Nov 192014
Slippery When Sexy: Using Lube

Slippery When Sexy Lube is like wine. There are many different varieties with various characteristics you might like or not, and different brands are appropriate depending on what they’re being used for. A couple might have one kind of lube for anal sex, a different one for vaginal intercourse, and still a different one for […]

Jun 102014
For the Love of Rimming

Rain DeGrey is an unabashed fan of analingus, or “rimming” as it’s commonly known. Using the tongue to stimulate the highly-sensitive anal area can be amazingly intimate and pleasurable. Mickey shows how to use a barrier such as a dental dam to deal with any hygiene concerns, and they both explain how to use the […]

Apr 132014
The First-Timer's Butt Plug

Graydancer and Naiia begin a series on anal play for couples by starting small – using a soft silicone version of . Gray begins with some soft sensation play, drawing on some of the techniques described by Ducky Doolittle and Jaiya here in other clips on PassionateU. Naiia takes the plug into her when she’s […]

Feb 222014
Internal Anal Massage

Now that she’s covered loosening up and sensitizing the outside of the anus, Jaiya talks about how to take the next step. With the help of some lube and a lot of relaxation, you can open up both the inner and outer sphincter and use the opening to massage the prostate or g-spot of your […]

Jan 162014
External Anal Massage

Jaiya goes over the first of her two anal massage clips by talking about how to warm up and pleasure the external anal sphincter. She talks about why this is a great source of pleasure regardless of sex and then shows several techniques for fingers and hands. Jaiya also talks frankly about the need for […]

Jan 012014

Mickey Mod and Dylan Ryan are very enthusiastic about analingus! That is, oral stimulation of your partner’s anus. They explain many of the misconceptions about rimming (such as the idea that it is “dirty”) and go on to demonstrate several techniques and positions to enjoy this sexual act.

Dec 102013
Possible Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

While there haven’t been clinical studies, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of benefits from prostate massage. Dr. Charlie Glickman explains some of the reported good things that came from this practice. Of course you should always consult your personal physician if there are problems relating to your own health. Meanwhile, though, isn’t it […]

Oct 122013
Prostate Massage Techniques

Charlie Glickman, with the help of a little squeeze ball, demonstrates several methods for massaging your man’s prostate. He also explains how to incorporate this into love making in terms of timing, the “ramping up” method, and how to not ruin his orgasm.

Sep 072013
Anal Sex: Positions, Part 3

 Sinnamon Love finishes her discussion about positions by describing how “cowgirl” (woman-on-top) can give even more comfort and control to your partner and make anal sex great. Of course, in the end, with “patience and lots of lube” even doggy-style can be fun, and these are the clips that explain how.  

Sep 042013
Using a Strap-On for Anal Play

 In this super-sized and super-hot clip Rain DeGrey shows exactly how hot anal sex can be done with a strap-on. She starts with lube and ends with happy orgasmic sounds from her partner. The clip can be summarized in three steps: Relax, Go Slow, Lots of Lube! But it’s worth the almost ten minutes just to see the […]

Aug 232013
Anal Play: Removing Butt Plugs & Inserting Strap-Ons

 Alice in Bondageland continues her series on anal play with this seven-minute video. She first discusses prostate play; Alice then explains how to remove a butt pug, introduces how to wear a strap-on harness, and demonstrates how to insert a strap-on dildo. She continues her series by showing additional anal play positions in her next […]

Aug 172013
Anal Sex: Warm Up, Part 1

 Sinnamon begins a three-part series on warming up for anal sex with an in-depth discussion of the two things that have to be considered long before the sex starts: fingernails and lube. She talks about hygiene and what lubes not to use, and then gives recommendations for silicone based lubricants.

Aug 012013
How to Find Your Partner's Prostate

Dr. Charlie Glickman provides a road map of how to locate the pleasure center of your man’s prostate. He explains how the gland can change depending on the state of arousal, plus what kinds of signals both you and he can feel to let you know you’re on the right track to mind-blowing prostate massage.

Jul 262013
Preparing Your Ass for Anal Play, Part 3

 As promised, in this final clip Rain Degrey lets you in on her favorite secret weapon for anal play: the shower attachment. She goes over both the installation and the ins and outs of using the device. Use it right, and she claims you will “minimize your risk of poop encounters”, which can lead to […]

Jun 182013
Easy & Fun Anal Penetration

 Dr. Charlie Glickman has a key piece of advice for you in terms of anal play: don’t do what you see in porn. Slow and deliberate are the key concepts. He explains in this clip just how your technique can make sure that the insertion of something like a finger can be no problem at […]

May 312013
The Prostate is the Male G-Spot

 Charlie Glickman explains in this clip about the similarities between prostate play and the techniques of stimulating the female “g-spot.” He talks about how the same type of curled-finger motion can bring pleasure, as well as other similarities in the feeling. He recommends every man try it out and learn about “all kinds of fun” […]

May 112013
How Pegging Will Improve Your Sex Life

 In this clip, Dr. Charlie Glickman explains that the pleasures of using a strap-on dildo for prostate play has more benefits than simply pleasure. He has found that men and women tend to get a new appreciation and greater empathy for the other side of penetrative sex and this can lead to many more ways […]

May 072013
How to Please Your Man: When Your Guy is Butt-Shy!

 Ducky Doolittle enthusiastically explains why your guy’s butt can be a huge source of pleasure, even if they are wary of it. She outlines a few different methods for how to approach the area with sensitivity and with respect for your man’s boundaries. Whether it’s just a touch or going inside for direct prostate stimulation, […]

Apr 282013
Do Straight Guys Like Anal Sex?

Dr. Charlie Glickman addresses a common question he gets when educating about prostate pleasure: “Does enjoying anal penetration make me gay?” He explains the difference between how you like to have sex and who you like to have it with, and how your sexual pleasure has nothing to do with orientations like gay, straight, or anything else.

Apr 192013
Three Key Ingredients for Great Anal Sex

 Dr. Charlie Glickman has three magic words for you: Relaxation, Lubrication, and Communication. Watch this clip to learn how these three things can lead to fantastic anal sex for you and your partner. Charlie outlines techniques, makes recommendations of products, and explains why it’s worth it to explore this erotic activity.

Apr 082013
What Prostate Pleasure Feels Like

 Charlie Glickman undertakes the difficult task of describing a prostate-stimulated orgasm in this clip. Drawing on the reports of hundreds of men who have enjoyed this kind of play, he talks about the various reasons that a man might want to try it out, but ends with the surety that you’ll never know until you […]

Apr 012013
Anal Sex: Positions, Part 2

 In part two of her discussion of anal sex positions, Sinnamon explains the specific techniques for entry, insertion, and movement when trying out the missionary position. She shares a wealth of detailed tips for making it the most pleasurable experience possible.

Mar 242013
What is the Prostate?

 The male prostate is a powerful source of pleasure for males, yet commonly overlooked or misunderstood. Dr. Charlie Glickman starts a series of clips designed to demystify the subject and educate both males and their partners in the amazing potential of this part of the body.