Dec 012014
What is BDSM? Dispelling the Myths

“What? Why would anyone want to do that? That’s sick!” Those are the words that strike fear and shame into the hearts of many people who might dare to share with their lovers certain fantasies that fall outside the “normal” range of sex. The problem is, there’s not really a truly “normal” range – if […]

Mar 152014
Sex After a Vasectomy

Wondering if there’s any difference before and after a vasectomy in terms of how sex feels? Stefanos frankly goes over his own experience, with some additional feedback from his wife Shay. They talk about the physical changes (if any) including the way ejaculate may change. Stefanos also talks about what he’s heard from other men […]

Jan 282014
Sensual Exploration

Stefanos and Shay demonstrate in this clip how you can find the hidden erogenous zones of your partner. They explain how it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with an old partner, or simply be unsure with a new one, of where their hot spots are. With sensual exploration you can discover new paths […]

Dec 272013
A Personal Experience of a Vasectomy

Stefanos shares what he went through when he had his vasectomy, from the initial consultation through the post-operative healing process. The actual operation took only a few minutes, but there were other things that he felt were very important to remember – such as ICE! and taking it easy for 48 hours afterwards. He also […]

Dec 222013
Dirty Talk Demonstration

Want to heat up your sex with some sweet and sexy talk? Shay & Stefanos model some truly hot combinations of sex and words, both from the person receiving and the person giving sexual attention. They also talk about how to not worry about sounding silly or repetitive, as well as how to be considerate […]

Dec 142013
What is a Vasectomy?

Stefanos has had a vasectomy, and he shares his views on the experience and the effect on his sex life in this clip. While the procedure itself was easy, the relief from any worry about unwanted pregnancies was profound, and he explains it in detail.

Nov 262013
Starting Slow and Building Intensity

Whether it’s massage, foreplay, or flat-out sexual intercourse, Stefanos and Shay have a strategy to share with you: take it easy! They point out (and demonstrate) that if you start out at the top of your game you have nowhere to go, whereas starting with subtle methods can give you a chance to adjust to […]

Oct 312013
Demonstrating Initiating Sex: for the Women

Stefanos and Shay practice what they preach in this clip, showing several examples of how a woman can initiate sex with her partner. Stefanos also demonstrates how to gracefully decline, setting up a “raincheck” and still getting some intimacy and connection out of the exchange.

Oct 222013
Giving Feedback During Sex

Stefanos & Shay demonstrate in this clip how you can give your lover feedback during the act of sex in a hot and arousing way. “Talking Dirty” might seem a little difficult or awkward at first, but with a little practice it not only can get you more of what you want, it becomes a […]

Oct 172013
Aggressive Kissing

In this clip Shay and Stefanos show how to take your kissing technique from the soft and sensual into the aggressive and dominant. From the pre-kiss negotiation to the last animalistic lick, they show every bit in hot and exquisite detail.

Oct 112013
Initiating Sex: for the Women

Sometimes it can be difficult for a woman to initiate sex in a relationship. Shay and Stefanos understand that, but they explain in this clip both why it’s a good idea to do it and also how to start changing your mindset around those kinds of typical gender roles.

Oct 032013
Face Fucking From the Woman's Perspective

Stefanos and Shay give the other side of the fine art of face-fucking in this clip. Shay describes how she modifies her grip to her preference while still enjoying the sloppy-blowjob feeling, and also shows how she adds sound and movement to heighten the sensation for both of them. Stefanos also chimes in to talk […]

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Sep 212013
Face-Fucking from a Man's Perspective

Stefanos and Shay demonstrate how a couple can incorporate the fantasy of control into good old fashioned fellatio. Stefanos talks about how he communicates with Shay as she’s sucking his cock, and she shows how even with a mouth full she can let him know where she’s at as well. This is a great primer […]

Sep 172013
Going to a Sex Class

 While the videos here at PassionateU are wonderful, sometimes you want to be able to raise your hand and talk back to the teacher. Shay and Stefanos are here to let you know that you can do just that if you find your local sex toy shoppe – places like Good Vibrations in San Francisco […]

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Aug 222013
When the Guy Goes Soft or Can't Get Hard

 Shay talks in this clip about what to do when the man’s erection isn’t cooperating with your lovemaking plans. She talks about specific techniques like oral sex, but she and Stefanos emphasize that the most effective tool may be your mind. Change the focus of your sex, even redefine the concept entirely, and that can […]

Jul 212013
Feedback: Body Language in the Bedroom

Shay and Stefanos draw on their experience in the adult industry to talk about how body language is important in communicating pleasure to your partner. Learning how to read the subtle – and not-so-subtle – cues for arousal can help you learn to be a better lover. Plus, knowing when to amplify – not fake […]

Jul 142013
Sex Toys from the Man's Perspective

 Stefanos talks openly and frankly in this clip about how men can look at sex toys as less of a threat and more of an opportunity. Rather than be competitive, the sex toy can enable an entirely different experience of intimacy and pleasure with your partner. Stefanos nudges you with the starts of ideas that […]

Jul 052013
When Is Sex "Done"?

 Stefanos and Shay talk about one of the most common and least-talked-about questions in sexual relationships: when are you “done” having sex? Is it when both have an orgasm? Or when both are just too tired to continue? The answer, as usual, is “communication”. This happy couple explain some of the ways to make that […]

Jun 302013
Receiving Oral Sex: From a Woman's Perspective

 Shay talks about how to better enjoy oral sex as a woman. She addresses the kinds of stigmas and rumors that can make a woman nervous about cunnilingus and how to find ways around them. She also demonstrates ways that you can “shape” your partner’s technique so as to make it even more pleasurable for […]

Jun 232013
Flirty Kissing

 Shay and Stefanos give the kissing lessons everybody wishes they’d had in this clip. Rather than trying to look like some movie star, Shay talks about what actually feels good in terms of lips and tongue, with enthusiastic demonstrations from Stefanos throughout.

Jun 152013
Taking Off a Bra (for the guys)

 If you’ve ever fumbled with the clasp of a bra during a hot makeout session, this is the clip for you. Stefanos explains how the hooks and eyes are laid out and makes it easy to open with two hands, one hand, or even multiple connections.

Sep 012012
Handjobs in the Shower

Shay continues her series on shower sex during this seven-minute video. She demonstrates a handjob on Stefanos – and explains various specific techniques and recommends great tips to help make for some very sexy fun in the shower.

Jun 192012

Having already shown hand placement for blowjobs in a previous clip, Shay now shares even more specific blowjob techniques on Stefanos during this six-minute video. She first shows various ways to warm up the cock and then demonstrates fellatio – highlighting the two most important features of a fantastic blowjob. Shay also offers tips on […]

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Dec 252011
Dominant Kissing

Stefanos and Chey demonstrate various techniques for kissing from a dominant space during this four-minute video. They discuss topics such as control, ownership, decision-making, teasing, positions, and much more as they show different grips, grabs, nibbles, and licks. And their submissive Jade succinctly shares her experience at the end.