Mod and Dylan Ryan use these two long clips to explore all the ways that it can be difficult for a couple to initiate sex and foreplay. They model some ways to try and initiate with your partner, but Dylan also explains that it’s important to be able to say “no” to your partner [...]

Jan 262014
Erotic Dancing: Suggestions for the Guys

If you’re lucky enough to have a woman dancing for you, there are some positive ways to show your appreciation. You can also help reinforce her confidence through the simple acts of respect and communication. Andre lays it out for you with several specific examples to help that private dancer in your life know how [...]

Jan 042014
Verbal Consent: While You Play

 Kitty Stryker talks about ways you can use words to create consensual situations even when in the middle of it all. Using strategies like “non-attachment to outcome” and creative thinking you can respect limits and boundaries but still have a fun, hot time with your partner.

Dec 072013
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Negotiation

 Jacq Jones helps you fulfill your 50 Shades fantasies in this clip with the help of one of the key ingredients to kinky sex: negotiation. Consent and communication are essential to any kind of power exchange or role play, and with the help of some good conversations – or this form – you can start [...]

Nov 262013
Starting Slow and Building Intensity

Whether it’s massage, foreplay, or flat-out sexual intercourse, Stefanos and Shay have a strategy to share with you: take it easy! They point out (and demonstrate) that if you start out at the top of your game you have nowhere to go, whereas starting with subtle methods can give you a chance to adjust to [...]

Nov 242013
Mindful Communication

In this clip Dr. Jenn explains how the mindfulness she’s outlined before can be directly applied to communicating with your partner. It helps you identify automatic patterns, both in yourself and them. It can also give you the tools of presence and attention that can change the way you interact for the better.

Nov 072013
Choosing Porn Together

Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan address the issue of “Now what?” in this clip – that is, after you’ve had the conversation about porn with your partner, how do you go about finding the porn that best suits both your needs? They come up with several resources such as feminist sex stores around the U.S. [...]

Nov 032013
Easing Stress Together: Four Steps to More Sex

 Dr. Ruthie lays out four concrete steps towards getting past the stress and into the sex with this clip. She talks about communicating and acknowledging both the good and the hard parts of your sex lives, as well as the importance of individual identities while being part of a sexual team. This is the wrap [...]

Oct 312013
Demonstrating Initiating Sex: for the Women

Stefanos and Shay practice what they preach in this clip, showing several examples of how a woman can initiate sex with her partner. Stefanos also demonstrates how to gracefully decline, setting up a “raincheck” and still getting some intimacy and connection out of the exchange.

Oct 242013
Girlgasms: Linguistics

What do you call your vulva? Ducky talks about the many words different people use when referring to that particular part of the body. She explains how different backgrounds and experiences can really affect what particular words make you more or less comfortable.

Oct 242013
Talking to Your Partner About Kink: Don't

Kitty Stryker begins her reflections on discussing kink with your partner(s) during this six-minute video. She underscores how NOT to talk about kink and recommends ways to help make your conversations safer, easier, and more effective. Kitty shares additional insights – the do’s – in her upcoming clip.

Oct 222013
Giving Feedback During Sex

Stefanos & Shay demonstrate in this clip how you can give your lover feedback during the act of sex in a hot and arousing way. “Talking Dirty” might seem a little difficult or awkward at first, but with a little practice it not only can get you more of what you want, it becomes a [...]

Oct 112013
Initiating Sex: for the Women

Sometimes it can be difficult for a woman to initiate sex in a relationship. Shay and Stefanos understand that, but they explain in this clip both why it’s a good idea to do it and also how to start changing your mindset around those kinds of typical gender roles.

Sep 292013
Sex Tips for Straight Men: Communication

Jacq Jones lays it out for straight men in terms of the best way to please their partner: learn to communicate. More than size, technique, or any fancy toys, learning how your partner is aroused and sexually satisfied is the one sure way to a better love life. Jacq recommends several ways to do this, [...]

Sep 222013
Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Porn

Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan talk frankly about the difficulties that can arise when you are trying to talk about pornography with your partner. They give many precious bits of advice on how to keep an open mind and a loving heart as you work to get past the cultural stigma and listen to what [...]

Sep 142013
Talking to Your Partner About Kink: Do

Having covered what not to do in a previous video, Kitty Stryker now suggests ways to talk with your partner about your kink during this nine-minute video. She covers approach, attitude, honesty, exploration, and compromise; as well as the many options available to experience your fantasies.

Aug 162013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: What Will I Get? - Part 2

Will Fredericks continues to talk about how learning about your own pleasure and how to communicate about it with your partner can improve relationships. He uses examples like dancing, but really it is about the ability to identify what makes you feel good and then tell your partner about it that really shows why conscious self-pleasuring [...]

Aug 082013
Examples of Negotiating in Sexual Situations

In a previous clip Sabrina Morgan went over the principles of negotiating in sexual situations. In this follow-up clip, she gives specific examples of negotiating – such as a new partner or trying a new technique – and models the ways you can use your negotiating skills to keep things safe and hot. She also [...]

Jul 242013
Verbal Consent: Non-Verbal Consent

It can be hard to figure out how body language and physical cues affirm or deny the creation of consent. Kitty Stryker explains how to navigate this gray area more effectively by being sensitive to each other and also not being afraid to ask when in doubt. This clip is filled with a lot of [...]

Jul 212013
Feedback: Body Language in the Bedroom

Shay and Stefanos draw on their experience in the adult industry to talk about how body language is important in communicating pleasure to your partner. Learning how to read the subtle – and not-so-subtle – cues for arousal can help you learn to be a better lover. Plus, knowing when to amplify – not fake [...]

Jun 292013
Talking About Porn: For the Women

 Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan use this clip to model an example of how a woman might tell her husband about her interest in porn. They show how using non-judgmental and supportive language can help create more intimacy. They also stress that being open about your own insecurities is a key way to deal with [...]





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