Jun 192014
Blowjobs While Driving, Part 2
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series blowjobs while driving

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series blowjobs while drivingIn part 2 Kim Airs talks more about the experience of road head itself – figuring out how to handle truckers, embracing your exhibitionism, keeping the driver focused, and more. She also gives a few more practical tips for using the car’s features […]

Jun 122014
Blowjobs While Driving Part 1
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series blowjobs while driving

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series blowjobs while drivingIn this clip Kim Airs from Grand Opening talks about some of the practical considerations of one of the most common fantasies: getting a blowjob in the car. She begins with some thoughts on the way cars are constructed, safety issues, and the […]

May 112014
Key Principles of Tantra: Orgasm
This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Key Principles of Tantra

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Key Principles of TantraIn this segment Mark and Patricia talk about “the Big O”, but not in the usual way. They explain how the typical orgasm (for males, usually) progresses during sex, and then suggest an alternative. They explain how the tantric method can expand […]

Jan 302014
Male Ejaculation: Separating Ejaculation From Orgasm

It’s entirely possible for men to have non-ejaculatory orgasms! Jaiya has interviewed many men who have mastered this technique, and in this clip she outlines exactly how. It takes practice, relaxation, muscle control, and lots and lots of practice – but the rewards, Jaiya assures, are worth it!

Jan 092014
Porn Star Blowjobs

Dylan Ryan (with the help of Mickey Mod) gives an extensive tutorial on fellatio in this extra-long clip. She starts with a neat trick for putting on a condom and then goes through several techniques to give a partner a wide variety of sensations. Mickey’s cock is larger than most, and that gives Dylan the […]

Nov 092013
The Pleasure Wave

Jaiya explains how to use the “pleasure wave” technique to improve your sexual experience. She talks about how the body’s neurochemicals – especially dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin – can be regulated with specific sensual and sexual methods.

Sep 282013
Sensual Wax Play: Advanced Techniques

 Lucky Albatross shows a nifty trick to take wax play up a notch. With the help of a créme brulée torch, she turns a “dripping” candle into a waterfall of sensual delight. Lucky pays attention, as usual, to safety concerns, but focuses on the fun of doing even more with sensual wax play.

Aug 092013
Sensual Wax Play: the UV Experience

 Lucky Albatross shares one of the coolest aspects of wax play: using a blacklight and uv-reactive wax to decorate your partner. She covers the few safety and practical features, but mainly this clip is about showing the beauty of the neon colors on her partner’s body.

Jun 282013
Mindfulness & Sexuality 101

Dr. Jenn talks about the three main parts of mindfulness in this clip: awareness, acceptance, and action. As she lays out just what each entails, she cautions you that becoming more mindful about anything, including sex, may not be fun at first – but she also explains why in the long run it is more […]

May 162013
Rough Sex: Scratching & Spitting

 Danarama continues his series on rough sex during this four-minute video. He discusses creative and multi-purpose ways to incorporate fingernail scratching and spitting into your sexual play. Danarama also covers negotiation, marks, positions, techniques, and more. Stay tuned for additional rough sex clips as well.

Feb 212013
Rough Sex: Stuffing Pussy with Fingers & Cock

Danarama continues his demonstration of rough sex during this four-minute video. He shows how to use your fingers and hands during sex to heighten the experience of rough sex. Among other things, he suggests various ways to increase the woman’s experience of fullness during sex and also how to continue intercourse even after the man’s […]

Dec 312012
Rough Sex: Cervix Banging Considerations

Danarama continues his series on rough sex during this seven-minute video. He discusses and demonstrates ways to maintain safety, comfort, and excitement during deeper vaginal penetration. Danarama covers cock and vagina size and shape, as well as ways to use hands, arms, sex toys, anticipation, and more during rough sex.

Dec 122012
Fingerbanging: Adding the Thumb

Danarama continues his series on fingerbanging during this five-minute video. He demonstrates the numerous ways to utilize your thumb and explains the many advantages to thumb use. Danarama also offers tips on positioning, movement, depth, duration, and more. Several more digital manipulation clips to come too.

Nov 262012
Fingerbanging: Thumbjob Head & the "Shocker"

Danarama, with the help of Zoe, continues to demonstrate some advanced fingerbanging techniques in this video. The “Shocker” includes anal stimulation, while the thumbjob lets the fingerbanger and bang-ee play with some gender fluidity in very stimulating ways.

Nov 202012
Fingerbanging: Using Two Hands

Danarama continues to illustrate advanced fingerbanging techniques in this video. He begins to use more than multiple fingers: adding in his other hand for clitoral stimulation and even using someone else’s hand to provide truly unique sensations for Audrey Rose! Dan also addresses some of the practical concerns such as gloves and lube all while […]

Nov 082012
Advanced Blowjob Techniques

Sabrina Morgan continues her excellent series on the art of blowjobs with some tips and tricks for the more advanced. She talks about the perils and pleasures of the gag reflex, including ways to simulate and regulate the sounds and sensation of deep-throating. Sabrina also covers techniques for increasing and creating sensations on the cock […]

Aug 302012
Positions for Cunnilingus: Face Smothering

Rain DeGrey completes her series on cunnilingus positions during this six-minute video. She incorporates power exchange and breath play with Cici Rhodes in this position. Rain highlights the appeal of face smothering (it’s her favorite!); and she also shows various practical techniques to smother safely. <hr /><a href=”http://passionateu.com/home/videos/passionpacks”><img src=”http://www.passionateu.com/home/thumbs/PU_RainDeGrey_Cunnilingus_PositionsStanding-300×168.jpg” alt=”PU_RainDeGrey_Cunnilingus_PositionsStanding” width=”300″ height=”168″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-4085″ […]

May 292012
Strap On Positions

Alice in Bondageland demonstrates several strap-on techniques and positions during this six-minute video. She shows and explains the benefits of variable missionary and doggy style positions. Meanwhile, Alice offers tips on angles of penetration, comfort, flexibility, stamina, connection, and much more. She shows how to ride a strap on during her next clip.

Feb 262012
Rough Sex: Hair Pulling & Slapping

Danarama continues his series on rough sex with this six-minute video. He shows how to warm up your partner(s) with safe and sexy hair pulling and slapping techniques. He demonstrates ways to pull hair, regardless of hair length; and he shows how to slap various body parts, with a detailed explanation of face slapping. Stay […]

Jan 312012
Finishing Fisting

Shanna Katz demonstrates and explains how to finish fisting during this four-minute video. Shanna first walks you through the finishing process and then debriefs the experience with Aiden Fyre. Shanna highlights the many variations and/or additions to the fisting experience, as well as notes important safety matters. Shanna and Aiden conclude this series with some […]

Jan 292012
Rough Sex: Cock Slapping

Danarama continues his series on rough sex with this four-minute video on cock slapping. He explains the many ways you can use a cock during rough sex: from face slapping to ass spanking, with many more in between! Danarama shows what positions are most conducive to each use of the cock, and he offers other […]

Jan 242012
Vaginal Fisting

Shanna Katz continues her series on vaginal fisting with Aiden Fyre during this eleven-minute video. Shanna first discusses the many values of gloves and then shows the many ways to warm up the vagina. She also demonstrates various methods to check-in with your partner as she takes you through the vaginal fisting process. Shanna explains […]

Jan 212012
Poly S - Sensuous Snakes

Mim Chapman completes her series on polyamory with this eight-minute video. She first focuses on the fifth model of polyamory: the sensuous poly snake. Mim provides a concrete example of the Poly S and notes its particular advantages. She then asks some reflection questions to help you discern what model of polyamory would work best […]

Jan 142012
Rough Sex: Toys & Tools

Danarama continues his series on rough sex with this four-minute video. In this clip he discusses and demonstrates the use of sex toys to enhance, vary, and lengthen your rough sex. Danarama highlights safety, warm up, positioning, speed, timing, technique, and more. Stay tuned for additional rough sex ideas in his next clip.