Aug 082013
Examples of Negotiating in Sexual Situations

In a previous clip Sabrina Morgan went over the principles of negotiating in sexual situations. In this follow-up clip, she gives specific examples of negotiating – such as a new partner or trying a new technique – and models the ways you can use your negotiating skills to keep things safe and hot. She also […]

Mar 242013
Negotiating to Have Needs Met, Part 2

 In Part 2 of the series on getting your needs met through negotiation, Sabrina Morgan models a few of the ways that tools of communication can help decipher the needs that are masked by fears and vice versa. She gives concrete examples, as well as general principles, for improving the way you and your partner […]

Feb 082013
To Swallow or Not to Swallow

 Sabrina Morgan tackles the “ultimate question” of blowjobs in this clip: where does the cum go? She discusses various motivations and pleasures of taking cum in the mouth, as well as the downsides. Sabrina offers several alternative methods, from safer sex tools to other places on the body, and includes tips for making it all hot. […]

Jan 012013
Negotiating to Have Needs Met, Part 1

In part one of this two-part video, Sabrina Morgan lays out the various parts of getting what you want out of a relationship. More than just needs, there are also desires, fears, and limits involved, and she offers some ways to be able to tell the differences between them. Sabrina also offers concrete methods for […]

Nov 082012
Advanced Blowjob Techniques

Sabrina Morgan continues her excellent series on the art of blowjobs with some tips and tricks for the more advanced. She talks about the perils and pleasures of the gag reflex, including ways to simulate and regulate the sounds and sensation of deep-throating. Sabrina also covers techniques for increasing and creating sensations on the cock […]

Oct 292012
Safer Sex Blowjob

Sabrina Morgan continues her series on blowjobs during this six-minute video. She shows how to give a safer sex blowjob in ways that heighten and vary the sensations for the recipient. Sabrina offers several tips (e.g., how to apply and remove a condom in sexy ways) in this clip and continues her series in forthcoming […]

Oct 122012

Sabrina Morgan and her lovely feet take you through the whys, hows, and joys of footjobs. She demonstrates using the various surfaces of the foot to stimulate the cock and balls and gives tips on pacing, pressure, and other factors involved in foot sex. Sabrina also includes some practical tips on how to integrate this […]

Oct 062012
Negotiating in Sexual Situations

Sabrina Morgan starts a series on negotiating your sex life with this video. Borrowing from some of the traditions of the kink and swinger communities, she explores ways to let you and the people you’re attracted to work out the details of your sexual interactions in a way that is both safe and consensual, but […]

Aug 112012
Basic Blowjob Techniques

Sabrina Morgan continues her series on fellatio during this four-minute video. She introduces basic blowjob techniques by discussing attitude and desire, accentuating areas of penis sensitivity, and showing different ways of touching, grabbing, licking, and sucking the cock. Stay tuned for much more in Sabrina’s upcoming clips.

Jul 192012
Blowjob Positions

Sabrina Morgan begins her series on blowjobs with this eight-minute video. She demonstrates several very sexy – and highly effective – positions and notes the pros and cons of each. She also shares several techniques, angles, movements, and more to overcome the cons. Stay tuned for much more in Sabrina’s upcoming clips.

Nov 102011
Taking Dirty Talk to the Next Level

Sabrina Morgan takes dirty talk to the next level with this four-minute video. She acknowledges the foundation necessary for more advanced dirty talk and then highlights descriptive and explicit talk throughout the clip. She offers many examples of each and suggests ways to increase the ease of using descriptions and explicitness in your play.

Oct 252011
Dirty Talk: Techniques

Sabrina Morgan discusses a wide range of techniques for dirty talk during this ten-minute video. She first acknowledges the power of dirty talk, and then she suggests various ways to get started. Sabrina offers tips on timing, feedback, and negotiation, as well as increasing comfort levels and integrating sexy communication in your relationships. Enjoy vocalizing […]

Jun 262011
Dirty Talk for the Shy

It’s easy to feel put on the spot when you’re in the moment and your partner says “I want you to talk dirty to me,” especially if you’re a little bit shy. Sabrina Morgan is here to share a little secret with you…shyness combined with dirty talk can be powerfully erotic. This 5-minute video will […]

Jun 042011
Tease & Denial for Long-Distance Relationships

Sabrina Morgan continues her series on Tease & Denial in this 7-minute video. It can be challenging to maintain the spark of passion and intensity in a long-distance relationship, especially if you are a little on the kinky side, as so many scenes are focused on sensation and immediacy. Tease & Denial can be done […]

May 212011
Tease & Denial: an Introduction

If you can imagine a time when you have brought your partner to the edge of orgasm and just…held them there, then you already know how powerful Tease & Denial can be. Sabrina Morgan gives an enticing introduction to one of the most versatile techniques you have in your sexual toolbox!