Jul 172013
Sharp Sensation Play

Shanna Katz takes her series on sensation play to a sharper level in this segment. Experiencing a variety of implements, Aidan Starr enjoys the feeling of everything from plastic clothespins to credit cards with a few surprises in between. Shanna also goes into the psychology behind using edges for this kind of play and includes […]

Jun 082012
Sex Positions: People of Size

Shanna Katz completes her series on sex positions during this eight-minute video. She talks about self-understanding, desires, communication, comfort, and sexiness — as well as dispels myths about size differences between partners. Shanna also offers tips on breast movement, breathing, masturbation, and more.

May 202012
Sex Positions: For Paralysis

Shanna Katz continues her series on sex positions during this six-minute video. She focuses on a couple effective positions for paralysis and the numerous slight modifications for each. Shanna offers tips on sex toys and communication – with both your physician and your partner(s). Stay tuned for more sex positions in her upcoming clips.

Apr 172012
Sex Positions: For Bad Backs

Shanna Katz continues her series on sex positions with this six-minute video. She focuses on positions for those with bad backs. Shanna suggests ways to support your back (e.g., pillow placements, locations for sex, etc.) and also discusses such things as planning, pressure, accessibility, dildo play, and more. Stay tuned for more on sex positions […]

Mar 112012
Sex Positions: For Bad Knees

Shanna Katz demonstrates sex positions for those with bad knees during this five-minute video. She shows ways to make missionary, side, doggy style, and additional positions more comfortable so that you can enjoy your sexy time even more – and for much longer. Stay tuned for more on sex positions in Shanna’s upcoming clips.

Jan 242012
Vaginal Fisting

Shanna Katz continues her series on vaginal fisting with Aiden Fyre during this eleven-minute video. Shanna first discusses the many values of gloves and then shows the many ways to warm up the vagina. She also demonstrates various methods to check-in with your partner as she takes you through the vaginal fisting process. Shanna explains […]

Jan 072012
Sex & Disability: Introduction & Vocabulary

Shanna Katz introduces the topic of sex and disability during this five-minute video. From the vantage point of different perspectives, she defines terms, cites numerous examples, and recommends helpful approaches to communicate about disability with your partner(s). Shanna also considers the coming out process for those with a disability. In a previous clip Shanna covered […]

Dec 232011
Fisting Negotiation

Shanna Katz and Aiden Fyre demonstrate a negotiation for a fisting scene during this three-minute video. They cover a wide variety of important topics such as experience, comfort, lubrication, communication, feedback, limits, toys, and more. In their next video, Shanna demonstrates vaginal fisting.

Apr 192011
Sex & Disability: Partnering

Sex has so many possible definitions, from a sensual back massage or a stroke on the cheek to flogging to oral sex or penetration. It can be challenging to figure out just what feels sexual to you and to communicate with your partner, especially if you or your partner has one or more disabilities. In […]

Mar 222011
Light Sensation Play

Shanna Katz shares a wealth of tips for unconventional kink on the cheap in this 6-minute video! Shanna shares her favorite shopping destinations, including the dollar store, hardware store and Ikea, where you can get everything in every color! Shanna pulls out some surprising low cost items and uses them on a giggly Aiden Fire! […]

Mar 032011
Intro to Fisting

Shana Katz, with the assistance of Aiden Fyre, talks about the fabulous fun of Vaginal Fisting. This 5-minute video emphasizes taking plenty of time and treating the vagina like the unique and wonderful snowflake it is. Shana also covers some possible health concerns and precautions to take. Fisting is a journey and not a goal!

Jan 052011
Sexy Language

Shanna Katz gives a quick, fun talk on what to call “it,” whichever “it” it might be. Rattling off from her extensive store of dirty monikers, Shanna emphasizes the importance of being on the same page with your partner about your erotic vocabulary, and gives some tips for opening communication.