Dec 012012
Trans Sex: Communication While Fucking

James Darling and Tina Horn demonstrate how to establish consent and to communicate during foreplay and sex during this eleven-minute video. They use short and simple verbal communication techniques to help facilitate some very hot sex! James and Tina debrief their experience during the final few minutes as well.

Dec 112011
Communication During Sex

In this six-minute video Tina Horn discusses communication during sex. She starts by suggesting positive ways to approach sex and discussions about it with your partner(s). Tina then covers three main topics to help improve your communication during sex without losing any sexy momentum: negotiation, safe words, and scales. In her next clip she discusses […]

Oct 062011
Dirty Talk: Exploration

Tina Horn explores dirty talk during this six-minute video. She acknowledges the fears and hesitations that many have about talking dirty, so she suggests many ways to practice dirty talk – by yourself and with your partner(s). Lots of sexy homework awaits you!

Sep 062011
Dirty Talk: Past, Present, & Future

Tina Horn begins her series on dirty talk with this six-minute video. In this clip she offers one very flexible technique that capitalizes on three natural time periods: future (anticipation), present (narration), and past (remembrance). Tina peppers the video with tips as she helps you heighten your sexual experiences. Stay tuned for her upcoming clips […]