Jul 202014
Slut Tips for Managing Emotional Imprinting, Part 3

In part 3 of his series on how to be an “responsible slut” (that is, someone who manages the emotional side of playing around with others sexually) Reid explains why unprotected sex is a bad idea for sluts. Outside of pregnancy and STI’s, leaving biological traces of yourself on others is a way to really [...]

Jun 222014
Slut Tips for Managing Emotional Imprinting, Part 2

Reid is back with more suggestions for how to manage the emotions that can come along with being a “slut” – that is, unashamedly enthusiastic about sex. Just because you’re a slut doesn’t mean that you are immune to the same kinds of brain chemistry that everyone else has. However, he gives some suggestions about [...]

Jun 062014
Slut Tips for Managing Emotional Imprinting - Part 1

Reid Mihalko begins his discussion on tips for sluts – to help reduce emotional drama and upset – during this six-minute, part-one video. He suggests group sexual activities, carefully designed one-on-one experiences, clear communication, and more. Stay tuned for additional insights in Reid’s upcoming clips.

Mar 082013
Erotic Integrity & Minimizing Upset

 Reid Mihalko discusses erotic integrity, emotional release, and the minimization of upset during this six-minute video. He acknowledges the natural and even necessary upset that results from playing with intense sexual energy and suggests various ways to process it.

Jan 132013
A Billionaire in the Bedroom

Reid Mihalko evangelizes the benefits of sexual education as an adult, explaining how finding out more about what turns you on and how to make it happen can enrich you in your bedroom and the rest of your life.

Sep 062012
Sex Neutral

Reid Mihalko introduces the phrase sex neutral during this three-minute video. He defines it, compares it to sex positive, and shares some insights on how being sex neutral may be helpful for you.

Apr 232012
Understanding Jealousy

Reid Mihalko reflects on jealousy during this five-minute video. He suggests eight considerations – such as insecurity, loneliness, fairness, etc. – to help understand your own experience of jealousy. Reid also compares jealousy and envy and offers a host of additional resources on understanding jealousy.

Apr 082012
Dating Within Your Species

Reid Mihalko discusses dating during this four-minute video. He starts with an analogy about hard work and extra effort in relationships and then suggests several straightforward reflection questions to help you discern what is best for you and your relationship(s).

Mar 312012
NRE (New Relationship Energy)

Reid Mihalko discusses New Relationship Energy (NRE) during this four-minute video. He reflects on NRE from the vantage points of those who are falling in love and also of those who are witnessing others fall in love. Reid covers brain chemistry, emotions, communication and more as he offers various tips for all persons touched by [...]

Mar 082012
Sexual Ergodynamics: The Hand/Wrist Splint

Reid Mihalko continues his series on sexual ergodynamics with this four-minute video. Building off of his previous hand-fucking clip, he demonstrates how you can use your hand (wrist, arms, and body) for harder, quicker, and more sustained hand sex.

Feb 112012
Receptive Sex for Men

Reid Mihalko discusses receptive sex for men during this four-minute video. He shares some of his personal story to encourage healthy, empowered, and safe sexual exploration. Reid comments on likes/dislikes, pleasure, fun, masculinity, and how such things are related to sexual identity and orientation.

Jan 262012
Sexual Ergodynamics: Doggy Style

Reid Mihalko continues his series on sexual ergodynamics with this five-minute. He uses the doggy style position – with a couple variations – to show how you can generate more power in your sex without losing stamina. Reid offers tips on positions, posture, movements, muscle use, and much more.

Jan 082012
Sexual Ergodynamics: Hand Fucking

Reid Mihalko continues his series on sexual ergodynamics with this five-minute demonstration. He shows various hand-fucking techniques meant to provide stability and increased stamina – so that you can give even more pleasure to your partner(s)! Reid gives pointers on posture, power, position, leverage, speed, strength, and more.

Jan 012012
Overcoming Awkward Moments

Reid Mihalko discusses relationship’s awkward moments – and how to overcome them – during this four-minute video. He recommends a simple two-step process (that may require repetition) to help address and move beyond the awkwardness so that you can actually do what you enjoy.

Dec 282011
Sexual Ergodynamics: Cunnilingus

Reid Mihalko continues his series on sexual ergodynamics with a focus on cunnilingus during this five-minute video. He offers very practical tips – different twists, turns and muscle uses – to help ease the stress on one’s neck and jaw muscles during oral sex. Throughout the video Reid discusses anatomy and tantra too.

Nov 242011
Full-Body Kiss: Positions

Reid Mihalko continues his series on the full-body kiss with this seven-minute video on positions. Reid and Vanessa demonstrate several highly sensual but also non-threatening ways to intensify your make-outs and integrate your entire bodies during your kissing.

Nov 172011
Full-Body Kiss: Pressure

Reid Mihalko discusses and demonstrates the full-body kiss – by emphasizing pressure – during this five-minute video. With the help of Vanessa, Reid shows how to augment your make-outs with several different techniques and positions. Stay tuned for more on the full-body kiss as well. Next up, positions.

Oct 272011
How to Deep Throat

Reid Mihalko demonstrates how to deep throat during this energetic seven-minute video. He proposes one simple technique that has proven successful for many. Reid explains how to breathe, ready your throat muscles, and control your gag reflex. He also offers a multitude of tips from when to breathe to the natural bodily reactions to deep [...]

Sep 172011
Threesomes: Initiating

Reid Mihalko continues his series on threesomes with this five-minute video. He starts by noting the two greatest struggles for threesomes, and then addresses the first one. Reid offers a very simple, straightforward approach to help get the ideas and activities going. Be the change you want to be in the bedroom! Stay tuned for [...]

Aug 042011
Energetic Sex: Vocabulary

In this segment of his series on Energetic Sex, Reid Mihalko goes into greater detail on the sanskrit-rooted vocabulary most commonly used to describe energetic sex. With a healthy dose of humor and skepticism, Reid will take you through terms such as “Kundalini,” or life energy (sometimes represented by a coiled snake asleep at the [...]

Jul 192011
Threesomes: Friends or Strangers?

Threesomes can be hot! Threesomes can be exciting! Threesomes can be…complicated…. In this video, Reid Mihalko goes over some of the important considerations you might want to mull over before launching into bed with two other people. Do you want to play with two other people in your circle of friends, or have a casual [...]

Jul 022011
Energetic Sex Part 2

In this 5-minute continuation of his series on energetic sex, Reid Mihalko shows you how to experience “sensation on steroids!” By slowing down and tuning with yourself or your partner’s energy, explore sensation on a very nuanced level, and continue to building sensation until it boils over!





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