Feb 112014
Boudoir Shoot: Laying Down Poses, Part 2

In the final segment of her boudoir shoot series, Andre Shakti shows how to create one final iconic pinup pose while laying down. She then goes over a quick review of all of the elements covered in the series, reminding you finally that it’s all about having fun. Take the pressure off, grab a camera, [...]

Feb 042014
Rough Foreplay: Restricting Movement

 Scotty and Annie demonstrate how the fantasy of control can be heightened with the use of a couple of simple physical techniques. They show the “two-on-one” hold as well as the “thumb” hold and talk about how it’s all in a context of fun and consensual role-play.

Jan 232014
Assertive Initiating

Dylan Ryan & Mickey Mod continue to talk about the ways you can initiate sex with your partner by taking it to a more assertive level. This can just be unmistakable cues of body language or go all the way to forcefully holding hands over the head. Dylan also points out that you can use [...]

Jan 192014
Rough Foreplay: the Throat & Neck

 Scotty and Annie delve into the finer points of including the throat and neck in your consensual fantasy role-play. Starting with determining the “sensitive” spots, Scotty takes you step-by-step through different techniques with enthusiastic commentary by Annie.

Jan 072014
Rough Sex: the Kitty

Danarama shows how the simple “doggy style” position can be “roughed up” into what he calls “the Kitty”. It’s a face-down ass-up position that offers many ways to enjoy the roughness of fucking in a safe and consensual way.

Dec 222013
Dirty Talk Demonstration

Want to heat up your sex with some sweet and sexy talk? Shay & Stefanos model some truly hot combinations of sex and words, both from the person receiving and the person giving sexual attention. They also talk about how to not worry about sounding silly or repetitive, as well as how to be considerate [...]

Nov 282013
The 69 Position: Body Mechanics Part 2 - Switching & Tit Fucking

Graydancer and Naiia continue to show the fun of 69 with a quick and easy lesson in how to change your position from top to bottom (and vice versa). Naiia also gives some tips about sliding his cock between the breasts, regardless of size, for even more enjoyment for both.

Nov 082013
Sensual Wax Play: Removal & Cleanup

 Lucky Albatross finishes off her series by sharing her secret method for getting wax off easily and cleanly. She talks about how the cleanup can also be a part of the sensuousness of a scene, using tools or just letting the cleanup also be part of the connection.

Oct 032013
Face Fucking From the Woman's Perspective

Stefanos and Shay give the other side of the fine art of face-fucking in this clip. Shay describes how she modifies her grip to her preference while still enjoying the sloppy-blowjob feeling, and also shows how she adds sound and movement to heighten the sensation for both of them. Stefanos also chimes in to talk [...]

Sep 212013
Face-Fucking from a Man's Perspective

Stefanos and Shay demonstrate how a couple can incorporate the fantasy of control into good old fashioned fellatio. Stefanos talks about how he communicates with Shay as she’s sucking his cock, and she shows how even with a mouth full she can let him know where she’s at as well. This is a great primer [...]

Sep 042013
Using a Strap-On for Anal Play

 In this super-sized and super-hot clip Rain DeGrey shows exactly how hot anal sex can be done with a strap-on. She starts with lube and ends with happy orgasmic sounds from her partner. The clip can be summarized in three steps: Relax, Go Slow, Lots of Lube! But it’s worth the almost ten minutes just to see the [...]

Sep 012013
Sensual Wax Play: Application and Play

 The wax play begins in earnest in this clip. Lucky Albatross uses a ladle to splatter the hot wax with the sensual technique she’s described in previous videos. She also describes some of the materials and safety issues to be aware of to keep your play both hot and fun.

Aug 232013
Anal Play: Removing Butt Plugs & Inserting Strap-Ons

 Alice in Bondageland continues her series on anal play with this seven-minute video. She first discusses prostate play; Alice then explains how to remove a butt pug, introduces how to wear a strap-on harness, and demonstrates how to insert a strap-on dildo. She continues her series by showing additional anal play positions in her next [...]

Aug 162013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: What Will I Get? - Part 2

Will Fredericks continues to talk about how learning about your own pleasure and how to communicate about it with your partner can improve relationships. He uses examples like dancing, but really it is about the ability to identify what makes you feel good and then tell your partner about it that really shows why conscious self-pleasuring [...]

Aug 132013
Boudoir Shoot: Makeup & Hair

Andre Shakti talks about the finer details of your boudoir shoot. She explains that while there are “typical” looks like “Bettie Page” pinup styles, it’s your shoot, so you get to choose the hairstyle and makeup that makes you feel sexy. Andre also gives quite a few tips on the pragmatic aspect of it – kinds of [...]

Jul 272013
Rough Foreplay: Using the Body

 Scotty and Annie continue to illustrate ways to include forceful fantasy into your foreplay. Building on the skills learned in the “clothing” segment, Scotty teaches techniques such as how to move your hips and arms to pull your partner’s body into you with a sensual “slam.”

Jul 072013
How to Please Your Man: Suck Cock Like a Porn Star

 If you’ve ever wondered how porn stars give such “bombastic blow jobs,” Ducky has some thoughts for you in this clip. She explains that for the most part you shouldn’t try to emulate them since they are sucking for the camera, not for their partner. At the same time, there is one key skill you [...]

How to Please Your Man: Suck Cock Like a Porn Star
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Jun 302013
Receiving Oral Sex: From a Woman's Perspective

 Shay talks about how to better enjoy oral sex as a woman. She addresses the kinds of stigmas and rumors that can make a woman nervous about cunnilingus and how to find ways around them. She also demonstrates ways that you can “shape” your partner’s technique so as to make it even more pleasurable for [...]

Apr 022013
Male Masturbation: Introducing Butt Play

 Ned Mayhem continues his series on male masturbation during this nine-minute video. He introduces butt play by first addressing some misconceptions and commenting on the value and pleasure of body exploration. Ned then takes you through the process of anal penetration with your finger – and he discusses lubrication, duration, depth, cleanliness, prostate stimulation, orgasm, [...]

Mar 132013
Biting: Body Hair

 Yonilicious completes her series on biting with this three-minute video. She demonstrates biting on body hair; she explains the appeal, identifies various locations, and offers tips on tempo, intensity, and more.

Feb 122013
Safer Sex for Cunnilingus - Part 2

Kitty Stryker and Penny Barber continue their series on safer sex for cunnilingus during this five-minute, part-two video. They describe various practical safer sex methods for oral sex as well as harm reduction strategies for those who cannot or do not want to use barriers. Be sure to view Kitty and Penny’s cunnilingus demonstrations too.

Feb 082013
To Swallow or Not to Swallow

 Sabrina Morgan tackles the “ultimate question” of blowjobs in this clip: where does the cum go? She discusses various motivations and pleasures of taking cum in the mouth, as well as the downsides. Sabrina offers several alternative methods, from safer sex tools to other places on the body, and includes tips for making it all hot. [...]





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