Dec 012014
What is BDSM? Dispelling the Myths

“What? Why would anyone want to do that? That’s sick!” Those are the words that strike fear and shame into the hearts of many people who might dare to share with their lovers certain fantasies that fall outside the “normal” range of sex. The problem is, there’s not really a truly “normal” range – if […]

Sep 022014
Birth Control Methods

Yonilcious introduces birth control methods from a health care perspective during this five-minute, part-one video. She covers the pros and cons of several common methods such as condoms, diaphragms, Depo-Provera, and more. She continues her discussion in part two.

Jul 182013
Biting: Techniques & Combinations - Part 1

 Yonilicious continues her series on biting with a focus on techniques and combinations during this five-minute, part-one video. She discusses intention and desire and then recommends numerous techniques to reach your goal(s). She shows nibbling, licking, sucking, biting, and chomping – as well as various combinations of each – on the back of the neck […]

Mar 132013
Biting: Body Hair

 Yonilicious completes her series on biting with this three-minute video. She demonstrates biting on body hair; she explains the appeal, identifies various locations, and offers tips on tempo, intensity, and more.

Sep 272012
Sensual Massage: Connecting with Your Partner

Yonilicious discusses ways to use sensual massage to connect with your partner during this six-minute video. She covers attitude, familiarity, newness, exploration, communication, and much more. Check out her previous videos on massage techniques too!

May 262012
Biting: Why & Where - Part 2

Yonilicious continues her series on biting with this four-minute, part-two video. She begins with the scalp and then moves down the body covering the back, chest, nipples, side, hips, thighs, and toes. She recommends sexy positions, and in her next videos, covers biting techniques.

Mar 102012
Biting: Why and Where - Part 1

Yonilicious introduces sexual biting during this five-minute, part-one video. She explains some of the various motivations for biting, shows different types of biting, and points out where and how to bite (and not to bite) on the neck and ears. Stay tuned for much more on biting in Yoni’s upcoming clips.

Jan 062012
Male Genital Massage Techniques

Yonilicious demonstrates many massage techniques for male genitalia during this nine-minute video. She talks oil – safest types and how to use them – and bodily exploration before moving on to the genital area. Yonilicious then shows a variety of specific techniques when massaging the perineum, testicles, and penis. She also suggests tips on touch, […]

Dec 302011
Bum Massage

Yonilicious introduces bum massage during this nine-minute video. She demonstrates different positions, notes their advantages; and shows a host of techniques to stimulate the perineum, gluteus, anus, and prostate. Yonilicious also shares tips to increase safety, health, accessibility, comfort, intimacy, and more. Stay tuned for more erotic massage techniques in her upcoming clips.

Dec 172011
Showing a Well-Rounded Spanking Scene

Savannah takes Yonilicious over the knee and gives her “the spanking she deserves” during this five-minute, part-two video. They then debrief the experience: noting both of their feelings, emphasizing what worked best, and encouraging you to integrate the many elements into your spanking play.

Dec 082011
Elements of a Well-Rounded Spanking Scene

Yonilicious and Savannah highlight the key elements of a spanking scene during this seven-minute, part-one video. They recommend ways to communicate and actually negotiate their scene throughout the video as they discuss ways to establish and maintain sexy and creative play. In their next video Yonilicious and Savannah demonstrate their scene.

Aug 092011
Spanking from the Bottom's Perspective

Yonilicious and Savannah Sly converse about spanking during this five-minute video. They discuss why people like to be spanked, where (and where not) to spank, and when (and when not) to spank. They also discuss pain, marks, bruises, as well as a variety of helpful tips throughout this clip. Stay tuned for their next video, […]





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