Jan 242010

Tess Danesi covers Lubing up, layering sensation, anal play, ice cubes, puckering and pursing, stroking, breast play and more…all in less than 5 minutes! If sensational blowjobs are your goal, you’re sure to find something for your bag of tricks!

Jan 232010
Sensation Play for Blow Jobs - Part 1

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Jan 222010
Fisting Part 3

Now that her whole hand is enveloped in her demo model, Sarah Sloane describes the small movements and attention to her partners breath that is used to guide the fisting experience. Speaking to both the person being fisted and the person doing the fisting, Sarah describes the sensations felt during intense activity.

Jan 152010
Sex Toy Recommendations Part 2

In part two of her video on sex toy recommendations, Tess focuses on various toys made of aluminum, wood and the wonderful Njoy line of stainless steel dildos. Tess reminds you of safety concerns and especially highlights the value and delight of sensation play. As Tess concludes, “Have great sex!”

Jan 082010
Sex Toy Recommendations Part 1

It’s time for Tess to talk dirty about toys! Her ten-minute presentation highlights a variety of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and some creative non-traditional toys too that are pretty much guaranteed to spic up your sex life. Tess offers plenty of great wisdom, such as how toys can help you learn more about your body, and helpful practical tips as well such as how to store and clean your sex toys. Stay tuned for part two with more useful information!

Jan 012010
Talking Dirty

Silence is *not* golden when it comes to sex play! In this clip Tess Danesi packs in a lot of helpful suggestions to expand your idea of dirty talk and explore the words and phrases that turn you on. Tone of voice, word choice and why dirty talk is so damn hot are all covered in this 11 minute clip. She also goes through a few cards from the Passionate U Scene Starter deck which was designed to help inspire your bedroom banter!

Dec 262009
Blowjob Tips

Tess Denesi brings her energetic sharing style to this six minute clip with tips for blow jobs starting with how enthusiasm is even more important than skill! She then describes ways to increase sensation and even throws in some tips for hand jobs.

Dec 182009
Exercising Kegel Muscles

Are you a woman looking for stronger orgasms? Then you’ll enjoy this 5 minute clip with Tess Danesi as she shares her suggestions and product recommendations for strengthening the kegel muscles (also known as PC muscles).