Sep 072013
Anal Sex: Positions, Part 3

 Sinnamon Love finishes her discussion about positions by describing how “cowgirl” (woman-on-top) can give even more comfort and control to your partner and make anal sex great. Of course, in the end, with “patience and lots of lube” even doggy-style can be fun, and these are the clips that explain how.  

Aug 172013
Anal Sex: Warm Up, Part 1

 Sinnamon begins a three-part series on warming up for anal sex with an in-depth discussion of the two things that have to be considered long before the sex starts: fingernails and lube. She talks about hygiene and what lubes not to use, and then gives recommendations for silicone based lubricants.

May 262013
Female Domination: Putting Together an Easy & Cheap Toybag

Sinnamon Love explains how you don’t have to break the budget to have a great selection of toys for female domination. Hardware stores and other common neighborhood household supply outlets have all sorts of items for spanking, tying, and other fun activities. Sinnamon talks about considerations to keep in mind so that you can get […]

Apr 012013
Anal Sex: Positions, Part 2

 In part two of her discussion of anal sex positions, Sinnamon explains the specific techniques for entry, insertion, and movement when trying out the missionary position. She shares a wealth of detailed tips for making it the most pleasurable experience possible.

Mar 062013
Anal Sex: Positions, Part 1

 Sinnamon Love closes out her series on beginning anal sex with a three-part discussion of the best positions. In this clip, she explains why the classic “doggie style” may not be right for you and your lover. She then explains how the iconic “missionary style” can not only facilitate more pleasure but also more connection […]

Mar 052013
Anal Sex: Fears

Sinnamon Love talks frankly about some of the common concerns women and men have about anal sex. Issues such as cleanliness and physical discomfort are often associated with this kind of intercourse, and Sinnamon has the expertise to tell you how to do it safely and best of all enjoyably for both partners.

Feb 282013
Choosing Porn So Both Partners are Comfortable

 Sinnamon Love helps guys navigate the tricky waters of choosing porn to share with their partners. She warns that just showing what you like may not be the best way to introduce her to the world of porn if she’s not familiar with it. Instead Sinnamon offers some suggestions of places to go and types […]

Jan 252013
Female Domination: Getting Dressed

Sinnamon Love talks about how to dress for the part of dominant female in this clip. She talks about various archetypes such as the school teacher or the nurse, as well as what kinds of accessories can accentuate the role. She also talks about various resources for these kinds of outfits, including how to get […]

Jan 172013
Anal Sex: Cleaning Techniques

Sinnamon Love explains the process to get “porno clean” before anal sex. She clearly lays out the process for cleaning out the anal cavity through an enema, then gives some tips for diet and other aspects of preparing for anal sex.

Dec 152012
Female Domination: Sensuality

Sinnamon Love explains how female domination doesn’t have to be all about “in your face” aggression. There’s a place for more sensual and gentle-but-firm play, too. Sinnamon talks about various techniques and body parts – both on you and your partner – that can energize a domination scene with sensuous pleasure.

Nov 272012
Female Domination: Sexual Confidence

Award-winning Sinnamon Love continues to coach the ladies through the techniques of female domination by talking about being sexually confident. She describes how it can be strange when a man asks you to tell him what to do and offers tips on how to become more comfortable in the position of power.

Nov 012012
Female Domination: Understanding Your Partner's Desire, Part 2

Sinnamon Love continues her introduction to the intricacies of femdom with part two of how to understand your partner’s need for dominance. She suggests several resources, such as the online Kink Academy as well as books such as Jay Wiseman’s SM101. She also talks about some of the necessary safety precautions for a few kinks. […]

Oct 262012
Female Domination: Understanding Your Partner's Desire

Sinnamon Love helps couples fulfill their dominant female desires in this first clip in a new series. She talks about some of the various types of female domination as well as the motivations behind that desire. Most of all, she emphasizes that these desires do not change the core person that you love and begins […]

Oct 182012
Introducing Fantasies & Desires: For the Ladies

Sinnamon Love brings her knowledge as a relationship columnist and sexpert to some advice directed specifically at the ladies. While she assures us that the advice she gave the guys is worth listening to as well, Sinnamon outlines some of the concerns that may come up for women when trying to find sexual fulfillment – […]

Sep 232012
Introducing Fantasies & Desires: For the Men

Sinnamon Love takes a break from her radio show and relationship column to give out some advice for the men in this eight-minute clip. She talks about the best ways for guys to bring up their fantasies and desires to their partners without stepping on any emotional landmines or making them feel bad. She also […]