Apr 082014
Sexy Sensations: Chains

 Scotty and Annie demonstrate the sensual potential of adding a simple length of chain to your toy collection. Scotty explains how to use both the texture and the sounds of the chain to maximum effect, gracefully combining both safety and sexuality as he uses the chain to stimulate Annie in a variety of ways.

Mar 232014
Spanking: Building Intensity

Scotty shows how to ramp things up in a spanking scene in this clip with the enthusiastic bottoming skills of Alex. They demonstrate how both sides improve the connection between spanker and spankee using variations in tempo, pressure, and impact. With all the work of teaching, both his hand and her ass are quite red, and [...]

Feb 272014
Spanking Over-the-Knee: Bent Over a Chair, Part 2

Scotty and Annie continue to demonstrate the classic kink, OTK spanking, in this clip. Annie gives some feedback on why her position is just right for her arousal, while Scotty illustrates the ways that variations in tempo and intensity can add a lot to the experience. They also touch on the “sweet spot” – literally [...]

Feb 162014
Spanking Over-the-Knee: Bent Over a Chair, Part 1

 Scotty and Annie show the ways that spanking technique can be adjusted to the classic “bent over a chair” position. Aside from showing how the angle and control can be greater, they also cover how to deal with some of the more unexpected occurrences that can happen during a spanking scene.

Feb 042014
Rough Foreplay: Restricting Movement

 Scotty and Annie demonstrate how the fantasy of control can be heightened with the use of a couple of simple physical techniques. They show the “two-on-one” hold as well as the “thumb” hold and talk about how it’s all in a context of fun and consensual role-play.

Jan 192014
Rough Foreplay: the Throat & Neck

 Scotty and Annie delve into the finer points of including the throat and neck in your consensual fantasy role-play. Starting with determining the “sensitive” spots, Scotty takes you step-by-step through different techniques with enthusiastic commentary by Annie.

Dec 302013
Spanking Over-the-Knee: On a Bed

Scotty and Alex get “hands-on” in this next segment in their Spanking series. The “Over the Knee” or “OTK” spanking is great for giving full support and making the skin available for a wide range of sensations. Scotty and Alex demonstrate several techniques as well as talking about how to combine the spanking with other [...]

Dec 082013
Sexy Sensations: Blindfolds

Want an instant way to increase your lover’s sensitivity and awareness? Scotty has the answer in this clip. He and Annie explain just what a simple blindfold can add to your sexy sensations. Annie gives a firsthand and frank account of what it feels like, and Scotty offers several suggestions for various kinds of blindfolds [...]

Nov 152013
Sexy Sensations: Using Gloves

 Scotty and Annie show how safer sex can also be hot sensations when it comes to latex and nitrile gloves. He shows how the soft, strange texture can heighten the pleasure she takes from his touch. They also show how other, less clinical materials (like leather or velvet) can make gloves a fun toy to [...]

Nov 052013
G-Spot Stimulation with Toys

Scotty shows how the same techniques he’s shown with fingers in earlier clips can be used with sex toys. Using a toy made from aircraft aluminum, he helps his lovely model cum twice more (squirting both times) while demonstrating the way the angle and pulling out at just the right time makes toys a great [...]

Oct 052013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Using Rope

 Scotty and Ammre show just how simple it is to create the fantasy of being tied up with ropes in the bedroom. As he puts it, if you can tie your shoes, you can do rope bondage, and with a simple overhand knot Ammre’s wrist has a silky restraint to grab hold of in the [...]

Sep 272013
Spanking: Rhythm & Counting

 Scotty and Annie show how the simple inclusion of counting can up the intensity of a basic spanking scene. It increases focus for both the spanker and the spankee and provides a framework where you can play with things like intensity, tempo, and role-playing scenarios. Annie enthusiastically demonstrates her counting skills as Scotty turns her [...]

Sep 152013
Spanking: On All Fours

 Scotty and Alex explore another spanking position, with her on all fours with her ass up in the air. Alex talks about why the position makes her feel more “manhandled” while Scotty demonstrates the ergonomic flexibility available.

Sep 062013
Light Nipple Play

Scotty and Ammre go over some of the nicer ways to arouse and stimulate your partner’s nipples. He brings up some of the mistakes eager lovers sometimes make in their enthusiasm for nipples and suggests ways to use other parts of the hand and arm to make the sensation simultaneously pleasant and hot. More than [...]

Sep 052013
Hair Pulling: With the Hair Up

 Scotty and Ammre go into the finer points of using the hair as a sensual part of your sexual life in this first of two clips. With her hair up in a bun, Ammre has provided a secure focus of control for Scotty’s grip, and the two of them talk about both the physical technique [...]

Aug 252013
Bondage Fantasy: Using Bondage Tape

 Scotty and Ammre talk about hot and shiny black bondage tape, a fun bedroom accessory available at many sex toy shops. He shows how it can be used not only for the wrists but also as a blindfold. He also binds Ammre’s legs in a bend with just a few wraps and shows how it [...]

Jul 282013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Using Flagging Tape

Scotty continues to show how simple materials can be turned into hot fantasy with this clip. He binds the lovely Ammre with bright pink construction flagging tape, which gives her something firm to pull against but is still safely broken out of if the need arises. He also covers the use of “safety shears,” a [...]

Jul 272013
Rough Foreplay: Using the Body

 Scotty and Annie continue to illustrate ways to include forceful fantasy into your foreplay. Building on the skills learned in the “clothing” segment, Scotty teaches techniques such as how to move your hips and arms to pull your partner’s body into you with a sensual “slam.”

Jul 162013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Why Try It?

Scotty and Ammre open up their series on bondage fantasy with some frank discussion of exactly why this kind of play appeals to them. They bring up things like trust, intimacy, emotional headspace, as well as the good old fashioned fun of playing roles with your lover. They both emphasize that safety is as important [...]

Jul 132013
Condom Selection

 Scotty, with a little help from Naiia, goes over some of the variety available in condoms. He recommends doing research into various textures, sizes, and demonstrates just a few of the many shapes that condoms come in. This makes a great start for your quest for sensational safer sex.

Jun 132013
Bondage Fantasy Play: Using Toilet Paper

 Who needs rope or chains? Or even bondage tape? Scotty and Ammre show in this clip how you can begin your fantasy of restraint using nothing more than a role of toilet paper. Tied limbs, blindfolds, all with the safe knowledge that it can be gotten out of if needed – that’s the whole purpose [...]

Jun 022013
Hands-Free Dental Dams

 Sex-Ed Scotty demonstrates a particularly clever MacGuyveresque trick for using dental dams in this clip. Using simple things like garter belts or nipple clamps or even an embroidery hoop you can position the latex sheet in a way that leaves your hands free to do other fun things. Scotty shows you step-by-step in his usual [...]

Jun 022013
Safer Sex: Preparedness at Home

Scotty continues his reflections on sensational safer sex during this four-minute video. He recommends ways to prepare for sexy time at home so to avoid breaking the rhythm or interrupting the heat of the moment. Stay tuned for how to prepare for “the away game” in Scotty’s next clip.





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