Feb 022012
Flirting Arsenal: Women's Mysteries

Selina Minx completes her series on flirting with this five-minute video. She highlights pheromones and ovulation, and the various ways that they can be used to a woman’s advantage. And men, of course, can benefit from these feminine secrets too.

Jan 122012
Flirting Arsenal: Energy

Selina Minx continues her series on flirting with a focus on energy during this six-minute video. She highlights basic personality types and suggests ways to flirt with each one. Selina then discusses the influences of similarities and differences in attraction. And she completes the video with an emphasis on the power of “maybe” …

Dec 212011
Flirting Arsenal: Words

Selina Minx adds words – and many other aspects of verbal communication – to your flirting arsenal during this seven-minute video. She shares numerous tips on tone of voice, inflection, vocabulary, appreciation, attentiveness, and much more. Stay tuned for Selina in upcoming clips as well.

Oct 092011
Flirting Arsenal: Body Language

Selina Minx continues her series on flirting during this five–minute video. She focuses on body language – especially attentiveness, posture, the legs, and more – as she suggests multiple flirting tips throughout this clip. Stay tuned for more sexy flirting techniques in Selina’s next video.

Sep 082011
Flirting Arsenal: Eyes, Lips, & Hands

Selina Minx introduces the flirting arsenal with this four-minute video. She begins with the direct and indirect use of your eyes. Selina then discusses the lips and hands, and shows several examples of how to build anticipation, accentuate movement, and seduce the other!