Jun 262012
Talking about Sex After a Baby

Pink and Dannika discuss pregnant and postpartum sex life during this four-minute video. They discuss the various physical, hormonal, and life changes as a result of child bearing and birth; and they share very practical tips to have a great sex life during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Jun 032012
Cunnilingus: Extra Additions

Pink completes her series on cunnilingus with this three-minute video. She shows different creative techniques – with your fingers, mouth, and tongue – on Dannika that feel terrific; and at times make all the difference to bring a woman to orgasm.

May 192012
Cunnilingus: Methods - Part 2

Pink continues her series on cunnilingus with this five-minute, part-two variation on methods. Pink demonstrates several creative techniques involving the tongue and teeth, and both Dannika and Pink share their favorite methods. Stay tuned for more from Pink in her upcoming clips.

May 062012
Cunnilingus: Methods - Part 1

Pink continues her series on cunnilingus with this five-minute, part-one focus on methods. She recommends ways to warm up the pussy and then demonstrates several licking methods on Dannika, particularly emphasizing precise tongue movements. Pink continues to demonstrate oral sex methods in part two.

Apr 222012
Cunnilingus: Anatomy & Safety

Pink introduces her series on cunnilingus during this five-minute video. She starts with a brief discussion on safety and then identifies the essentials of female anatomy with the help of Dannika. Pink also offers numerous practical tips both for the receiver and the giver of oral sex. Stay tuned for more on cunnilingus in Pink’s […]