Apr 092013
Lifting the Veil of Invisibility

 Pamela Madsen wants to help women get noticed. “No one sees me,” is what she hears far too often, and in this clip she explains the simple yet powerful technique to break free of that cycle and discover the sensual embodiment of your full sexuality.

Mar 282013
Hands-On Healing & Sexological Body Work

 Pamela Madsen explains the field of therapeutic sex work in this clip. She explains how there is a professional association of certified sexological bodyworkers who can help women achieve their personal sexual goals. Pamela not only gives several resources but also describes what happens in these safe, consensual healing spaces.

Feb 152013
Pussy Meditation

 As promised, Pamela Madsen gets out of the theory and into the practice of working directly with your pussy in this clip. She relates the story of how she found her own “pussy meditation” and how it relates to the principles of arousal, ecstatic states, and orgasm talked about in prior clips. Finally she demonstrates […]

Feb 072013
Putting Attention Off Orgasm and On Arousal

Pamela Madsen, author of Being Shameless, talks about the first of the three stages of arousal-ecstatic state-orgasm. She briefly discusses the physiology of arousal and talks about ways that women can stimulate that kind of arousal during everyday activity. She also demonstrates some actual exercises you can do right now to get your own arousal stoked […]

Jan 312013
Understanding Female Orgasm Language

Pamela Madsen starts a series about female pleasure with this clip where she outlines three main components: arousal, ecstatic state, and the “big bang” of the orgasm itself. This introduction provides the map for her “shameless” exploration of the female orgasm.