May 172012
Sensual Dominance: Closing the Scene

Miss Kelle Martina completes her sensual dominance series during this three-minute video. She demonstrates on Miss Noel a variety of thoughtful, caring, and sexy ways to close your scene.

Apr 032012
Sensual Dominance: In the Scene

Miss Kelle Martina continues her sensual dominance series with this four-minute video. Having warmed up Miss Noel, Kelle turns her attention to one focused activity; which could be most anything, but she selects spanking. She shows how and where to spank as well as provides various tips to maintain connection during your play. In her […]

Mar 162012
Sensual Dominance: Getting Started & Warming Up

Miss Kelle Martina continues her series on sensual dominance with this four-minute video. She explains how to prepare the mind and the body of your submissive, sharing tips on commands, vulnerability, touch, activity, and more. Stay tuned for what Miss Kelle has in store for Miss Noel during their next clip.

Feb 192012
Sensual Dominance: Setting the Scene

Miss Kelle Martina introduces sensual domination with her friend Miss Noel during this four-minute video. She offers a plethora of ideas to prepare both your partner(s) and the place of play. Kelle also suggests how to utilize all five senses – both by overloading and depriving them. She differentiates between discipline and punishment, recommends role-play […]