Jun 102014
For the Love of Rimming

Rain DeGrey is an unabashed fan of analingus, or “rimming” as it’s commonly known. Using the tongue to stimulate the highly-sensitive anal area can be amazingly intimate and pleasurable. Mickey shows how to use a barrier such as a dental dam to deal with any hygiene concerns, and they both explain how to use the […]

Jun 012014
Building Sexy Energy: With Clothes On, Part 2
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Building Sexy Energy

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Building Sexy EnergyIn this clip Rain and Mickey continue to show various techniques for creating and sustaining a sexual mood even when you’re fully clothed. Rain pays special attention to the fact that intent is the prime focus – it’s not just about the actions, […]

May 272014
Ball Licking

Rain DeGrey and Mickey Mod share more of their enthusiasm for oral sex in this clip. They focus on the testicles, with Mickey explaining the kinds of sensations he enjoys and Rain demonstrates several techniques she enjoys giving her partner. It’s an explicit romp through the many fun ways that a mouth and a set […]

May 222014
Giving Her Oral Pleasure: Making Her Cum, Part 2
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Giving Her Oral Pleasure

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Giving Her Oral PleasureNow that you’ve seen Rain DeGrey cum several times, she explains what went in to each one. Mickey Mod also explains what he was doing, especially how he was sensitive to her reactions and changed what he did as she responded. They […]

May 132014
Giving Your Partner a Handjob

Rain DeGrey uses Mickey Mod’s cock as a demonstration piece to show how to bring your partner pleasure by stroking with hand and lube. She not only talks about why she likes it but also shares some of her favorite tips and tricks. Mickey chimes in with suggestions and comments about pacing, technique, and communicating […]

May 082014
Building Sexy Energy: With Clothes On, Part 1
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy Energy

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Building Sexy EnergyIn this clip Rain and Mickey talk about everyday arousal: how can you keep things hot during the times that your clothes need to stay on? Rain talks about various kinds of flirtations, “making out” with the erogenous zones not covered by clothes, […]

May 012014
Changing Position Gracefully

Sex is all fun and games until, as Rain DeGrey puts it, “someone loses an eye from a stray elbow.” In this clip she and Mickey Mod show how to mix up the ways you have sex in a way that keeps things hot and sexy. The key is communication and a few applied principles […]

Apr 252014
Giving Her Oral Pleasure: Making her Cum, Part 1
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Giving Her Oral Pleasure

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Giving Her Oral PleasureTime for some good tongue action! In this clip Mickey and Rain go for orgasms using the techniques they’ve covered in prior clips. Rain is an unusual woman in that she can cum multiple times in quick succession, and she reminds everyone […]

Apr 172014
Giving Her Oral Pleasure: Getting Started
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Giving Her Oral Pleasure

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Giving Her Oral PleasureMickey Mod and Rain DeGrey begin a series on the fine art of cunnilingus with this clip. Mickey shows how he starts to warm her up and stimulate her pussy slowly and passionately. Rain gives a “play by play”, talking both about […]

Apr 102014
Breast Sex: Making It Happen

Now that they’ve covered foreplay, Mickey and Rain get their breast sex into full gear in this clip. Rain talks about her two favorite positions for having Mickey’s cock between her breasts. She also describes things like when to add lube to the fun and other details of hot sexy fun with her breasts.

Apr 042014
Breast Sex: Foreplay

Rain Degrey brings out her breasts in this clip to show, with Mickey Mod, some techniques for arousal and foreplay. After a thorough demonstration by Mickey she explains how different areas of the breast and nipple respond to his various techniques, and also describes how different people can respond. Every woman is different, and there […]

Dec 122013
Choosing the Right Strap-On Harness

 Rain DeGrey goes a bit further into the variety of harnesses available for Strap-On play in this clip. She talks about how much she enjoys the “thigh” harness, as well as why men might want to explore some uses for this kind of harness with their partner.

Sep 042013
Using a Strap-On for Anal Play

 In this super-sized and super-hot clip Rain DeGrey shows exactly how hot anal sex can be done with a strap-on. She starts with lube and ends with happy orgasmic sounds from her partner. The clip can be summarized in three steps: Relax, Go Slow, Lots of Lube! But it’s worth the almost ten minutes just to see the […]

Aug 272013
Choosing the Right Dildo

 Rain DeGrey has very definite opinions about dildos when it comes to strap-on play. The short version is: you get what you pay for and going for a cheaper dildo is going to make the experience less pleasurable than it can be. Rain also talks about various sizes and shapes to “warm up” the ass […]

Jul 262013
Preparing Your Ass for Anal Play, Part 3

 As promised, in this final clip Rain Degrey lets you in on her favorite secret weapon for anal play: the shower attachment. She goes over both the installation and the ins and outs of using the device. Use it right, and she claims you will “minimize your risk of poop encounters”, which can lead to […]

May 212013
Strap-On Harnesses: Leather vs. Cloth

 Rain DeGrey breaks down all the differences between these two materials when used for harnesses, and why she prefers one over the other. She also gives other tips for doing this kind of play which can make it more enjoyable for everyone.

May 122013
Care and Handling of Dildos

 Rain DeGrey explains a great way to manage your multiple dildos (or other sex toys) after a fun and/or kinky date. She uses a food storage bag and paper-scrap system so that she always knows which of her toys are sterile and which ones need to be cleaned. This clip is full of practical advice […]

Dec 162012
Preparing Your Ass for Anal Play • Part 1

Rain DeGrey begins a short series about a very important first step in anal play: “cleaning your booty.” As she puts it, a clean ass is a confident and relaxed ass and that makes anal play much better for everyone. She talks about one of the common mistakes she and other novice ass players have […]

Oct 092012
Playing with Butt Plugs

In this video Rain DeGrey shares her enthusiasm for anal plugs. After showing various models available and talking about the pros and cons of each, she gloves up and uses lube to get her model’s ass nice and warmed up. Rain then shows step-by-step how to insert the plug, including techniques for making it easy […]

Sep 142012
Cunnilingus: Adding Toys

Rain DeGrey completes her series on cunnilingus during this six-minute video. She discusses and demonstrates on Cici Rhodes the many ways to incorporate fingers, hands, and sex toys to increase pleasure during oral sex. Rain also offers practical tips on safer sex, lubrication, cleanliness, motion, vibration, pressure, and much more. <hr /><a href=”http://passionateu.com/home/videos/passionpacks”><img src=”http://www.passionateu.com/home/thumbs/PU_RainDeGrey_Cunnilingus_PositionsStanding-300×168.jpg” alt=”PU_RainDeGrey_Cunnilingus_PositionsStanding” […]

Aug 302012
Positions for Cunnilingus: Face Smothering

Rain DeGrey completes her series on cunnilingus positions during this six-minute video. She incorporates power exchange and breath play with Cici Rhodes in this position. Rain highlights the appeal of face smothering (it’s her favorite!); and she also shows various practical techniques to smother safely. <hr /><a href=”http://passionateu.com/home/videos/passionpacks”><img src=”http://www.passionateu.com/home/thumbs/PU_RainDeGrey_Cunnilingus_PositionsStanding-300×168.jpg” alt=”PU_RainDeGrey_Cunnilingus_PositionsStanding” width=”300″ height=”168″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-4085″ […]

Aug 172012
Light Anal Play: Rimming & Fingering

Rain DeGrey demonstrates light anal play during this five-minute video. She begins by discussing reluctance to anal play and then highlights some helpful safer sex practices. Rain also shows some basic rimming and fingering techniques. Stay tuned for more on anal play in her upcoming clips.

Aug 072012
Female Masturbation: Adding Anal

Rain DeGrey completes her series on female masturbation during this seven-minute video. She adds anal stimulation – in different forms – to the masturbatory experience. Rain offers tips on safer sex, cleanliness, vibration, multiple stimulations, and much more. Enjoy (as much as she does)! This clip is part of the FEMALE MASTURBATION with RAIN DEGREY PassionPack […]