Feb 052012
Relaxing for Oral Pleasure

Sara Vibes and Indigo discuss and demonstrate ways to relax for oral sex during this six-minute video. Sara shows various techniques to warm-up, relax, connect with, and/or explore your partner(s); and Indigo shares her experience as the receiver of oral pleasure. In their next clip, Sara and Indigo demonstrate oral sex.

Jan 272012
Spanking Fun

Sara Vibes and Indigo demonstrate spanking during this ten-minute video. Sara shows numerous techniques (e.g., upstroke, downstroke, etc.) with her bare hands, with gloved hands, and with various implements; and Indigo reports on the various sensations from each. They offer a host of spanking tips – from the perspectives of the top and bottom – […]

Jan 222012
Masturbation: Using Vibrators

Sara Vibes demonstrates the use of vibrators to enhance masturbation during this six-minute video. She talks about the various reasons to introduce vibration (e.g., increase intensity, tired hands, etc.) and shows specific techniques to vary the sensations while pleasuring yourself. Sara highlights certain movements, anatomical locations, and orgasm as well.

Dec 122011
Masturbation: Hand Strokes

Sara Vibes begins to masturbate with her hands during this seven-minute video. She opens by talking about getting started (e.g., environment, preparation, timing, etc.); and then she demonstrates the many ways that she warms up her pussy (e.g., types of movement, pressure, etc.). Sara continues to masturbate – with a vibrator – in her next […]

Nov 262011
Strap On Sex for Bigger Bodies: Positions

Sara Vibes and Indigo demonstrate many different positions for strap-on sex during this eight-minute. They cover such positions as missionary, open missionary, side, doggy style; and they show variations of each. Sara and Indigo offer a host of tips for increased pleasure, intimacy, and comfort too.

Oct 182011
Oral Sex Techniques

Sara Vibes demonstrates an array of oral sex techniques on Indigo during this sexy eight-minute video. Sara describes and shows various techniques involving facial and mouth positions, tongue movement, suction, pressure and more; and Indigo articulates her feelings as a result of each technique.

Oct 082011
Strap On Sex for Bigger Bodies

Sara Vibes and Indigo discuss strap-on sex for bigger bodies during this six-minute video. They cover various considerations: body parts, flexibility, dildo sizes, harness types, etc. Sara and Indigo suggest several ways you can enjoy the pleasure of strap-on sex, and they highly recommend experimentation too!

Sep 102011
Double Blow Jobs: Things to Consider

Sara Vibes and Indigo, along with Savannah Sly, complete their video series on double blow jobs with this four-minute clip. They underscore safety and communication, discuss finding a partner for a blow job, and encourage teamwork, strategy, and fun, of course!

Jun 232011
Double Blow Jobs: Techniques

Sarah and Indigo are back, with a strapped on Ms Savannah, in this four 4-minute installment of their Double Blow Job series! The dynamic duo talk eye contact, share some of their favorite techniques and highlight the parts of the cock that need the most attention. Stay tuned for Part 3!

May 312011
Double Blow Jobs: Positions

Sara and Indigo demonstrate double blow job positions on Savannah during this very sensual 7-minute video. They demonstrate three positions – lying down, kneeling, and standing – and highlight each one’s advantages from the perspectives of everyone involved. They recommend how to create connection and offer various tips and techniques throughout the clip. Sara and […]