Jul 022013
What is Your Sex Type?

Jaiya uses this clip to start explaining the theory of “sex types” – different ways people are wired for arousal. You may be energetic, sensual, sexual, or kinky, and your partner may be something totally different. In upcoming clips she’ll explain how you can find the compatibilities to keep things hot.

Apr 232013
Conscious Touch: What Is It? Part 2

 Will Fredericks continues to explain how the concept of conscious touch is related to other techniques such as tantra and carezza while at the same time being something unique. He gives examples of how intention is related to the method, and lays down the framework for the upcoming clips in this series.

Feb 142013
How to Discover What Your Sexual Interests Are

 Dr. Patti Britton explains in this clip how our erotic triggers for arousal are rooted in the five senses. Male or female, you can learn more about what turns you on by exploring the wealth of stimuli available, from lotions to dirty talk to erotica.

Jan 132013
A Billionaire in the Bedroom

Reid Mihalko evangelizes the benefits of sexual education as an adult, explaining how finding out more about what turns you on and how to make it happen can enrich you in your bedroom and the rest of your life.

Dec 072012
What is "Sexual" or "Gender" Identity? - Part 2

Dr. Patti Britton finishes her discussion on sexual and gender identity during this three-minute, part-two video. She acknowledges the fluidity of identities and promotes the importance of self-identification (and not labeling others). Dr. Britton also covers past and current ways of understanding both the gender identity spectrum and sexual orientation.

Aug 142012
Lady Parts 101

Abiola Abrams introduces female anatomy during this seven-minute video. She uses her vulva puppet to explain female genitalia and also encourages getting to know and accept your genitals as they are. Abiola offers additional reflections on such topics as surgery, pleasure, and more in this clip – and in her upcoming one on orgasm. This […]

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Jul 082012
Where Do Our Sexual Beliefs Come From?

Dr. Patti Britton begins to explain the origins of personal sexual beliefs during this two-minute video. She points to the wide variety of influences – from our families of origin to peers, media and more – and notes several specific examples. Dr. Britton also shares why it is important to understand the origins of our […]

Jul 032012
Can Pornography Be Good for You?

Dr. Patti Britton discusses pornography during this three-minute video. She answers the frequently asked question – Can porn be good for you? – in the affirmative by observing the essential nature of porn and by highlighting the various ways porn can help improve the quality of sexual relationships.

May 132012
Where Do Our Sexual Desires Come From?

Dr. Patti Britton discusses sexual interests during this four-minute video. She underscores the most common arousal cues – and how to determine and explore your own – for all genders; though she also observes some gender differences.

May 012012
The Importance of Consent

Dr. Richard Sprott begins his discussion on consent during this three-minute video. He underscores why consent – especially in the context of relationships involving power exchange – is important. Stay tuned for more of Dr. Sprott’s reflections in upcoming videos.

Feb 282012
Is Pornography Healthy or Bad for Me?

Dr. Heather Howard discusses explicit media during this five-minute video. She answers the oft-put question to her: Is porn bad for me? Dr. Howard defines pornography and notes both its value and limitations. Throughout the clip she comments on sexual fantasy and sexual education – underscoring the reality of a very broad spectrum of healthy […]

Feb 182012
Is Anal Intercourse Normal and Safe?

Dr. Heather Howard answers two questions about anal intercourse during this four-minute video. She first delves into statistics among male and female identified persons to answer the normalcy question. Dr. Howard then addresses the question of anal play safety. In her next clip she discusses techniques to help increase protection and pleasure.

Feb 132012
Is Becoming a Sex Coach for You?

Dr. Patti Britton introduces sex coaching during this two-minute video. She describes the basic tenets of this dynamic field and recommends concrete ways to get started in your training at www.SexCoachU.com.

Feb 122012
Undoing Sexual Shame

Marcia B addresses sexual shame in this empowering five-minute video. She first defines sexual shame and highlights its pervasiveness and spectrum of expression. Marcia then suggests several personal and interpersonal ways to undo the shame so as to create a more sex positive attitude in and around us.

Feb 092012
Why Intimacy is Important

Dr. Richard Sprott discusses intimacy during this four-minute video. He defines psychological intimacy and describes the various ways that it affects our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Dr. Sprott comments on freedom, connection, acceptance, and much more throughout the clip.

Feb 032012
Why Talk About Senior Sex?

Joan Price highlights the importance of talking about senior sex during this four-minute video. She outlines some obstacles to the discussion and begins to address them. Joan also introduces her two books on senior sex – Better Than I Ever Expected and Naked at Our Age – and her blog www.NakedAtOurAge.com. She continues the discussion […]

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Jan 102012
The Feminist Connection: The Ebb & Flow

Lillith Grey continues her series on feminism with this four-minute video. She focuses on both the normal relationship pattern of connection and disconnection and also the great value of using disconnection for relational growth. In her next clip Lillith discusses the creative work necessary to facilitate such growth.

Dec 152011
Feminist Connection: The Basics

Lillith Grey introduces the basics of feminism during this five-minute video. She first discusses the primary components of patriarchy and how they affect relationships. Lillith then highlights the fundamental components of feminism. In her next video she focuses on the ebb and flow of relationships.

Dec 142011
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 2

Anita Wagner continues her series by discussing what may qualify as sexual addiction/compulsion during this six-minute, part-two video. She offers a long list of questions, with important comments and insights, to aid your reflection on your own or another’s behavior. In her third clip Anita talks about treatment options.

Dec 032011
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 1

Anita Wagner discusses sex addiction and compulsion in this first-part, seven-minute video. Drawing from the personal experience of her partner’s sex addiction, she defines sex addiction/compulsion, identifies the cycles of emotions and behaviors, and provides examples of acting out. Her next clip on the topic continues the important conversation.

Nov 222011
PSiGASM 2.2 on a Female-Bodied Person

Maggie and Ned Mayhem put their first version of the PSIGasm to use on a female-bodied person during this eight-minute video. Just as in their previous video, they take you through the orgasm cycle both subjectively and objectively. Check out more of Maggie and Ned on their website: www.PSIGasm.net.

Nov 122011
PSiGASM 1.0 on a Male-Bodied Person

Maggie and Ned Mayhem use the PSIGasm 1.0 to measure an orgasm on a male-bodied person during this eleven-minute video. They discuss similarities in male and female anatomy and then take you through the orgasm cycle both subjectively and objectively. Their next video measures the orgasm on a female-bodied person.