Jan 212010
Fisting Part 2

In the 2nd clip of this 3 part series on fisting, Sarah Sloane continues adding more fingers to the fisting experience. She gives excellent commentary as her hand moves and positions into different angles through ‘rotation and gentle pushing’. Patience is a virtue when it comes to fisting!

Jan 202010
Fisting Part 1

In this 7 minute video, Sarah Sloane shares her philosophy of fisting, stating that “it’s a journey, not a destination” and shows you how to get started enjoying your own journey in a safe and sexy way. An emphasis is placed on taking your time, using plenty of lube, and which positions can be the […]

Dec 262009
Basic Anal Play – Part 3

Now that her partner is all warmed up, Sarah Sloane discusses the introduction of sex toys and anal plugs, and demonstrates insertion and removal while giving some extra tips for long-term wear. After-care is also mentioned in this 6 minute, informative clip

Dec 242009
Basic Anal Play – Part 2

For the next 5 minutes Sarah Sloane shares what to look for in an anal toy: both good qualities as well as what to avoid. Then she moves along with stroking and stimulation techniques to warm the bottom. Using fingers to prepare for anal play is a key part of having an enjoyable experience. Learn […]

Dec 232009
Basic Anal Play - Part 1

If you have any interest in anal play, you’ll want to watch this series of clips! Sarah Sloane packs a lot of information in starting with: reasons to engage in anal play, the mental and physical obstacles that might be problematic and how to overcome them, safety awareness, lubricant suggestions (including the kinds of lubes to avoid).

Dec 152009
Toys and Lube for G-Spot Play

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Nov 142009
Joys and Pitfalls of Polyamory

In this continuation of her series on polyamory, Sarah Sloane discusses the joys of being in an open, polyamorous relationship as well as some pitfalls to look out for. She offers some insightful tips, techniques and advice that may help you comfortably explore your interest in multiple partners or relationships.

Nov 072009
Polyamory Tools

There are several different core tools that can be used for people who practice polyamory in their every day lives. Sarah Sloane describes these in detail, including the most important skill one can have: communication.

Oct 192009
Polyamory Terms

Sarah Sloane is back to explain many of the words and phrases that are used in the polyamory world. She explains the particular vocabulary that individuals or couples might use to describe the variety of possible relationship dynamics.

Oct 092009
Introduction to Polyamory

With the many mis-conceptions about the concept of polyamory it can easily be mis-understood to be swinging or even cheating. Sarah Sloane helps clarify what a polyamory relationship is, and what it isn’t.