Oct 072014
Amp It Up: Orgasm From Penetration Alone
This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Amp it Up

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Amp it UpDucky starts this video by explaining that only about 20% of women can have an orgasm from penetration alone. At the same time it is one of the most common questions women ask her. She gives several suggestions about muscle control and exercises […]

Sep 192014
Body Image Part 3: What We Like About Each Other

This clip takes the body image topic in a more positive direction, as Graydancer and Poetic tell each other what parts of each other’s bodies they find sexy and beautiful. They are surprised by some of the results, and talk about how it feels to be this open and vulnerable with each other.

Sep 162014
Body Image Part 2: What Poetic Doesn't Like

Now it’s Poetic’s turn to talk about her self-image and the parts of her body that make her feel self-conscious. She matter-of-factly talks about herself from head-to-toe in this psychologically demanding exercise.

Sep 052014
Body Image Part 1: What Gray Doesn't Like

This three-part series is an exercise in self-awareness that Graydancer and Poetic created in an unrehearsed shoot. This first part shows Gray talking bluntly about the parts of his body that he is sensitive about. Top to bottom he talks about what things make him feel unattractive and why. In part two Poetic does the […]

Aug 172014
Amp It Up: Erogenous Zones
This entry is part 11 of 12 in the series Amp it Up

This entry is part 11 of 12 in the series Amp it UpMost people focus on the genitals and secondary areas like the nipples, according to Ducky, when they’re talking about sex. However, there are many more places that can turn you on, and she tries to get to each and every one in this […]

Jul 302014
Bruising Concerns

 Shay (with some enthusiastic manhandling help from Stefanos) explains what goes on with your body when your happy spanking, roughhousing, or just enthusiastic sex leads to contusions that mark the skin. She also shares the magic of RICE for curing what ails you, and encourages you to be careful but not stop the fun!

Jul 182014
Amp It Up: Penetration is NOT the Definition of Sex
This entry is part 6 of 12 in the series Amp it Up

This entry is part 6 of 12 in the series Amp it UpThinking of sex as simply penis inserted in vagina is very limiting, in Ducky’s opinion. She explains in this clip how sex is more a state of mind and an attitude. It’s all in the way you connect first with yourself and then […]

Jul 062014
Amp It Up: Oxytocin
This entry is part 5 of 12 in the series Amp it Up

This entry is part 5 of 12 in the series Amp it UpDucky explains about the “happy hormone”: oxytocin. She goes into how the body uses it for all sorts of things, from friendship to parenting but especially as part of sex. By understanding how oxytocin works Ducky thinks you can give yourself better orgasms […]

Jun 262014
Amp It Up: Monthly Cycles
This entry is part 4 of 12 in the series Amp it Up

This entry is part 4 of 12 in the series Amp it UpMenstruation is often considered a taboo subject. Ducky doesn’t think it should be – and she uses this clip to explain how a good understanding of a woman’s monthly cycle can augment your sex life and give both partners more pleasure.

May 142014
Amp It Up: Anatomical Differences
This entry is part 2 of 12 in the series Amp it Up

This entry is part 2 of 12 in the series Amp it UpDucky reminds you in this clip that men aren’t from Mars, women aren’t from Venus – we’re all right here on Earth, and there are fewer differences between us than you’d think. In fact, one out of every two thousand babies is born […]

Apr 052014
GirlGasms: Kegel Toys

Ducky has explained in many clips that orgasms involve involuntary contractions of muscles, and that the stronger those muscles are, the better the orgasms get. In this clip she goes over several kinds of toys designed specifically to build those muscles – from the ben-wa balls made famous by “50 Shades of Grey” to silicone […]

Mar 302014
GirlGasms: Muscles & Breathing

In this very personal and passionate clip Ducky talks about one of the biggest and most important parts of a woman’s orgasmic potential: the muscles of the pelvic floor. Not only does she talk about them, she also gives a very personal example of why they are worth exercising through kegels and other techniques. Ducky […]

Mar 212014
The Clit Ain't Always It (Inspired by Ducky Doolittle)

While the clitoris is a wondrous part of the body, there are times it gets too much attention. Inspired by the similarly-titled clip by Ducky Doolittle, Gray and Naiia demonstrate how different parts of the vulva can give different sensations. Gray also illustrates various techniques for finding and stimulating the right spot, while Naiia models […]

Mar 132014
Girl Gasms: Compliments on Your Pussy

Ducky takes a moment in this clip to talk about the relatively uncommon experience of having someone pay a compliment to your pussy. She describes how various women in the workshops have reacted to this, and uses it as an example of the importance of loving communication between partners.

Mar 062014
Girl Gasm: Squirting

Squirting, or “female ejaculation” as Ducky doesn’t like to call it, is a big deal in porn, in popular media, and sometimes between partners. However, there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what it it, where it comes from, and how it happens. Using charts, toys, and her own cheerfully accessible way of explaining […]

Mar 022014
Girl Gasm: Pain During Intercourse

In this short clip Ducky answers a question she hears a lot: why is there sometimes a stabbing pain during intercourse? With the help of a diagram she explains how a strong thrust inside might be hitting the cervix during ovulation, and that can cause some discomfort. Of course she adds that the best way […]

Feb 092014
Girl Gasms: That Pee Sensation

A common feeling during sex for women is that they are about to pee – yet it doesn’t happen. What is that about? Ducky clears up the mystery with the help of a neat anatomy chart and some practical explanations. She also tells you how to have better morning sex along the way and a […]

Jan 122014
GirlGasms: the G-Spot

The debate about the g-spot seems to pop up in magazines, newspapers, even pop TV shows. Ducky simplifies it – sort of. She explains exactly where it is, how to find it in any vagina, but then she explains the not-so-simple part. How a woman responds to g-spot stimulation varies widely, from “not at all” […]

Jan 022014
Girlgasms: The Female Hard-On

It’s easy to think of a man getting sexually excited and erect, but you don’t hear much about women’s erectile tissue. That’s because it’s on the inside, Ducky explains, and goes on to show exactly where it’s located and – even better – how you and your partner can stimulate it to increase your sexual […]

Dec 262013
GirlGasm: When Your Clit is Not It

While Ducky is a huge fan of the clit in general, she knows that for some women the clit is either non-responsive or else far too responsive to really feel good when being stimulated. Ducky explains how the former can be due to a past injury and scar tissue, with specific recommendations for healing. She […]

Dec 172013
GirlGasms Anatomy: Clit & Vulva

Ducky Doolittle has something important to share with you: the clit, or as she calls it, THE CENTER OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE. All joking aside, she explains why the popular conception of the clit as being a “tiny pearl” is misleading, and how understanding the actual anatomy of the area of the vulva can enable […]

Nov 122013
Testosterone Treatments for Women

Dr. Derek Andelloux talks about the role of testosterone in the libido and health of women. He discusses various methods of taking testosterone, some side effects, and urges you to see your own physician if you are considering this kind of treatment.

Sep 132013
Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Dr. Derek Andelloux continues to address the issues facing patients with erectile dysfunction in this eight-minute clip on various treatments. While it is always possible that the condition can be psychological, there are three methods of treatment that are usually taken, in order of severity. Dr. Andelloux explains the processes and risks involved, and discusses […]

Sep 082013
Exploring Touch: Genitals

Lady Cheeky and Kelly Shibari continue their demonstration of sensual self-touch by moving to the genitals. Kelly applies lotion generously to her legs, moving up to the vulva where she explores the pleasures she gets from touching herself there. They talk about how age, weight, and just plain differences in clitorises, labia, and other parts […]





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