Nov 222013
Finding the Right Sex Toy for Women Over 40

Lady Cheeky does a thorough overview of sex toys in this clip with a particular focus: these are toys that have particularly helped women over 40 find more sexual satisfaction. She goes over g-spot stimulators, vibrators, dildos, vaginal and anal and lubricants, with plenty of tips for how to integrate these into your sex life […]

Oct 192013
Exploring Touch: Nipples

Lady Cheeky & Kelly Shibari are happy to continue their exploration of the sensual body by discussing nipple stimulation. The arousal factor of the nipple can change a lot as a body changes due to age, and you can go from orgasming from breast stimulation alone to not wanting any touch there at all, or […]

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Oct 022013
Embracing Your Sensuality When You're Over 40

Lady Cheeky describes how your awareness of your body and its inherent sensuality can change when you reach your forties. She explains a method that worked for her to rediscover her changing body and lead to pleasures she’d never imagined possible. This is an introduction to follow-up clips that will show the methods Lady Cheeky […]

Sep 082013
Exploring Touch: Genitals

Lady Cheeky and Kelly Shibari continue their demonstration of sensual self-touch by moving to the genitals. Kelly applies lotion generously to her legs, moving up to the vulva where she explores the pleasures she gets from touching herself there. They talk about how age, weight, and just plain differences in clitorises, labia, and other parts […]

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Jul 042013
Embracing Your Curves

 Lady Cheeky helps plus-sized women get better in touch with their “pleasure zones” in this video. She talks about how you can learn to feel more positively about your body, to the point of being able to walk around naked and have your lover enjoy all of you as a whole individual. Lady Cheeky explains […]