Dec 222011
Playing with Hair

Ms. Savannah introduces hair (and scalp) play on Tina during this three-minute video. She demonstrates techniques, motions, and positions while suggesting ways to increase connection, sensuality, and pleasure when playing with your partner’s hair — and head.

Dec 172011
Showing a Well-Rounded Spanking Scene

Savannah takes Yonilicious over the knee and gives her “the spanking she deserves” during this five-minute, part-two video. They then debrief the experience: noting both of their feelings, emphasizing what worked best, and encouraging you to integrate the many elements into your spanking play.

Dec 082011
Elements of a Well-Rounded Spanking Scene

Yonilicious and Savannah highlight the key elements of a spanking scene during this seven-minute, part-one video. They recommend ways to communicate and actually negotiate their scene throughout the video as they discuss ways to establish and maintain sexy and creative play. In their next video Yonilicious and Savannah demonstrate their scene.

Dec 052011
Tickling Techniques

Savannah Sly continues her video series on tickling with a focus on technique during this five-minute video. She shows what to do with your hands on a very willing Tina: scritching, rolling, lightly brushing, tracing, and more. Stay tuned for additional tickling videos on tempo and target location too. This text is available for purchase […]

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Nov 152011
Tickling as Foreplay

Savannah Sly, with the help of Tina, continues her discussion and demonstration on tickling – as foreplay – during this five-minute video. Savannah suggests various positions, techniques, and “hot spots” to help make tickling even sexier. She also offers tips on connection, cuddling, bondage, rougher play, and more. Enjoy a sensational time with your partner(s)! […]

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Aug 252011
Why Tickling Is Sexy

Savannah Sly discusses – and demonstrates on Tina – why tickling is fun and sexy during this four-minute video. She notes the various sensations of tickling and highlights the universality of this type of play. In her next video, Savannah covers tickling as foreplay. This text is available for purchase but you need to login […]

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Aug 162011
Our Yoga: Connecting with your Partner

Dakadom, with the help of Savannah Sly, discusses and demonstrates Our Yoga during this ten-minute video. Dakadom highlights various ways to increase connection – physical connection – with your partner, remove tension from your lives, and be fully present in the moment.

Aug 092011
Spanking from the Bottom's Perspective

Yonilicious and Savannah Sly converse about spanking during this five-minute video. They discuss why people like to be spanked, where (and where not) to spank, and when (and when not) to spank. They also discuss pain, marks, bruises, as well as a variety of helpful tips throughout this clip. Stay tuned for their next video, […]

Mar 152011
Strap-On for Anal Play

Ms Savannah Sly takes you through the nuts and bolts of beginner strap-on anal play in this thoroughly detailed 6 ½-minute video. From lubing up to penetration to keeping your bottom ready for round two, Ms Savannah covers anatomy, technique, hygiene and the fact that, as she says,  “poop may happen.” This video, as well […]

Feb 232011
Warming Up for Anal Play, part 2

Part 2 of Ms Savannah’s informative anal play series goes a little deeper, expanding on part 1 and getting the genitals in on the fun. Emphasis on reading body cues and breathing. You can never have too much lube!

Jan 222011
Warming Up for Anal Play, part 1

For anyone interested in trying anal play for the first time, or reviewing the bottom basics, Ms Savannah presents this 2 part series on easing into it with pleasure and safety. Part 1 takes you through anatomy, safety concerns, gloves, lube, and creating comfort.

Dec 152010
Anal Play Essentials

Ms. Savannah Sly helps us get into gear with this 10 minute clip on anal play preparation. Savannah provides a short checklist of the essentials: Lube, safer sex supplies, and a handy Bend Over Beginner Kit from Trinity Romance. Savannah opens the kit to explain the components of a basic strap-on harness, then proceeds to put it on and go over some positional considerations. This clip will give you the tools you need to jump start your first strap-on experience. Bend Over Beginner Kit available at

Jul 192010
Pros and Cons of Wearing High Heels

Ms Savannah reflects honestly and realistically about the pros and cons of wearing high heels during this 7-minute video. There is no denying the beauty, height, and sexiness of high heels; but wearing heels also has costs such as discomfort, pain, and even long-term injury. Savannah highlights warning signs for foot injury and suggests some fun ways to restore your feet as well. (NB: Terrific views for the foot fetishist!)

Nov 062009
Strap-on Positions

Savannah talks about the different positions one can take when using a strap-on with a partner. She explains the pros and cons of each position and encourages you to explore so that you can find what works when you dive into some sexy strap-on play!

Oct 232009
Stretching for Strap-ons – Part 2

In Part 2 of Stretching for Strap-ons, Ms Savannah Sly takes you through stretching your hip flexors, getting loose, and feeling the burn with some pelvic thrusting.  Because (strap-on) fucking is hard work!

Oct 222009
Stretching for Strap-ons – Part 1

Savannah is back and sharing tips for wearing a strap-on! She starts with her favorite features of the harness she’s wearing and then talks about learning how to be more comfortable with wearing a strap-on. Then she walks you through some helpful stretches and exercises for building strength and stamina which will help whether your ‘cock’ is a strap-on or biologically attached!

Oct 132009
Jaw and Facial Stretching – Part 2

Continuing her series on facial luvin’ in this 5 minute segment, Ms Savannah takes you through a sensuous series of massages, stretches and vocalizations to prep your mug for play. On your own or with a partner, these techniques will make you feel great and have far-reaching benefits in the bedroom and beyond.

Oct 122009
Jaw and Facial Stretching - Part 1

There’s lots of kinky play that might require strenuous jaw, mouth and face activity, including wearing gags, kissing, and of course cock & strap-on sucking and pussy licking! Good thing we have sexy Savannah to demonstrate some wonderful stretching and massage techniques that will help loosen and relax this often overlooked part of the body when it comes to preparing for a scene!