Aug 302013
Conscious Touch: Bringing It All Together

 Now that he’s explained the various principles and practices behind conscious touch, Will uses this clip to give a clear example of how to take it into your own bedroom through Betty Martin’s “Three-Minute Game.” Each partner gets three minutes of the kind of touch and attention they want, and also gets practice communicating that […]

Aug 162013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: What Will I Get? - Part 2

Will Fredericks continues to talk about how learning about your own pleasure and how to communicate about it with your partner can improve relationships. He uses examples like dancing, but really it is about the ability to identify what makes you feel good and then tell your partner about it that really shows why conscious self-pleasuring […]

Jul 302013
Conscious Touch: Directions of Touch, Part 2

In part 2, Will focuses on the idea of learning to receive touch in different ways. Because we are conditioned to want to please our partners, learning better ways to communicate our pleasure gives a nice feedback loop in the touching experience.

Jul 192013
Conscious Touch: Directions of Touch, Part 1

 How does a different intention change the experience of pleasurable touch? Will Fredericks talks about exploring the various directions of focus as you’re caressing your partner. Referencing the work of Betty Martin and others, he outlines a couple of ways to change the perception of the touch and therefore enjoy it even more.

Jun 012013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: What Will I Get? - Part 1

Will Fredericks gets into exactly what you can get from self-pleasuring in this two-part clip. There’s a lot to be gained from a practice of self-aware masturbation, from the immediate pleasure to the bigger picture of becoming a better partner, and he tells you just how this series can make that happen for you.

May 052013
Conscious Touch: Being Present, Part 2

In Part 2, Will Fredericks gives some specific descriptions of techniques and exercises for increasing your awareness of your environment and describes how that translates into lovemaking with your partner.

May 022013
Conscious Touch: Being Present, Part 1

 Will Fredericks continues this series with a two-part video on techniques for increasing your awareness of your immediate surroundings and the present moment. When you can narrow your focus, you can begin to both appreciate and share the magic of skin-to-skin contact with your lover in new and surprising ways.

Apr 232013
Conscious Touch: What Is It? Part 2

 Will Fredericks continues to explain how the concept of conscious touch is related to other techniques such as tantra and carezza while at the same time being something unique. He gives examples of how intention is related to the method, and lays down the framework for the upcoming clips in this series.

Apr 122013
Conscious Touch: What Is It? Part 1

 Will Fredericks from Naming Desire works as a sacred intimate to help people achieve better sexual awareness and, through that, greater sexual pleasure both for themselves and their partners. In this series he begins to explain the concept of “Conscious Touch,” where you stay present in the moment rather than following some rote action. He […]

Mar 232013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: How to Do It

Now that he’s covered the “what” of an aware masturbation practice, Will Fredericks covers some of the “how.” There are a lot of ways to explore your self-pleasure, and he gives examples simply as an inspiration to get you going.

Mar 212013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: What Is It?

 Will Fredericks begins to explain in depth some of the ways you can bring a better focus and awareness to your masturbation. Considering factors such as space, time, integration, and finally encapsulation, you can begin your own journey as an “orgasmonaut” exploring the boundaries of your own pleasure.

Feb 052013
Relationship Skills: Putting It All Together

Will Fredericks of builds on the previous “Relationship Skills” videos to begin to show how you can use a “Desire/Intimacy/Sex” matrix as a tool to improve your own connections, romantic or not.

Jan 182013
Conscious Self-Pleasuring: Introduction

Will Fredericks, a certified sexological body worker, introduces the practice of raising your own awareness of pleasure. He’s talking about masturbation and, in this introduction, he explains why there are cultural stereotypes that can instill shame into this common and healthy activity. This is the first of a series on how to integrate self-pleasuring more […]

Jan 112013
Relationship Skills: Intimacy

 Will Fredericks continues to explain the interconnection between desire, intimacy, and sex in relationships in this clip. He describes the way intimacy is different than desire – it’s about your relationship with others and the ways they know things about you. Intimacy in different levels is something you have with everyone you interact with and […]

Jan 082013
Relationship Skills: Sex

Will Fredericks talks about how sex can mean different things to different people. This can lead to problems in a relationship when these views differ, but the first step to fixing that is to understand what sex means to you. Will discusses ways of developing this self-awareness and then bringing it to your relationship in […]

Dec 312012
Relationship Skills: Desire

Will Fredericks explains why desire can be one of the key qualities to develop in your relationship. He acknowledges that finding what your desire is, what your partner desires, and then letting that fuel the passion between you is not always easy, but it is essential. Will shows you some ways to accomplish it.

Nov 292012
Relationship Skills: Desire-Intimacy-Sex

Will from Naming Desire begins a series on improving your relationships with this clip. He describes how three key elements – desire, intimacy, and sex – can be examined and dealt with separately to improve the overall quality of your connection with your partners.

Nov 162012
Loving Your Partner's Body As It Is

Julie Hekate builds on her previous clip about changing your expectations about desire with this clip involving Will from Julie demonstrates the way you can give up the preconceptions you have about “sexy” and learn to appreciate things about your partner’s body in a new and sometimes surprising way. Combined with the skills from […]





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